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Kroger: Double Coupons Replaced With Lower Prices + Better Weekly Specials (OH & Northern KY)

6:55 PM MST
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Calling all you Kroger shoppers in Ohio and Northern Kentucky! Beginning on March 1st, stores in the Cincy/Dayton/Northern KY areas (110 stores total!) will be discontinuing the practice of doubling coupons. In place of double coupons, Kroger has promised lower prices and more aggressive weekly specials. For now, Kroger says that it has no plans to end the double coupon program in other markets.

What are your thoughts about these changes?! Do you think the lower prices and more aggressive weekly specials will make up for the end of double coupons?!

(Thanks to all the readers who emailed about this!)

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  • barbie1213 says:

    The first day I was just heart broken with the news! We have 1 Kroger within walking distance from me and an additional 6 Kroger’s, 2 Meijers and one Bigg’s/Remeke within 20 minutes of us.
    I use to shop at Meijer’s, but since they only double the first two, and take only 6 alike coupons in one transaction, I decided it is not worth the headache-plus they never have enough of the sale items and are VERY reluctant to give you a rain check (most times they will have a little tag in front of the item that is not subject to a rain check)
    Bigg’s Remke is very expensive UNLESS the item is on sale, and they are somewhat comparable in prices to Kroger. (I have noticed on the radio that Bigg’s/Remke are really advertising the “we still double coupons” ad, which is brilliant! I think Bigg’s Remke will give Kroger a run for their money and start taking the customers right from under them! PLUS they double 12 like coupons!!
    I will probably still run in my Kroger for Milk but the majority of my shopping will be with Bigg’s Remke!
    ~also, for everyone stating it is the extreme couponers that are clearing shelves. Well, it really isn’t. More people are using coupons and the grocery stores are not stocking items to accommodate the rise in coupon usage.

  • Michelle says:

    If my Kroger here in Michigan quits doubling coupons, I’ll go to Meijers or Super K. I don’t use coupons 50 cents or under anywhere but Kroger because I know they will double them.

  • Roxy West says:

    Meijer’s is about the same distance from my house and still doubles coupons. I do love the employees at my local Kroger, but if I can save a few extra bucks somewhere else, I’m going to go there instead.
    I usually save $4-5 a week from the doubling and that can add up, so I suppose it really depends on *how* low they make their prices.

  • TidSue says:

    This is terrible! I am 100% now going to the Remke super double event on Tuesday!

  • SurfingforSavings Coupons says:

    So much for shopping Kroger’s

  • melanie says:

    Kroger stop doubling in Virginia May 12, 2013

    • Em says:

      Yeah, just saw that on my receipt today. I think they will eventually phase out doubling everywhere.

    • bunny says:

      Yes Melanie, I just noticed it yesterday when I went into my local Kroger. I was so bummed.

      The Martin’s grocery store (part of the Giant chain) still offers double coupons so for those items I have coupons for, I’ll take my business there. Hopefully double coupons won’t become a thing of the past!

      I honestly think the Extreme Couponing show hurt the honest couponers out there–the folks who don’t clear shelves and just use those coupons they actually need. Figured it was only a matter of time–oh well!

  • Kate says:

    I just saw that they are discontinuing double coupons in Arkansas effective July 1.

  • Ginny Miller says:

    Kroger in Tupelo, Mississippi, will no longer double coupons as of July 10. Now that means the only store in my area (that I know of) that will double coupons is Fred’s, and that’s on Saturdays only. It’s not easy to shop there, though, because they don’t carry as many brands.

  • Janice P. Huberstattone says:

    As of Aug 1st, Kroger will no longer double coupons in its Central Marketing Division based in Indianapolis. This includes all stores in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. Kroger has replaced this with their “new lower prices”. Kroger claims only 7% of the customers in this division participate in double coupons. Schnucks in the Peoria, IL area still doubles up to $0.50 and $0.51 – $0.99 are worth $1.00.

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