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CVS: $2/2 Tresemme Haircare Product CVS Coupon = FREE Travel Size Products + More

7:16 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Wow! If you’re headed to CVS in the next few days, here’s a way you can score FREE  or inexpensive Tresemme hair care products! Whenever you scan your card at the Magic Coupon Machine this week, you should receive a $2/2 Tresemme haircare products. This coupon has NO size restrictions which means you can score FREE travel size products!

Or I’ve heard from a few of you that there may be $1.75 off peelie coupons attached to the products. If you also find these peelie coupons, you can score this deal…

Tresemme 32 oz or styler 8-11 oz 2/$7
Use 2 $1.75/1 Tresemme Peelie coupons found on the bottles
Or the Buy 1 get 1 Free Tresemme Shampoo or Conditioner coupon found in the 1/27 RP
And, use the $2/2 Tresemme Haircare products CVS store coupon printing from the Magic Coupon Machine
Final cost $0.75 each!
*Plus, earn $1.75 in your Ibotta account whenever you buy any Tresemme Split Remedy Leave In Conditioning Spray!

Also, check out what readers Natalie and Jenn found at their stores:

I went to CVS and found Febreze Set & Refresh Spring and Renewal scent (pink/purple one) on clearance for $1.89 at my store. It is tracking for the $1 ECB deal this week. When you use the $2/2 or $3/3 coupon, it will make them free, plus an $0.11 Moneymaker. :D

I found the Right Guard Total Defense 5 bar soap, 6 pack, cooling scent, at my local CVS on clearance for $2.64, regular price $5.29. Coupon machine printed a $2 off 2 Right Guard, Tone or Dial soap. I got 12 bars of Right Guard soap for $3.28 (after coupon) for a total of $0.27 per bar.

Also, here’s another deal to keep an eye out for…

(Photo credit)

Wow, I just got back from CVS and I have a hot deal for you. My CVS store had Axe Cool Metal Body Wash on clearance for 50% off and it produced the Extra Bucks when I bought three. I’ll have my full shopping trip up a little later, but I wanted to hurry up and share this with you in case you’re heading out to the store. Here’s your deal scenario if you find the same:

Buy 3 AXE Cool Metal Body Wash on possible clearance $2.89
Get $4 Extra Bucks when you buy 3 Axe Body Wash (limit 1)
Use the Buy 2 Get 1 Axe Body Wash coupon found in the 1/27 RP
Pay $5.78
Get back $4 Ecb
Final cost $0.59 each!

Come back to let us know if you’re able to score these same deals!

(Thanks, Sharon, Couponaholic, All4Saving, Jenn, and Natalie!)

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  • Kristy Bearfield says:

    I also got a coupon for $1.50 off any deodorant. Used it to purchase the trial size of dove for $1.27.

  • Melissa says:

    For the Tresemme I used the B1g1F and the $1,75 on one plus the cvs $2/2. So two big bottle free

  • jessica says:

    hiiii… i went to cvs and walmart i bought 2 news papers but theres no pg insert i dont know why? i live in fl…

    • jen says:

      Because its fl lol no but seriously I moved to panama city abt 2 months ago n I always have issues w inserts in the paper. I actually called the circulation dept and they told me they put the inserts in the home delivery papers first then whatever is left over goes in the papers that are in stores, machines, etc.

    • Betty says:

      Same thing with me here in the Washington, D.C. area. I was really looking forward the the Olay coupons in the PG saver insert, sigh!

    • Jackie says:

      I ditto w/Jen. Newspaper subscribers do have advantages. I was told by my local newspaper rep too that their subscribers do have first consideration to the coupons available and the leftovers go w/the newspapers sold in the stores and vending machines. Get a subscription 2 your local newspaper. It would not only guarantee you’ll get those coupons, but also get the paper @ a discounted rate. Good luck!! :)

      • Jessica S. says:

        That’s funny because here in NE Ohio, I miss my Sunday coupons every couple months and when I call, they say they can’t promise the coupons will be in every home subscription because they only have so many and they go to the newstands first… And I tell them, then you’re false advertising to say on the front of your paper “This contains such & such amount of savings…” if they aren’t really in there! So frustrating.

  • Julie says:

    I went to CVS tonight and made out great! The Magic Coupon Machine printed a $10 off $50. The Tresemme coupon b1g1 from today’s paper took off $5.00, plus I had a $2 off two Tresemme from the coupon machine. They paid me $3.50 to take the shampoo and conditioner. Also I had the b1g1 from Advil childrens, purchase an additional Advil adult with $1 coupon to use for the $6 rebate. The Advil b1g1 coupon took off $7.20, plus the $4 ECB. In the end they paid me $1 to take all the Advil. Also, spend $20 from Hallmark get $5 ECB, paired that with a CVS coupon spend $20 get $5 off your shopping visit with the 25% coupon and ended up getting $20 worth of cards for $5. This worked on cards that were .99. In the end I got over $100 worth of merchandise for $7! It was a good shopping trip!

  • Becca says:

    The tresemme BOGO coupon took off $6 for me even though it was on sale.

  • heather says:

    my store wont let clearance items go towards the ECB deal.

    • Tammy R. says:

      I don’t think it is up to the store to give you credit towards the ECB deal. I did the febreze that was on clearance and got back $1 ECB today. I think it is coming from corporate not the stores.

  • Kathy says:

    My CVs machine never gives the coupons you list on this site. I wish they did. No one in my area gets the coupons.

  • Cyndi says:

    My b1g1 free on the tresamee took off $6 so I actually got my 2 for free and I had the $2 off 2 q. I just got a filler

  • Ashley says:

    That’s what i get for going to RiteAid today and buying the tressemme. oh well! Thanks for all you do!

  • debva says:

    All the peelie coupons on the bottles of Tressemme were already peeled off. There were plenty of big bottles on the shelves, but not 1 had the peelie on it. Thanks, couponers.

    • Rachel says:

      You shouldn’t generalize that “couponers” are the problem. Just as Autumn suspects, I would assume you are likely a couponer, too, or else why would you be on this website? ;)
      That being said, I definitely agree that there are people out there who give couponing a bad reputation, i.e. taking peelies off of items and having no intention to buy the peelie-marked items. That’s just a couponing no-no, and a lack of common courtesy. Just try to not get frustrated with the situation or couponing in general—there are plenty of bargains out there still to be had! :)

      • picchu says:

        I am ofcourse a couponer!!!! But I do not grab all the peelies that I see, I strongly feel that everybody should get a chance!!!

    • autumn t says:

      are you not a couponer?

    • picchu says:

      I saw a lot of peelies on both Tressemme and Clear shampoos in my Walmart. Maybe you can check in ur walmart too! good luck!

    • terri says:

      I like Rite Aids policy, if the peelie is removed from the item, they don’t honor it. It says so on the peelie…only to be removed by associate..or something like that. I like that policy.

  • Natalie says:

    I went today to get the dove deal. A couple of the Dove shampoo and conditioner bottles had travel sized hairspray bottles attached to them. They were included in the ECB deal! Made a good deal even better :)

  • Geena O says:

    My Cvs manager in Queens , ny said that they ve received instructions to henceforth stop taking printed coupons coz of fraud…it seems lots of people use copied coupons…!!! Y oh y do people do this and ruin everything for themselves as well as the innocent others….!! Also i wonder how Cvs can implement this without making it a nationwide policy change…or will they..?! :/

    • Andrea says:

      Print the coupon policy and take it with you. Until they change it, the manager needs to stick to the coupon policy. ;)

      • mel says:

        even though there is a corporate policy, individual store managers (or the DM) can stop accepting IPs at their discretion, esp if their store has been hit hard with fakes. Happened to me a while back, the manager would not take IPs for a year!

  • Jackie says:

    I purchased 4 bottles. I used ONE $2 off 2 Tresemme products CVS cpn and TWO BOGO free cpns (limit 2 like cpns per transaction per Unilever). Each BOGO cpn deducted $6, making all 4 totally FREE b4 taxes (I paid $1.09 in taxes). Why purchase 2 and deal w/a $1 overage when u can buy 2 more, use a 2nd BOGO cpn and get all 4 FREE! All good and all legal!!! :)

  • Malvie says:

    Theres a BOGO free for axe in the same newspaper insert that the BOGO free tresemme is in. :)

  • Angela says:

    Where can I find the $2/2 or $3/3 for febreze set and refresh and the bogo for tresemme?

  • Madason says:

    The travel size on my area is $1.49

  • Peggy says:

    My cvs took off $6 for the bogo free Q’s, used 1 $2/2 and got 4 big bottles free! I have one more Bobo Q and 1 more cvs Q so going back for 2 more free bottles! Yeah!

  • Conswalla says:

    I just got back from CVS at 9:15 a.m. EST. The Big Red Machine granted my wish and gave me the $2.00 off Tresemme coupon. I also found (2) $1.75 off peelies. I had to do a lot of digging but I finally found 1 on a shampoo bottle and 1 on a can of hairspray.

    I say that to say this Hipsters, don’t just look on the shampoo bottles for the $1.75 peelies. They’re on other types of Tresemme products as well.

  • Magda says:

    Just had an unpleasant situation at CVS. Tried to use the $2/2 coupon (no size restrictions) from magic machine on 2 small ($.99) bottles of Tresemme conditioner. The register rang (error?) and the associate did not want to accept the coupon. He said the items were on sale (were not!!!). He wouldn’t adjust it either to $1.98. What should I do?

    • Amanda says:

      They are supposed to adjust it. All the CVS stores I have been to are very good about adjusting their own coupons and ECBs. Sorry, I guess try another associate or store.

  • Melanie says:

    Found the AXE cool Metal body wash at 2 CVS stores today (1/2 price) and did the scenario listed above. My nephew who uses the Axe will be getting a 6 pack of body wash for just pennies next Christmas.

  • stephanie says:

    I got both a shampoo and conditoner for only .49 for both after taxes!

  • edy says:

    I found the febrezee above clearance $1.89 and tracking for bucks, found 2 bought them and got 2 bucks. Houston,T8

  • edy says:

    Also, safeguard 6 bars soap $1.37, and blade body sprays have a cougar and a wolf on them picture $1.12 /and lysol dispensers 1.89 there is 2 kinds so check both, clearance!

  • edy says:

    Also, gillete match 3 turbo 8cnt carthridges 12.99 clearance

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