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Target: 70% Off Baby Items = Great Deals on Strollers, Clothing, Furniture & More

2:14 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Wow! So in addition to the 70% off Toy Clearance, 70% off Men’s and Women’s Apparel and the 70% off Boots, Shoes, and Slippers Clearance, you may also be able to score 70% off various baby items like clothing, strollers, furniture and more at your local Target store!

Christy over at was able to find lots of baby equipment at her store in Kent, WA marked 70% off as you can see from her pictures above. You’ll want to especially keep your eyes peeled for an awesome deal on the Baby Jogger City Micro Stroller; if you are able to find this stroller (it may be in a box and not out on display), be sure to price check it as it may be marked on clearance for just $50.04 – regularly $199!

On a side note, my sidekick, Mary, just ventured out to her Target in Austin, Texas. Although she was not able to find the stroller mentioned above, she did confirm that her store does have many baby items on clearance for 70% off. Note that the sign by the baby items at her store advertised a 30% off clearance sale; however, almost all the items that she price checked were indeed ringing up at 70% off. So be sure to price check at your local store!

Come back and let us know what you score at your local Target store!

(Thanks and Photo Credit, All Things Target!)

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  • maggsb says:

    My Target (Southern California) had a bunch of DVDs on clearance around $3 and $4 each. They were just mixed in with the regular DVDs but I got a couple (I saw American Beauty, Ghost, Clueless, etc.) and thought they’d be a great “date night” gift for Valentine’s coming up.

  • adri says:

    Our targets in IL are all out of clearance. They have very little left

  • janel says:

    I wasn’t going shopping but after this post I’m on my way to check

  • kara says:

    Our stores had 70% off strollers and carseats 3 weeks ago.

    • Amie C. says:

      Same in my area, they started marking down these things awhile ago. Most of it is gone now. We wanted the dresser but they disappeared when they hit 50% off.

  • Amanda says:

    I bought that Baby Jogger stroller last week for $50 :) It’s pretty nice! And if you are looking for one, the box does not have a pic on the outside. I looked it up on my phone while in the store to see what it looked like before I purchased it.

  • crystal says:

    I bought the stroller last week. It is amazing!!!

  • MEGAN says:

    we LOVE LOVE LOVE our baby jogger city mini (which is slightly different but very similar to this stroller). best baby purcase i ever made. i am in love with it!!

    • MEGAN says:

      but you might want to know: they are discontinuing the city miro stroller, so parts and accessories might be difficult to find in the future!

  • Sarah says:

    There were several of that jogger at my store, but they rang as not found and they would only offer it at half off to me.

    • Kelly says:

      Same happened to me. They had 3 on the shelf clearance priced at $99.99. When I got to the register it was showing “price not found”. I’m going to try again tomorrow, hoping the price will come down more.

    • Liz says:

      Same here. Found 2 last night in Fullerton, CA but they would only give it to me for $99.

    • Rebecca says:

      Same here yesterday in SE Iowa. They had 4 on the shelf; all marked $99 on boxes and sign said 50% off. Register showed “item not found”, so they would only give for $99. Maybe they’ll come down more in the next week or so…

  • Heather says:

    The City Micro and City Mini use the same parts.

  • Sarah says:

    I got the jogging stroller and a Simmons glider and ottoman should have been $428.00 for both but I only paid $109.00 for both with tax. So excited!

  • T says:

    Online it says this stroller is not sold in stores…Where have you ladies who bought it found it??

  • kris says:

    I went over to Target looking for a baby swing today. No babyswings at all..HOWEVER, they had an Eddie Bauer Black wood high chair that is beautiful. Original price was $130, said it was 50% off but marked down to $90…so I asked the sales associate to scan it for me and it came up at $38!!!! OMG I snatched it up and am soooo happy!! When I was checking out, the check out girl asked where I found it and if there were any more! lol nope last one and I think it survived the clean out because the ticket said $90 still. Check prices ladies!

  • erica says:

    I’m in San Diego, anyone have luck with the stroller????

  • Amber says:

    Anyone find convertible car seats clearanced at their Target?

  • Momoffive says:

    I got a 20% any infant item the last time I checked out at Target. This could pair nicely with a clearanced item!!

  • Lindsey says:

    I saw this at my Target in Wichita, KS a few weeks ago. Only one in the store so I am sure it is snatched up now. I did buy a Baby Trend Jogger for $50 (I believe it was only 50% off) as well as a Safety 1st Pack and Play for $23 (70% off). Several Graco cribs and changing tables 50% off as well as Eddie Bauer high chairs and pack and play (although I don’t recommed the Eddie Bauer pack and play. We had an awful time with it and it broke after 1 year of use).

  • Alydia says:

    anything in tucson. az?

  • Theresa says:

    My store, Long Island NY, has strollers, car sears, cribs & tons of baby clothes. Great deals!!!!

  • lucy3600 says:

    I have a coupon that printed with my receipt for $8.00 off any 22 ounce or larger enfamil coupon. The 24 ounce is on price cut for 16.99. That would make them 8.99 and reg price is 19.99 a decent deal I think. If there is a target coupon to pair would be even better. The first one to respond can have it. Coupon expire 3-16-13

  • Kate says:

    Anyone have any recommendations on a cheap way to get this stroller? I want the City Select/Mini double badly for April when kid #2 arrives. Any suggestions??

  • Brittany E says:

    I bought the stroller today! I have been watching it as it has been marked down! I was so happy they had just marked it down this morning to $50! Such a good deal and it is a great stroller! I am in Central Virginia. I also bought a Chicco Keyfit carseat for $129. So thrilled!

  • erin says:

    Found some toddler boys circo long sleeve ts for $1.80- but they were pulling them for salvage :( grabbed 2 before they hit the cart. Also found a gray boys (4/5)hoodie for $2.98! Score.

  • Danielle says:

    Well, I was able to get Heys black and white polka dot 28′ suitcase it was $29.98 marked down from $99.99! I was also able to get the 21′ to match for $23.98 marked down $98.99. I was super excited because I wanted a new luggage set.

  • trinabobina says:

    Just got the stroller AND a 4 in 1 convertible crib for $62 (Normally 250!!)…my total with my REDcard was $115 for both! My mom says now all I have to do is get pregnant ;) She’s been waiting very impatiently since we got married. The crib got great reviews!

  • janel says:

    Got a carseat and stroller combo for 45 and a crib for 62. So excited! Im due in June.

  • Julie says:

    I just came home with a City Micro stroller for $50 and it is PERFECT. Thank you so much! I was so close to spending 3 times that on an Uppa Baby G-luxe when I saw your post. I really, really appreciate your website!

  • shannon says:

    Anyone know how the city micro’s are for infants???

  • T says:

    Ladies who are posting you got the stroller….Please tell us your location so we might be able to get in on this deal too ;)

  • laurie says:

    I just got back from my Target(northern Indiana) I got the City Micro for $50 and an Eddie Bauer pack-n-play for $36. Thanks for the post!!

  • Devon Maxey says:

    anyone find these deals in south carolina?

  • Latoya says:

    I called about 10 stores in the Milwaukee area and there was nothing on clearance :(

  • Sarah says:

    We picked up a baby trend high chair for $39 on Saturday. We needed a new high chair after a year ago our male dog decided that eating the strap while eating the leftover food off the seat on our old high chair was a good idea. The missing strap wasn’t too big of a deal since our son was old enough to sit in it without the strap, but now we have another baby on the way so we needed another high chair with working straps. :)

  • Jennifer says:

    I went last night and was able to get the City Micro stroller for only $30!! They only had two left, and all of the other clearance was gone, but I was really happy to get this! Thanks for the heads up Collin!

  • angel says:

    anything in orlando ?

  • Shahina says:

    I picked up a sit and stand stroller for $37 (originally $149) had been eyeing this baby for a month – so happy to find it for 75% off!

  • Casey says:

    Arnold Target in Missouri had three city mini strollers left today

  • kristi says:

    El paso tx store on george deiter has a few of the city micro jogger stroller for $50.04. Store on montana didnt have any. Both stores gave a small amount of clearance in shoes, toys, and baby. Not much left though.

  • Amanda says:

    Fort Wayne Glenbrook Target had nothing

  • says:

    Ladies I just purchased mine from irvine spectrum, California … The in store item number is 030-090-658/ good luck, I bought this stroller specifically for my mom because my stroller is to heavy for her.

    • Erin D. says:

      New moms should note that the larger strollers like my Graco Travel System stoller with infant car seat attachment are really heavy. I got this stoller and a lightweight Baby Trend stoller. I loved the lightweight one and NEVER used the heavy one. I would really recommend you buy a lightweight stoller for everyday usage like doctor apptointments (there are many visits!!) and shopping. It was also much less expensive to buy the Baby Trend at $60. I LOVE IT. Good luck in finding this deal at Target for the Citimini brand.

  • kristi says:

    FYI…I just noticed on the end of the box for the baby jogger micro stroller…It says not for use with jogging, running, etc. Why is it called a jogger then?

  • Rebecca says:

    Baby Jogger City Micro Stroller – My Target (SE Iowa) had 4 today. Marked 50% off & price tags say $99. I had them price check & it wasn’t in the system, so they had to go by what it said on sign/tags. I passed. Anyone find deals on them around here?

  • Ursula says:

    Our local Goodwill (VA bch) gets the Target merchandise after the are through with all the markdowns. They had the baby joggers for $40. I picked up a brand new carseat and base for $18. I had to pad the sale to $20 because they have an email coupon for 20% off a $20 purchase. They even had the Nieman Marcus stuff too. It might be good to see where your local Target donates their items.

    • Casey says:

      Thanks for the tip. Called our local Goodwill, and was informed, anything ending in .99 is an item from Target. For example, 1.99, 2.99, and so on. Hope this helps. St. Louis location in South County

  • julie says:

    My Target told me that the Micro stroller was considered “salvaged”, a term that means different things to Target; but in this case it just means that the stroller is being discontinued and therefore being taken off of the floor. At my Target it was marked for $139.99 but ringing up for $99.99. Since it is salvaged, they gave it to me for 50% off ($50). Hopefully this term helps some of you whose Target will not otherwise honor the price.

  • Amanda Mershon Johnson says:

    Anyone need Target Similac Coupons? I got two Catalinas the other day… One for $5 off one 22 oz or larger, and one for $10 off 2 of the same. Reply to this post with your email if you want them.

  • Lacey says:

    i got this baby trend jogging stroller today for $49.98 i went looking for the micro jogging stroller which my store had like 10 of them (which i got for my friend for the $49.98 PRICE also it had a sticker for $99.98 but when they scanned it it wouldnt ring up in the system so he told me he had to get their price gun and w/e it scanned for is what he could give it to me for bc i explained to him i knew someone who got one for $49 another location and so he scanned it was like okay i can give it to you for $49!! so i picked thAT one up for my friend but they only had one of the baby trend stroller so I picked that one up for me :) im so excited i just had my baby in november an need to start losing my baby weight!

    • Rebecca says:

      So did it scan as $49 or was he just nice and let you have it for that? Which store? Thanks.

      • Lacey says:

        I have no clue what there price gun scanner w.e it is called said bc he looked at it and then asked me how much did i say that someone got it for and he said okay i can do it for that…so i mean it may have been cheaper on the gun and it could have been more not very sure! but i live in the new orleans area so the Harvey store…

      • Lacey says:

        and he told me that when its a salvagable item they have to scan it with their store gun and w/e that scans for is what they can sell it for.

    • Lacey says:

      i tried to post a picture idk if it worked or not! :?

  • Dana says:

    If any of you have Goodwill stores near you, check them for the Target stuff as well. I was just in mine in Williamsburg, VA and they had the salvage baby items there. I picked up 2 of the City Micro strollers there. They also had some Graco travel systems and the slumbertime rocking chair and ottoman.

  • Emily says:

    Just thought I’d let y’all know, I went to target yesterday looking for the city jogger; my store still had one, so I decided to big it. When I get to the register I got a even better deal, the jogger was on for $24.02! Plus it printed a Catalina for $5 off my next purchase of a baby item!

    • Rebecca says:

      What was the price marked on the stroller box?
      Does anyone know if Target would price match a receipt from another Target store? If so, could someone who got a super stroller deal link a photo of your receipt if that’s ok?

      • Rebecca says:

        I ask because our Target had the city joggers marked $99, they weren’t in the system, and they could only find the online price of $199, so they didn’t have proof they were less elsewhere.

        • Rebecca says:

          I tried my Target again last night. They still have the same 4 Baby Jogger City Micro Strollers marked as $99 on the price tags by the 50% off sign. They still didn’t show in the system when scanned. A manager told me they can’t price match other Targets’ clearance prices because clearance prices are specific to individual stores and done at different times based on sales and what the main office decides. :( They were making scannable barcodes for them when I left. I’ll just have to keep checking back…

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