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Justice: Up to 60% Off Clearance Sale + Extra 40% Off Sitewide = Lots of Great Deals

10:38 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Update: I highly value my reader’s opinions, so if you are new to shopping at Justice you may want to read the comments in the post before placing your order.

WooHoo! Looking to snag fun accessories or clothing for your tween/teen girl? If so, head on over to and be sure to use the coupon code 779 to get an extra 40% off your entire purchase through 2/15! There are also a lot of items in the Clearance section reduced up to 60% off… pair those low prices with the additional 40% off and you’re sure to score some bargains!

Here are a few Clearance Bargains I spotted (Valid thru 2/15):

Colorblock Photo Real Tee
*ONLY $4.79 after 40% off (reg. $30)

Dot or Floral Smocked Bandeau Top
*ONLY $5.39 after 40% off (reg. $22!)

Open Stitch Crop Sweater
*ONLY $5.99 after 40% off (reg. $32!)

Embellished Graphic Pullover Sweatshirt
*ONLY $7.79 after 40% off (reg. $42!)

Glitter Colorblock Crop-over-long Top
*ONLY $8.39 after 40% off (reg. $32!)

Embellished Neon Ballet Flats
*ONLY $6.59 after 40% off (reg. $32!)

Furry Panda Face Slippers (Lots more slippers to choose from!)
*ONLY $6.59 after 40% off (reg. $32!)

Faux Fur Vest
*ONLY $10.19 after 40% off (reg. $44!)

+ LOTS More! Keep in mind that shipping is a flat rate of $6, so be sure to snag a few items to make it more worth it! Also, many clearance items have limited sizes, so hurry on over to and snag some goodies before they’re gone!

*Be sure to go through or Ebates for an additional 3.5% cash back!

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  • karina says:

    It looks like items are way overpriced to start with and even after the discount, I think we can do better. I saw fur vests at Sears for $5. Old Navy has tanks for $2-$3 on clearance. I think such companies are overpriced and they try to fool us with these ridiculous discounts.

    • tamara says:

      Completely Agree! They give you Jbucks and funcards, and if you spend more than the EXACT $50, (meaning you pay $25, and they give you $25 free/ essencially giving you 50% off) then you end up getting ripped off. Everytime I walk out of that store I can not believe what my reciept looks like. So the best way not to get ripped off by them is to NOT EVEN LOOK AT THIER STUFF!

    • Heather C. says:

      I agree Karina… You’re paying for the tiny tag sewn on to the clothing that says “Justice” on it… It’s ridiculous. They do have some super cute items, BUT you can find things just as cute elsewhere, like Old Navy when they have their clearance sales, for WAY less. (Their clearance prices are usually awesome!)

      • Beth says:

        I agree that you can get cheaper prices at Old Navy but you are paying for the quality of clothes. Old Navy clothes falls apart and wears out very quickly. On the other hand Justice clothes lasts along time. I have my third daughter wearing Justice clothes and it still looks brand new after having two other daughters wear it. Old Navy clothes would never last that long.

        • Melissa says:

          My daughters got some Justice clothes for Christmas. The first time I washed them (inside out as I always do) the shirts got little pills all over them. The leggings waste is so low that my daughters don’t like to wear them because they keep trying to pull their pants up and then complain because the pants ride up. I also do not like how you cannot combine the 40% off with the fun card. What a rip. I get better clothes at a cheaper price with sales and coupons at The Children’s Place. Maybe it is just the outfits my daughters got and not all Justice clothes are like that, but from what I’ve experienced, their clothes are terrible.

  • Kelli says:

    Do they EVER offer free shipping?? Their shipping prices are ridiculous.

  • Nicky says:

    TJ Maxx always has JUSTICE stuff for cheap. I do agree Justice is waaaaay over priced….we can teach our daughters better then that! ;)

    • Ali says:

      Nicky — you are so right. I got 3 Justice shirts and one sweatshirt at TJ Maxx last week for a fraction of what they would have cost in the store. My daughter was happy! I agree that Justice prices and shipping charges are absurd. I got free shipping one time in 2011 and that was it! If my daughter did not love their clothes so much I would not even bother!

      • Jackie says:

        If you have a Goodwill Reserve in your area, check them out. These Goodwills have items that are priced just a fraction more than the regular Goodwills, but they have all of the name brand clothes. I was able to get my daughter a Justice tee and 2 pairs of Justice shorts for just 2 to 3 dollars each.

  • Nicole L. says:

    Justice is constantly having a 40% off sale if not’s the only way anyone can afford their clothes! I’m sorry if i am not paying 35.00 for a shirt for a child who will out grow it in 6 months

  • Nikky says:

    I agree too the shipping charge is insane.They charge shipping charge before the coupon applied, this makes shipping charge go more higher.

  • Sue says:

    I was just having this same conversation with a few friends. They always have 40% to get you in the door, then it’s ‘sticker shock!’ Why don’t they just lower their price in the first place and have a ‘sale’ or ‘coupon’ once in awhile. I have never seen FREE shipping.

  • Hazzy says:

    This place is too overpriced! I’m surprised there still in buiz.

  • Ashley says:

    I agree that the prices are steep and full retail is insane! (we only shop clearance prices and often with jbucks or fun cards) Having 3 girls, we do lots of hand me downs and I’d rather pay for a better made item/fabric that washes well and can be passed on. With that in mind, sometimes a pricier store with better quality items is the better bargain for us.

  • Caitlen says:

    I work at Justice and at the store I work at we always exceed our sales goals for the day. A lot of parents shop at Justice and the little girls love it.

    • katie says:

      My girls LOVE Justice. I always shop the sale rack and I get shirts for $5.00-$8.00. It might not be my taste but it is by far their favorite.

    • Renee says:

      My daughter LOVES Justice! It’s by far, her favorite place to shop! We had a jbucks card and hit the clearance rack and came out of there for around $30 after tax and got 6 shirts! One was only $3.xx! Plus, the atmosphere (music, colors, sparkles, etc) makes for an enjoyable experience with my daughter. She enjoys it and seeing her face light up from a trip to justice, is priceless.

  • Jen says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks this stuff is ridiculously over priced! I know someone who buys only from this store because its what the child wants and she wants her to “fit in” Then wonders why she’s barely making it from one paycheck to the next. Bought $120 shoes for child because child started crying. Not trying to bash, it’s just hard to help some people understand that if you really want to make your budget, some things have got to give. Sorry, not trying to go off on a parenting tangent. Thanks for posting the deals, hopefully this is just what someone needs :)

  • Kelley says:

    I’m glad my daughter is just about too big to fit their clothes. I’ve had problems with their shipping. I never received my order. I waited 27 days before I finally received my refund.

  • Melissa says:

    All of the clothes we have bought from Justice have been really nice quality. They wash really well, hold their shape, and don’t fade right away. Yes, you can buy clothes for much cheaper at other places like Old Navy (which I do shop at) but their clothes do not wash nearly as well and tend to look worn after only a few washings. Justice is crazy expensive but if you can pair the clearance items with the 40% then there are often really good deals to be had on really cute clothes and accessories.

  • Madison says:

    I agree that Justice is by far the most expensive clothing store my daughter likes. She also likes Aero and Hollister which I can find some amazing deals. With that said, I do still shop here for things like jeans which fit her very well but only a few times a year for a few items.

  • Heather says:

    They are super expensive…BUT, that being said, if I can somehow get a decent deal (which just brings the price of their clothes down to normal price of places like Kohl’s), they wear EXTREMELY well. My daughter is VERY thin, she is 10 and can wear a size 6 around her waist, but obviously that’s not going to work for jeans-Justice slim size for some reason will fit her, and the change to her confidence when clothes fit her is huge. (clothes never fit her -overly baggy) She only has a few pairs of pants from there (some were presents) and they all still look really good (even leggings) that I’m saving them for her baby sister who is 9 1/2 years younger.

  • Krista says:

    The only way to shop Justice is to combine their clearance items with the 40% off. I agree, it’s way too expensive with just the 40% off regular prices, but its a great deal when you can find clearanced out jeans and sweaters marked at $10 and then pay $6 for them.

  • Becky Highsmith says:

    My 7 and 9 year old girls love Justice. Even though I think their clothes are way over-priced and not exactly my style, they LOVE it. It’s great to tell others who are looking for gift ideas for them as they aren’t much into toys anymore.The only time we will go to the store is when they have their own birthday or Christmas money. I think these trips are a great way to help them become better shoppers. They will look around the store and notice how expensive the clothes are and not want to spend all their money on one shirt. We always end up at the clearance racks in the back and they will usually find some good bargains there.

  • Lynn says:

    Just fyi – shipping is NOT a flat rate of $6 – that’s only if your total is .01-25.00. Shipping goes up $1 for every $15 (before use of the 40% disc.) you spend so I was about to purchase $133 worth of merchandise and my shipping was going to be $12. Now I’m rethinking it all… BUMMER

  • renee says:

    The resale on justice clothing is really high. On a local yard sale site, someone listed a used justice sweater recently for $10 and several people were interested in it.
    It’s the same with gymboree clothes.
    Not that you buy clothes with the intention to resale them, but it helps a little.

  • Heather says:

    My daughter LOVES Justice clothing. I however do not like the price tag. For us the quality is equivalent if not worse than the quality at children’s place, old Navy, and target. So why do I shop there? The fit of the clothing. My daughter is long and skinny and they are the only ones who sell clothing that truly fits her. Buy a 7 slim skinny jean and it fits perfect! Hold up a size 7 skinny jegging anywhere else and its still way too big in the waist and hips.

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