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Starbucks: Save $1 On a Breakfast Sandwich w/ Brewed Coffee Purchase (Thru 2/22)

5:28 PM MST
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Calling all Starbucks fans! Through February 22nd, head on over here to print this coupon valid for $1 Off a breakfast sandwich with purchase of any brewed coffee at Starbucks!! Yum! :)

While you’re at Starbucks getting your coffee and breakfast sandwich, you may want to snag one of their new, reusable (and recyclable) Starbucks cup for hot beverages that I posted about recently. This cup is priced at only $1 AND you’ll receive a 10 cent discount each time you use it in stores… so it pays for itself in just ten uses!

(Thanks, Freebie Finding Mom!)

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  • sabrina says:

    I dont really care for their breakfast sandwiches. The first/last time I tried one the egg was still frozen in the middle. Yuck! But I must say seeing the pic of the coffee really makes me want to run out and grab a cup!

  • Jenny says:

    Yea, it’s definately not fresh food there. I think they must get everything in frozen. I get the cake pop sometimes for my son and half the time they are still frozen.

  • es says:

    I saw @ night they take boxes out to defrost.

  • Steffers says:

    I worked for Peet’s my sister and hubby worked for Starbucks. Nothing is frozen at either location- Starbucks gets the pastries in nightly and the sandwiches in daily. If they are frozen its the store not the company policy. I love the turkey bacon sandwich personally.

    • Jenny says:

      I went in today and our lacation admitted that it all comes in frozen except for the muffins. She said they pull them out first thing in the morning when they get there to defrost them. No wonder they are so yucky!

      • tracy says:

        i would be amazed if they did sell them fresh,the thing they sell most is coffee,the only item that they serve all day,so it has to be fresh. they probably dont sell that much of anything behind that sneeze guard thing either.and they dont hire workers to learn how to cook. alot of stores sell things that were thawed,i know for a fact that meijers sells things that they had to thaw,like they’re bagels,some cakes,donuts. it would be a lot more work to actually make them.

  • tracy says:

    i have never gotten anything at starbucks other than a blonde roast and my all time favorite the green tea frapp. plus i dont like breakfast sandwiches,they are kinda gross

  • schnauzminis says:

    I get the bacon gouda sandwich and it is yummy, always hot and crispy, mine has never been half or partially frozen

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