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Old Navy: Up to 88% Off Winter Clearance = Jackets as Low as Only $1.97 + Much More

10:45 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

While you’re out and about today, you may want to stop by Old Navy where they are having a huge winter clearance sale! Also, be sure to look through the racks as you may find lot of items marked down to as much as 88% off! Wow!

Check out some of the deals you may be able to score…

*Baby Boy Fleece Jackets $1.97
(reg. $16.94)

*Baby Girl Fleece Jackets $3.49
(reg. $16.94)

*Baby Boy coats $3.97
(reg. $29.94)


*Baby Girl Coats $5.99
(reg. $29.94)

*Boys Frost Free Coats $13.99
(reg. $49.94)

*Flip-Flops as low as $0.47
(reg. $3.94)

*Kids Fleece Hats $3.97
(reg. $16.97)

*Girls Denim Jacket $1.97
(reg. $16.94)

*Christmas Items $0.99

+ Much More!

Be sure to come back to let us know about the great deals you find!

(Thanks, Tracey!)

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  • Melissa says:

    I got 6 pairs of boxers for my husband…all $0.97 each!

    • lj says:

      Wow! where did you shop? My hubby needs some too, but my closest Old navy is a little ways away and I’m not sure it’s worth running there just for boxers :)

  • Kelley says:

    Any deals for women? Lol

    • Jennifer M. says:

      I found a light weight fleece jacket the other day in women’s clearance. It was 3.99. The tag was different from the other clearance tags, though, so I suspect it might have been a return or something.

  • Sarah says:

    I went yesterday with my mom. Bought $221.00 worth of stuff for $32! Used Snap Appy, and got a $5 off 5 and $5 off $25!

    They also had a men’s pea coats for $9.97, originally $69.94.

    Some women’s shirts are $2.47.

  • Heather says:

    Awesome! Thanks y’all. I’ll stop by there on my way home this afternoon.

  • Amy Herring says:

    Sarah, what is snap appy?

    • Sarah says:

      Amy it’s the Old Navy app. You scan their logos and it spins a wheel, sometimes you get coupons like $5 off 5, $5 off 25, or $15 off 75. You would have to do multiple transactions. I have it on my iPhone and I go into the store and snap pics of their logos (like on the shopping bags, or in some stores I’ve seen they have a sign that says “snap this”). Hope it helps!

  • Jennifer says:

    Make sure you use the old navy app, I was able to get $5 off $5, $5 off $25 and $15 off $75 all today. Now I just hope I can find some good deals!

  • audrea says:

    just went to my ON, all i found was a $.99 pair of tights for my daughter!

  • jenny says:

    There’s a crazy deal at Abercrombie and Fitch. 70% off clearance and take an additional $50 off $150.

    • jenny says:

      Sorry I didn’t know where to post this crazy deal. Sizes are going fast. Hollister is having the same deal but you can’t stack the promo codes. I got jeans for less than $10 and hoodies for less than $15. Wow, crazy prices for this brand.

    • Tharen says:

      I can’t get the additional 70% to come off. Does it only come off when you start checkout?

  • Luz says:

    not in,,my store :(

  • Luz says:

    Nothing in Algonquin, Illinois. :(

  • Lisa says:

    LOL!! I had to notice the discrimination;

    *Baby Boy Fleece Jackets $1.97
    (reg. $16.94)

    *Baby Girl Fleece Jackets $3.49
    (reg. $16.94)

  • paula says:

    Also Aeropostal is having great clearance deals and they are taking jean donations for their”Jeans for teens” drive,they take all the donated jeans to shelters,I donated 12 pairs,you get 25% off coupon for purchase of jeans but does not include clearance,I donated for the cause not the coupon:)

  • Annette says:

    Don’t forget to use your Shopkick app for more kicks.

  • Kinzinator says:

    Got my husband a nice toggle button coat for $12.49, sports shirts for pretty much every guy in my family for $2.97 each, got my daughter tons of long sleeve shirts for $1.99-$3.49 each . Got myself a sequin long sleeve shirt for $6.49, got my mom a cardigan for $6.99, cute monkey slippers for $2.97, and three pairs of fleece slippers for my daughter for $1.99 each! Oh and fleece beanies for $0.47 cents each!

  • Cassie says:

    How long is this sale going on!?!

  • online affordable shopping says:

    Wow! Great finds and really affordable.

  • jennifer says:

    Nothing good in NC :(

  • Annette says:

    I just got my son a very nice, soft fleece jacket for $7.49 and pants for $2.49. I used my $5 off Snap Appy coupon and ended up paying $5.30 (tax included) for both items! The jacket is so nice, I love it and it’s even better with the incredible deal! Thank you!

  • Erin says:

    I went on Tuesday to use my $5 Q, and I was surprised to find enough to also use a $5/$25 coupon, plus get 10 percent off for using my ON card, and get super cash for spending $25. Went to another store that evening, and used another $5/$25. There was so much great clearance stuff at these stores. Meanwhile, I could barely find anything worth using another $5 Q on Sunday at the store closest to me. I’m sure glad I got my stuff before this got posted. I imagine all the good stuff is pretty well picked over by now.

  • Mimi says:

    I use to love Old Navy but it seems their clothing for women are poorly designed. Their sizes are off, like an 8 is really a 12 and so forth. For kids is okay.

    • stacy says:

      Agree Mimi I only buy workout panlts they seem to hold up pretty well or slippers

    • Samantha says:

      I don’t think the sizes are off. I wear a size 12 in jeans in pretty much every brand and also wear a 12 in Old Navy jeans. If the sizes are really off like you say they are, I guess I would really be wearing a 16 and I know I didn’t lose 30 pounds to stay in the same size I was in last year. LOL

    • MommySpendsLess says:

      I’ve noticed the same thing. I’m usually a 4 or 5 in jeans and a small or medium in shirts. I was going down two sizes the last time I tried on Old Navy and things were still too big. They’ve taken vanity sizing to a new level. Maybe it depends on what other brands you’re used to…?

    • chelsea says:

      I’ve had to be very selective of the clothing that I buy from ON. I’ve seen clothes that say made in Vietnam and Bangladesh and just all over the place in the store and the fabric is so flimsy and just doesn’t even look like it can hold up.

  • graciela says:

    i went on monday and i found flip flops for .47 for my kids,leggings for my little gir for .99 i bought 4 pairs ,i found a tshirt for me for .47 ,also boys boxers for .97 and pj for my little one for 1.99 and i used the 20% off email offer and they have spend $25 and get $10 back :) so it was a nice deal :)

  • diamondcat says:

    I got my husband (4) wool coats for $55. I also used the Snap Apy. The caashier says that ON always has coupons on something called Coupon Sherpa. Not sure what it is, I have to check it out.

  • Rei says:

    I just got back! Not much left but found a few nice deals: Toddler fleece pullover $2.99, fleece pants $1.49, activewear top $1.97, tights $0.97, tee $0.47 & men’s cords $8.99!

    • Rei says:

      PS – I also stopped by Babies r Us since they were next door. They are having an additional 50% off clearance clothing promo. Plus, a promo on bru brand diapers – buy 2 get a $20gc. I got two 96ct blue jean variety boxes for $39.98 total & got back a $20gc – not too shabby!

  • samantha g. says:

    What an AWESOME shopping trip at Old Navy today! I got my hubby 3 shirts and my son 5 shirts. I used $25 Old Navy Rewards Cash that and used the Snap Appy $5 off $25 coupon. I paid only $5.69 out of pocket and got $155 worth of clothing!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!

  • Julia says:

    Spartanburg, SC barely any good finds. Employee told me this sale started last weekend. Maybe next time.

  • Rosa says:

    Not so great deals here in Northern Cali—some great clearance pricing on Holiday clothing but the kids clothing is barely 30-50% off. Maybe later

  • Soxandco says:

    I found DH a pair of jeans for .97. Last year I found 3 pr for under a dollar, so I’m on the hunt. When you get jeans for less than a dollar, seems like a fortune :)

  • Ashley says:

    Not a whole lot left in North Charleston,SC. Scored myself 3 striped tank tops, 4 Solid tanks , a turtleneck, and a long sleeve solid top for the girls, oh and the two clearance piggy banks the kids haggled with me the register to get lol. Spent 21.14 (Used a 5/25) Just not a huge selection like usual.

  • Conswalla says:

    After reading Collin’s post, I ran to the Old Navy up the street. The clearance in PA is sad. I managed to find 3 blouses and a cute sweater. The blouses were $3.49/each and the sweater $4.49. I can’t wait to see what available when the $10 off $25 Super Cash starts on 1/31. Fingers crossed.

    • Bianca says:

      They usually take everything OFF of sale price for the supercash redemption period- honestly it’s best to buy clearance with it!

  • Conswalla says:

    what = what’s

  • Caroline says:

    I don’t have a smart phone, does anyone has extra ON coupon to share? my email: thanks a lot!!!

  • Katie says:

    Does anyone know if this will be going on tomorrow? I didn’t have the chance to go today or earlier in the week.

  • Amy says:

    Was at old navy tonight and scored some good deals. I got my daughter a pair of boots for $1.47, 2 hats, and a little kids cup. I got myself 3 shirts (one of them was only .47 !) and 2 pair of boxers for the hubby. total was $5.32 after my $5 off $5 old navy coupon !! That’s only .59 each !

  • nancy says:

    I went to go get some deals, I had the $5 off anything and a $5 off $25 and the cashier told me they are expired…which they were not and as soon as you exit the redeem screen the deal disappears and they did not give me both, they only manual took $5 off…bummer.

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