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Dollar General: Christmas Items Only $0.10

4:55 PM MST
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Check out the email and picture I received from reader, Liz:

Just want to let you know that DG store has marked down Christmas items to 10¢ each!

And reader, Carrie:

I was in my local Dollar General store in Niagara Falls, NY and all Christmas clearance is now 10 cents!!

Plus, check out the email and picture I received from reader, Jefferey:

Hi Collin!!! Just wanted to let you know and hope you’ll post this on I went to my Dollar General and looked to see if there was any Christmas stuff left!!! There was and guess what?!?!?!?! I went and got, 4 village pieces, 37 bags (ranging in small to Xlarge), 20 stockings (xsmall to regular size), 12 ribbons (very small and regular size), one box to put stuff in, 3 gift sack bags, one box of cards, one sign for inside, 4 bows, 2 gift bags to make our own baskets, 7 bags of bows, 3 bakery bags, 2 bells, 8 pack (ornaments), I it all for $16!! All this was $0.10 each!!

Does your Dollar General still have Christmas stuff left?! If so, you may want to check it out to see if all of the seasonal items are in fact on clearance for $0.10! Let us know!

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  • todd says:

    yes my local dollar general did have stuff for 10 cents but there was nothing left that i wanted.

  • Em says:

    Our DG is FILTHY! The hand baskets look like a kid with a runny nose that’s been playing in the dirt and crap is piled everywhere! I refuse to go in.

    • Erin says:

      LOL, even the “good” ones are kinda gross. Not a big fan.

    • Kristen says:

      …..that’s pretty….ha..our DG keeps junk and boxes in their isles (which are only like 3 feet wide)! It’s kinda crappy too..along with them not wanting to take coupons…but it does sound better than yours lol

  • Gwenny says:

    I went yesterday looking for some arts and crafts stuff for my daughter and saw the 10 cent Christmas stuff. They didn’t have much left, but they did have a bunch of stickers…score! Picked u some “magic tricks” too- the little pills that grow inwater into shapes. My 2 yr old loved them and at 10 cents each I’ll be a great magician for a while :-)

  • Jennifer says:

    I posted about this in the 25 cent dollar general thread yesterday…

    • Adam says:

      I was still able to score some toys, just a fewat. 10. We went to 3 Dollar Generals and scored more than the pictures listed above. All of our Dollar Generals in our Ohio area are clean. I also used the $2.oo off Dana perfume printable coupon and was able to get them for free they are with the Chapsticks in the Health & Beauty isle

  • millie says:

    i got a bunch of christmas boxes,candy, 101 name tags, bags and some cookie boxes for next year.

  • guest2 says:

    Yes, all of the Christmas stuff is 70-80% off. I bought shirt boxes one day for $.60 and thought that was a good deal so I went back the next day to get more and they were marked down to $.20. Woohoo!

  • nina says:

    Me and my daughter went Tuesday and found some toys went to check out and they said the yellow star clearance went down to 10 cents so we went and looked for more and boy did we score got two shopping carts worth full of toys for $6 something they were all on the very top shelves around the store these will make a good donation thanks so much Collin ..I wanted to send a pic my trunk of my SUV is full of toys..oh and some of there clearance toys that were marked down to 30 cents rang up for a penny and there kids blow up chairs also rang up for a penny

    • stephanie says:

      please send a pics

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Nina. Can you post pics of the items that rang up a penny? You mentioned some toys and blow up chairs. Thank you!

      Also, the yellow star toys that will actually ring up 10 cents are manufactured in 2010. Look for 2010 anywhere on the box or F10. Of course, if your store has a sign that says yellow star 10 cents, you can ask them to adjust the price, but if you just want to know what will actually scan at 10 cents, that’s what to look for. This will last until Monday or Tuesday and then they will throw out whatever’s left. (some donate, some throw out) (Tuesday is when the new sale starts, but some clear out on Monday). If you find any left on Tuesday or after Tuesday, they will be a penny. However, some stores will refuse to sell items for a penny. They are allowed to, per corporate policy, but they think they can’t (misinformation).

  • jennifer says:

    was able to get a couple books, reindeer head bands, bows, and gift bags also 2 toys.

  • Nicole says:

    I think my husband will divorce me if I bring any more Xmas into our house. LOL. I went overboard with Michaels’ & Target’s 90% off and had to buy 2 more big storage totes to hold all the goods. Ooops. I just can’t resist 90% off!!!

    • Jessika <3 says:

      Lol@Nicole!!!! I don’t think I went overboard but, apparently my husband does too! You’re right if I bought more he might have a heart attack!!!

  • april says:

    I got an angel and a bunch of gift bags last week but everything was pretty picked over…

  • Kathy says:

    Our local Dollar General here in Waupun WI is very clean and has some of the friendliest clerks around. I have had no problem with them accepting my coupons either!

  • Lolita says:

    Off topic, but I want to go to Niagara Falls :) (I saw one of the people who sent in pictures bought hers in Niagara Falls, New York).

  • angel says:

    Can you name some of the kinds of toys? I’ve been having the hardest time finding any… when I price scan yellow stars there all full price..

    • cindy2705 says:

      The one here in town did not have any of them left. They said that they have to be the yellow star, there are blue and orange (that look very much like a dark yellow) that are reg price.

  • Liz says:

    I was able to score some Febreeze candles, and air freshener products that were the holiday edition for $.10 a piece as well as jars of marshmallow cream for $.10!!! I only found a few of the toys.

  • Kelly T says:

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  • Heather C. says:

    What types of toys should i be on the look out for?

  • Sandy says:

    Oh a diffrent note about DG . My store pissed me off. They had a display instore for airwick and attached to it was a whole bunch of manufacturer coupons that said “buy any 2 airwick products get $2.00 off”. So naturally i got to the basic airwick spray for 1.00 each and grab 2. The register took it but then the manager there tried to demand my coupons from me and said she would not allow me to make the purchase because dollar general dosen’t allow “free” items. – I was like what ever and told her she was nuts for demanding coupons back from me. It was really strange – only had 2 coupons not a whole stack. Anyone else have a bad interaction with dollar general?

    • chelsea says:

      I think the CS at DG depends on management. There are two of them by my house (the newer one sprouted overnight in the neighborhood, I swear! LOL) and the management is very different. At the new DG, the manager is kind and she always greets customers and if I’m looking for a certain product, she’ll run around the whole store looking for it if she has to. Also, when I was looking at the Christmas clearance by the front of the store, she even kindly let me know that she had more Christmas clearance items in the seasonal aisle. It was so sweet of her! I did make a coupon purchase the other day that their system did not agree with, but she was nice enough to take care of the situation and made sure that I got my products and used my coupons.
      Now, at the DG on the other side of town, the store is a lot messier but there are more items on clearance and it’s a bigger store so there is more of a selection. However, management is not as good. I had 5 of the $1/1 any one multipack Duck bubble mailers that expired today and the new DG by my house was out of them so I went to the this one instead. She was hesitant to take my coupons since they were $1/1 and made each mailer $0.25, but after a little persuasion and some reading, she scanned the coupons and they went thru fine! (I know this because I used 2 of them last week at the new DG).
      Overall, my coupon experience at DG has been a good one. I’m still testing the waters but haven’t had a bad experience that has deterred me yet. I think it’s also a learning process for them as well since my town doesn’t have a lot of couponers. I’m very satisfied with the CS I’ve gotten and I urge you to try out other DGs in town too. Good luck and happy couponing! :)

      • chelsea says:

        **when I said that I made a coupon purchase that their DG system did not agree with, I meant there was some beepage going on. Lol. I bought 4 nescafe tasters choice 7ct. sticks for 1.00 each and used a 1.50/2 any 6,7ct or 20,22ct tasters choice. The register took the first one but beeped on the second. They couldnt figure out why it kept beeping on the 2nd one so she went thru and manually input in the coupon. Just wanted to clear that up! Thanks. :)

        • Terry Graham says:

          When you are using coupons at Dollar General that are $/2, I have found it is best to have them scan 2 items then your first coupon. Their computers have a hard time with multiples of the same coupon. I hope this helps.

  • ang3lr0cks says:

    They had some christmas themed air fresheners for 10 cents at my DG. I got 1 airwick freshmatic ultra and 2 febreze set and refresh! I also got a bunch of 6 packs of gift boxes, which are plain white, so I can use them year round. With that and all the actual Christmas stuff I got, the full price for all the items would have been $108.45 and I only paid $5.45 :)

  • paula says:

    When everything was .25, I went to several stores, when it went down to .10 I went to just one store but my grand total for all my trips was $60.00 and I got 1020.00 worth of stuff. I love it, thanks Colin for letting us know about these sales.

  • Amie says:

    Scores a bunch of toys for .10 I was stoked, two of my boys are headed to birthday parties this weekend. So I paid .30 for three toys they have chosen to give their friends!

  • savy shopper says:

    Went this morning and they had just marked down 2 pair packs of baby christmas socks from $4 to .10 I bought a couple packages of those to add into some baby shower gifts and then bows, fake snow, and a couple cardboard decorative boxes. Most of the .10 items at my store were candy canes

  • Kath says:

    I had a blast got 232 items a couple of things for me like shoelaces icepops for the kids and a snack for me spend 28 and change. Thanks a ton

  • Laurie says:

    Where do you find the yellow stars? I went to my local store and under the prices were green stars and yellow dots and they all rang up full price.

  • sherill says:

    how can I find out what is a penny I cant figure out where to look at to find the penny items and I was also told that other stores have things for a penny as well. please help me find out where to get info at.

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