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Walgreens: 25% Off Contact Lenses + Free Shipping (+ Free 30 Day Supply of Dailies Contacts + More!)

11:47 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

UPDATE: Actually you can snag 25% off with promo code JAN25 at checkout! (Thanks, Ali!)

If you are in need of contact lenses, you may want to head on over to where they are currently offering up an Extra 20% off Extra 25% off + FREE Shipping on Contact Lenses when you enter code SEASON20 JAN25 at checkout!

Here are a few deals you can score…

Acuvue 6 ct. Lenses $20.99
*After entering code JAN25 at checkout, your final cost will be just $15.74 shipped!

Acuvue Oasys 6 ct. $27.99
*After entering code JAN25 at checkout, your final cost will be just $20.99 shipped!

Biomedics 55 Toric 6 ct. $35.99
*After entering code JAN25 at checkout, your final cost will be just $26.99 shipped!

Bausch & Lomb PureVision 6 ct. $47.99
*After entering code JAN25 at checkout, your final cost will be just $35.99 shipped!

Also, if you have not yet taken advantage of this offer, I want to remind you that you can still snag a FREE 30 day supply of contact lenses by simply clicking on one (or all three!) of the banners below. Then just look for the free 30 day trial offer advertised in the sidebar or at the bottom of the site, and complete the form which will give you a FREE membership to the EyeFile System. You’ll then be able to print your certificate for a FREE 30 supply of contacts. Please note that an eye exam may be required in order to use the certificate.

If you’re wondering whether it is worth your time to request a certificate, check out this Facebook post left by reader, Kimberly…

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  • vmm says:

    fyi: it doesnt say “30 day supply of Dailies” when you go to the link(actually the one that’s flashing on here says the same) …it just says a “free trial” (which is usually 3-5 pairs) the one that you get a 30 day free trial of is a monthly contact (ie: new pair each month)

    just thought i’d give you all a heads up. (sorry Collin, your title for this is deceiving)

  • ali says:

    The January coupon book actually had a code in it for 25% off contacts (hey, that extra 5% adds up!) The code is JAN25 and it is good through 2/16. Also, don’t forget to go through Shopathome for extra money back on your Walgreens purchases! :)

  • Vishnu says:

    I wanted to mention that yesterday I was at the eye doctor and was trying to use an air optic free trial. And although I have good insurance, the testing for contact prescription was 94$ oop. So kind of makes it worthless if you don’t already have a prescription for contacts or if the coupon mentions testing may be required. Would love it if I could actually get free contacts!

    • sheryl says:

      the doctors office was supposed to give you a free trial on contacts anyway, and if they didn’t you should have given them the free trial certificate; it should be honored, if not, have them contact the optic web site.

  • Cathy says:

    I have been ordering my contacts through Walgreens for a while now. They seem to have this deal going on pretty much all the time. Maybe I’m just lucky and always need to reorder when this sale is on.

  • craigen1 says:

    I just talked to my eye doc’s office this morning to order new contacts. Thankfully, I saw this posting and am saving almost half by ordering from walgreens. Thank you so much for posting!!

  • Katie says:

    Thanks! I was planning on ordering this weekend… perfect!

  • Vero says:

    I got a few coupon from FREE TRIAL, but the cheapest eye exam that I can find is $69. So it is not worthy =(

  • Maysie says:

    Sweet, thank you! I just saved $67 on my contacts (that I needed to order anyway). Plus ebates offers another 3.5% cash back :)

  • shi says:

    A good place to get glasses is zenni optical online. I have ordered 6 pairs from them and they are awesome! They have plastic ones for 10 or metal for 20. I got mine during a sale and got the sunglasses tint added and I paid $40 for one pair of really nice glasses! Usually you pay 200$+ all you need is your prescription! Highly recommend them, helpful and a better price than paying in the store.

  • optometrist says:

    A Contact Lens Fitting is definitely required, however, there is no need for the free trial certificate. The exam for Contact Lenses will always include a free trial to determine the correct Rx and fit for your eyes. Contacts are a medical device that is regulated by the FDA, so the Rx expires one year from when it was determined.

  • Joan says:

    I have never worn contacts and want to give them a try. i have allergies and always worried that irritated eyes and contacts would be a problem. I have optical insurance. If I use my insurance for an exam and glasses, can I get a prescription for contacts too and use it tp purchase out of pocket?

  • Lori says:

    I’m so grateful for this post. I just got back from my eye exam and my contacts are going to cost almost $800 for the year. (I have very bad vision.) This could save me a lot.

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