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Best Buy Reward Zone Members: Earn 25 More FREE Points (Via the Facebook App)

9:37 PM MST
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If you’re a Best Buy Reward Zone program member (it’s free to sign up!), you can currently score yet another 25 FREE Reward Zone points! Just head to the Best Buy Reward Zone Facebook App by signing in or registering for an account, then click on the “User Poll” tab and scroll down to take the new Poll. After taking the poll, a pop up should come up stating that you just earned 25 points! And keep in mind that you only need 250 points to score a $5 Rewards Certificate!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have had issues earning points or having points taken away from your account, make sure to email or call customer service. From reading the comments on previous posts, it sounds like many of you are having problems… but it also sounds like customer service is being very helpful in getting these issues taken care of.

(Thanks, Sherri and Free Stuff Times!)

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  • MEGAN says:

    oh darn, all my points were gone! hoping they will make it right! send an email to them

  • Tarri says:

    half way to another certificate, if they did not take 113 points away, I would be there tomorrow.

  • Gax says:

    does anyone have the customer service email for reward zone?

  • E says:

    finally became one of the people who lost their points I had 26pts left after printing 250 and then I saw 0 -26

  • Tricia says:

    I emailed them and this was their response:

    “I understand how important it is for you to take advantage of your points. The reason why your points were deducted from your account is due to the annualization process. The Reward Zone program is an annual program running from January 1st to December 31st. In February every year our system updates all accounts issuing certificates for 250 or more points and expiring points under 250.

    However, the points earned after January 1st or/and facebook poll points should not be affected for this process, but only the points from last year 2012.

    Those points earned in 2013 that were deducted in the annualization process by the system will be posted back to your account when the annualization period is over. This period will take approximately 2 weeks. We will have a firmer date in the next few days.

    I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I hope this information is helpful and thank you, for being a valued Best Buy Reward Zone Member.”

    So apparently it is a known glitch that should fix itself in the next couple of weeks :)

  • gina says:

    Great. Thanks for update

  • erikam01 says:

    I had the same problem, only I just joined in late January. I emailed them and they returned my 200 points and gave me 300 more. Pretty nice of them.

  • Shanna says:

    I am so excited! After a few issues with this program, I just cased my points in for a $20 cert. I am going to use it to get a gift for my son’s bday in September. We are going on huge family cruise, so my money is tied up with paying for that so these little things really help out.

  • Brittany says:

    Thanks Collin!

  • Amber says:

    I have been taking all of these user polls. When I just did this last one it said I earned 0 points. Is there a cap on how many polls they will let you get points for? So weird. It has given me 25 for every other poll I have done.

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