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RO*TEL Only $0.25 Per Can (After Big Lots Price Match at Walmart Or Target)

9:01 PM MST
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OK, so this deal may not work for everyone as I know some of you have trouble price matching Big Lots ads at Target and Walmart. However, I thought I would mention this deal since it’s definitely a great one if your store allows Big Lots price matching!

Through 1/26, Big Lots has RO*TEL 10-14.5 oz  cans on sale for just $0.50! Plus, head on over to Walmart with your local Big Lots ad and do a price match (click here for a copy of the Walmart Ad Match Guarantee Policy) Or head to Target to price match (click here for a copy of the Target Price Match policy).

Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 cans of RO*TEL $0.50 each (with Big Lots price match)
Use the $0.50/2 Rotel Diced Tomatoes coupon found in the 1/20 SS (value varies by region – reader, Miranda, actually scored a $0.50/1 coupon in her region!)
Final cost only $0.50 total – $0.25 per can (or less if you have a higher value coupon)

**Big Lots does NOT accept manufacturer’s coupons. That’s why it’s best to price match their ad at stores that do accept manufacturer’s coupons. I’ve heard mixed reports about price matching Big Lots ads at Walmart and Target. It seems some readers have success doing this, while other readers do not. So you may want to call your local store ahead of time to see if they price match Big Lots ads.

(Thanks, Miranda!)

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  • me says:

    These are also part of the Mega Sale at Kroger, you can get them for .24 each when you buy 10 items, or if you live in Utah part of the Smith’s sale.

  • Jenny says:

    A cashier at my local walmart informed me that when price matching, they are not supposed to accept manufacturer coupons too….has anyone else run into this at walmart? I have ALWAYS price matched and used coupons. It isn’t worth it if I can’t use a coupon on a price match! I’ll just go to the store that has the sale and use my coupons! Needless to say, this conversation came up while I was using a lot of coupons, but not price matching. Therefore, I didn’t get the manager involved at that time. I looked at the coupon and price matching policies and don’t see anything in it that says you can’t price match AND use a coupon. Just wanting to know if anyone else has experienced this! Thanks in advance :)

    • Willa says:

      I was told that at a Walmart when we were traveling, but at our local Walmart, they always price match and take coupons. The other day we ended up with one cashier that wanted to let people know she didn’t like coupons—–she searched for reasons not to accept coupons from people in front of us. Refused to take the $1,50 off Purex Crystals and a buy one get one free from the people in front of us. We switched lanes and found a much friendlier cashier.

      • Jenny says:

        Hmmm… maybe the cashier that told me this was like the one you are talking about and just didn’t like couponers! I hate when cashiers try to make me feel like I’m doing something wrong, when I’m a very considerate couponer! I have a couple of cashiers that I look for when I go to my local store because I know that they coupon themselves and appreciate saving money :) I think next time I plan on price matching and couponing I will make sure to stick with one of my “usual” cashiers that like me and my coupons ;)

    • Ariel says:

      my couponing experiences at walmart have NEVER been good. I get told something new and absurd every time I go. The last time I went I had an entire cart full of groceries and left with nothing! I started price matching and she started pulling out all the ads and was like I can’t do that, its not the exact picture that is in their ad. I was like are you kidding me??? So, because I bought a different scent of old spice deodrant and Tide, I wasn’t allowed to price match it. I told her thats fine, I will just start supporting the stores with the sales from now on and left her to put all my stuff back. They say you don’t even need the ad and then the pull that crap? I will never shop there again. I like knowing when I drag a screaming 2 year old through a store for an hour, that I am going to get what I wanted at the sale price, and not made to feel like a criminal stealing peoples paychecks when I use coupons. Not worth the hassle!

  • dayna says:

    walmart in uniontown, pa told me that they will not price match dollar general ads, or anything with dollar in the title… I’m sure i could contest this… any thoughts?

  • ercin13 says:

    I received an email yesterday from big lots rewards. It said 20% off shopping trip when you use your reward card this saturday only.

  • Ymendoza01 says:

    Off topic but I wanted to say thanks for all the giveaways you post about Collin. I just got home and saw that I received my makeup kit from the victorias secret giveaway you told us about and right now when I checked my email I saw that I had won the Mrs. Cubbisons Salad topping giveaway too!!! What a good way to end the night ;)

  • Tanya says:

    Fry’s has rotels for 49 cents a can without price matching.

  • Michelle Henry says:

    I tried to price match at my Local St George Target, but she told me if she price matched she would not also take coupons! So why did I come here.. I canceled the transaction and said thank you and walked out

  • Dino says:

    Like many of you ladies I do PM at my local walmart however I never had an issue with a cashier most cashiers are always coupon friendly my tip when dealing with rude cashier always double check with manager

  • Karen says:

    Do any of you have problems price matching meat at walmart? My local walmart is fabulous with coupons and matching with this one exception. They will only match meat that is “branded” (for example a butterball turkey). But, if Albertsons or another grocer has chicken breasts on sale for 1.79 a pound (from their butcher OR packaged on the little trays) they won’t match the price. They claim the quality of their meat is higher than that on sale at the other stores. I have no problem price matching in produce (and this seems like the same kind of thing). I’d love to hear if any of you can price match meat!!!! Thanks so much!

    • Vanessa says:

      Karen, I had the same problem at my local Wal-Mart. When the service desk personnel backed up the cashier and refused to take the coupons or contact the manager, I contacted corporate. According to them, they will accept coupons on a price-match. The store manager called me and apologized and they sent me a $50 gift card for bringing the matter to their attention.

      • Vanessa says:

        Oops.. I just re-read this post. I wasn’t purchasing meat. BUT I was trying to price match (I think it was lip balm) and use a coupon. Sorry for the confusion.

    • autumn t says:

      ha ya right walmarts meat and produce are not very good quality.

    • Dino says:

      Hi karen when it comes to meat or produce I do not PM at walmart I don’t like the quality I buy most of my meat and veggies at hispanic markets excellent quality best prices in town if you have a vallarta market near you check it out ..forgot to mention I am from northern CA

  • Buffy says:

    Kroger has these for $0.49 for their Mega deal. They will double the Q of our $0.50 /2, making them free. Thats if your fortunate to have a Kroger :)

  • Jamie says:

    yeah I have the rotel coupon too so I am going to use it to get 2 free tomatos at Kroger after the extra savings (plan on buying ten mega event items). Also if u have the Wholly guacamole 1.50 coupon that would be free too. I love the guacamole/salsa together kind, We put it on turkey burgers. So good. I am just glad the have the goldfish crackers included.I will pay .99 for them but not the usual 2.18 non sale price.

    • Nicole D. says:

      If you have the free Good N Natural Bars, they are included too and it takes off the price before the extra 50¢!

      Also keep even if the variety of the brand is clearanced out, if the others are included in the Mega Sale, it is too. I found Skintimate shaving cream clearanced to under a dollar, used the 55¢ coupon, and it still counted for the mega sale – money maker too!

  • Kristen says:

    If anyone got the .50/2 and wants to trade please let me know!
    How long does this last/how long does the ad go too?

  • JENNIFER DAY says:

    *** If you have issues and you believe they are valid issues, check to see if the store has a local or corporate Facebook acct and then make a ‘nice’ complaint on their wall explaining your position on the issue, usually you’ll be contacted within 24 hours and usually they will make it ‘right’!
    The power of social networking, they hate that others can see your posts, so they do whatever they need to, cus the customer is usually right. :)

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