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Amazon: Grove Square 24-ct Boxes of K-Cups as Low as $7.63 Shipped (Just $0.32 Per K-Cup!)

9:42 AM MST
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I just received the following email from reader, Melissa:

Amazon currently has select varieties of Grove Square and Caza Trail K-cups on sale 20% off. The Grove Square Hazelnut Cappuccinos are my favorite! I just ordered a box of 24 on subscribe and save for $9.08. That’s 38 cents a cup. Love it!!

So if you are also interested in getting in on this great K-Cup deal, hop on over to Amazon to score a 24-ct box of Grove Square Cappuccino Hazelnut K-Cups for just $9.08 + FREE shipping when you choose Subscribe & Save on the upper right side. As reader Melissa stated, that makes each K-cup only $0.38 shipped which is a great price! You can also score the French Vanilla 24-ct box for $9.08 as well!

If you are in the mood for hot chocolate and/or apple cyder, you may also want to check out these deals too…

Grove Square Hot Cocoa 24-ct box of K-Cups
Only $8.79 shipped with Subscribe & Save, just $0.37 per K-Cup!

Grove Square Caramel Apple Cider, Sugar Free, 24-ct box of K-Cups
Only $7.63 shipped with Subscribe & Save, just $0.32 per K-Cup!

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  • Jen says:

    How does this price compare to the walmart price??? I know I love the hazelnut one also, and I think they have them at walmart for under $8, but it may be for an 18 count??

  • Arielle says:

    The hot cocoa is wonderful! We got them for a Christmas gift. The milk and dark chocolate taste so much better than any other brand we have ever tried! We love grove square k cups.

  • Laurie says:

    Be aware that these coffee’s ALL contain Sucralose/Spenda as a sweetener, so if you don’t use products with Sucralose, do not buy these!

  • Sally says:

    Thank you so much. I was also about to use the $5 from Amazon on this as well making it and even better deal!!!

  • JS says:

    Thanks so much! I snagged the caramel flavor instead, which comes out to $0.40/cup, but still a great deal! And with amazon prime, 2-day shipping is FREE! (<3 amazon prime!).

  • Bo says:

    Not really fond of the Grove Square coffee pods… the pods themselves are so much lighter feeling than any of the others… it seems almost like instant coffee… I wonder if they are? They aren’t horrible.. but I’d rather have something like Green Mountain any day!! :)

  • whit says:

    Yes, the Grove Square is instant coffee, it states it right on the K-Kup

  • lifeasacouponjunky says:

    Please KNOW THIS IS INSTANT COFFEE in these KCUPS we had to trash ours they are soooooo gross !!!

  • MD says:

    I use artificial sweetener in my tea and drink diet soda, so I guess I don’t notice the sucralose taste. I love these. I’m not a coffee fan, but I enjoy other drinks out the Keurig too and these are just perfect. Starbucks is much too strong (and expensive) so I’m thrilled to find out about these. Great deal!

  • Tess says:

    I also think this coffee is icky and since you are getting instant coffee they are WASTEFUL! If you want instant coffee but a jar and scoop some into some hot water and forget the K-Cup.

  • Mandi says:

    I have to post on these… They were the WORST k-cups ever! I even took time to call customer service because my Keurig couldn’t break through the packaging on most of them. When it did puncture through it was like pure water. Customer service was not helpful at all. I would never recommend this brand.

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