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Coke Zero Squares Bowl Sweeps: Enter to Win Gift Cards, Nabisco Coupons + Lots More

5:16 PM MST
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Working Now! Yay!

Planning to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3rd? Well, now through February 3rd, head on over here to enter the Coke Zero Squares Bowl Sweepstakes for a chance to win lots of great prizes. First, go here, click the “Play” button, and log into your My Coke Rewards account/register. You’ll then need to enter a code that can be found in the following ways:

*Purchase Coke Zero Products and Enter Codes Online (or via Text Messaging): Purchase any Coke Zero products and enter the unique 12 or 14-digit code under the cap or on packaging in your My Coke Rewards account. You will receive your MCR points and you also will be invited to select one, two, or three squares in the Sweepstakes, depending on the Code(s) you entered (Note: Participation in this Sweepstakes will not deplete your MCR points). You can also text your Cap Code or Packaging Code to the short code 2653.

*Restaurant/Retail Codes: Certain participating restaurants or retailers will give away scratch off cards, stickers or other items to consumers who make qualifying purchases. The scratch off card, sticker, or other item will contain a code, each of which may be used as described above to select one square.

*Banner Ad Code: If you see online advertising with a code on it, click on the advertisement and follow the links and instructions to login to your Account (or to create one) and to input the Ad Code, and you will be able to select one square. Each participant may only use this method one time during the Promotion Period.

*Alternate Method of Entry (“AMOE”): To request one FREE Code online, go here and click on the “HERE” link found under section 5d.

After entering your code, you’ll be able to select a square(s). The numbers 0-9 will be randomly assigned to the spaces across the top and along the left side of the Squares Bowl game board at some time following the end of the Promotion Period and prior to the start of the professional football championship game on February 3, 2013 and will be published on the Sweepstakes website.

The score of the Game at the end of each minute of play according to the official scoreboard and the time clock of the Game, will determine which participants are eligible for the Sweepstakes drawing for that minute; the square that corresponds to the last digit of the scores of the home and visiting teams at the end of each minute of play, is the qualifying square for that drawing, and the potential winner(s) of the applicable prizes will be selected at random from those participants who selected the respective Qualifying Square. See prizes below…

Plus, each person who participates and has at least one entry in a Qualifying Square will receive a Coke Zero™ coupon, after the end of the Sweepstakes (limit 1 coupon per person)!

Be sure to head on over here to read all of the official rules (and there are a lot!).


(Thanks, Free Stuff Times!)

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  • Karen says:

    website is under maintenance

  • Karen says:

    Looks like fun i already placed a few squares but the way I look at it you get 10 per day If you fill up all 100 you are bound to win something. Though I did not read the official rules

  • Suzy says:

    Very confusing. So they add up the scores of both teams at the end of each minute? Seems like it is better to pick some of the lower scores. I can’t imagine both teams would get up to 45 points to qualify for the 90 square. Does this sound right??

  • Debbie K says:

    They just gave me 10 free codes in a row. I’ll be going back tomorrow :) The more squares you have- better chance of winning. I can’t imagine the scores will be that high either Suzy… It also looks like you can put more than one pick on each square, though I’m not sure about that.

    • Allison says:

      Yea, I got 10 free codes too! I thought I’d keep trying until it told me I was out (I hadn’t read then that it was 10 entries per day). I’m with you–the more you cover, the better your odds are. :)

  • gil c says:

    Suzy/Ashley, it has to do with the last digit of the score. For example, if the score is SF 13, Baltimore 9. Coke will randomly assign the numbers 0 thru 9 along the home and visitor sides in those black empty squares. For my example, you would go the the home/SF (column) side and find the 3. Then go to the visitor/Baltimore (row) side and find the 9. Where the row and column intersect is the winner. Kind of. Everyone has their own individual board. So everyone that gets the correct square gets put in a drawing. From that drawing is where they get the true winner. Except for the big prizes at the end of each quarter. Those just get pulled from every entry even if you didn’t get the square right.

    The question I have is has anyone seen a banner ad for the promo yet?

  • Suzy says:

    Thanks for the advice. I have been doing this each night and now I think I get it. So I am just going to fill up the board. I appreciate your insights. This has taken up some time so I have my finger crossed that it will be worth it. I think they may be posting live winners but I am not sure.

  • qdblue2000 says:

    Did anyone get their free coke zero coupon from this? They just posted their march madness game. But I still haven’t gotten my coke zero coupon from the super bowl.

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