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High Value $1/1 MultiGrain Cheerios Coupons (2 New Links!) = Great Deals at Target

6:45 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

WooHoo! :D Check out these high value General Mills Cheerios coupons available…

* $1/1 box MultiGrain Cheerios OR MultiGrain Cheerios Peanut Butter cereal All Gone :(
* $1/1 box MultiGrain Cheerios OR MultiGrain Cheerios Peanut Butter cereal All Gone :(

Even better, you can use these coupons to sweeten the Target General Mills gift card promo this week even further! Here’s one scenario to get ya thinkin’…

Buy 5 boxes of select General Mills cereal (9 to 14 oz) on sale for $2.50 per box = Free $5 Target gift card
Deal Scenario:
Buy 4 Multi-Grain Cheerios cereal $2.50 each
(from reading the comments the peanut butter variety isn’t included in gift card deal)
Buy 1 Box of Fiber One 80 Calories Chocolate cereal $2.50
Total = $12.50
Use 4 $1/1 General Mills MultiGrain Cheerios coupons found here and/or here
And use the $0.75/1 General Mills Fiber One 80 Calories Chocolate Cereal coupon found here
Plus, use $1/3 General Mills Cold Cereals Target Store coupon found here
Pay $6.75 for all 5 boxes
Get back a $5 Target Gift Card
Final cost $1.75 total – just $0.35 per box!

(Thanks, The Binder Ladies & Totally Target!)

* Check out the rest of the Target weekly deals here and Target V-Day clearance here!

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  • Elizabeth says:

    I bought some multigrain cheerios at Dollar Tree not that long ago so keep your eyes peeled for some there also

  • Jen says:

    My target the peanut butter Cheerios weren’t included.

  • Jamie says:

    At my target store the pb multigrain weren’t included in the sale. I made the mistake of picking one up and when I checked out the gift card didn’t trigger, so I had to go to the service desk to swap the item for one participating in the deal. I felt soooo bad.

    Ultimately it worked out, but when you go just be mindful of which cereals are labeled as part of the promotion!

  • Melissa says:

    I bought 20 boxes (yes 20…we go through a lot of cereal here) of GM cereal at Target today…now I will have to stop by later in the week to get some more…I just love great cereal deals!!!

  • llc says:

    When I did the cereal deal this afternoon, it triggered a register coupon for $2 off 5 boxes. Better than the $1 off 3 TQ I used in the first transaction. Made my boxes .55 each (I used a $.75 and 2 $1/2 peelies that I got at Walmart)

    • T says:

      I also got the $2 off 5 boxes but if you look at the top of coupon it says its a manu coupon NOT a Target coupon, therefore you cant use it with your other manus right?

  • Steph says:

    Are the multigrain cheerios included in the sale? I didn’t notice today when I got some other kinds. Might need to go back tomorrow. Can anyone confirm that they are, in fact, part of the deal?

  • Emily says:

    Not related to this post but I have a bunch of organic valley grassfed milk coupons $1 off – if anybody is interested email me at

  • justin says:

    i hope the stores are stocked well in cereal

    • mel says:

      the store I went to today did not have the Multgrain Cheerios nor the Chocolate Fiber One. Those were the only 2 slots that didn’t have cereal. Even worse, was the store had no tags on what was included. Had to scratch my deal. Hopefully when I go to the other store tomorrow, they have better stock & tags!

      • JoAnn says:

        Seemed to me (I could be wrong) that only the 12 ounce boxes were included in the sale. PB cheerios are 11.3 and Lucky Charms 11.5 so they are a no go. Anyone else notice this or have different sizes? BTW my store was stocked well.

  • An says:

    The coupon from the second link is gone :(

  • Kristen says:

    Off topic, but I need help!! Where can you find the Heinz gravy at walmart? I went up and down all those isles,…maybe I just missed it

  • Tanya says:

    I went to do the GM cereal deal today at my local target and the Multi-grain Cheerios rang up for $2.25 a box instead of $2.50 and it did not trigger the gift card prompt. So I ask the cashier to ring up one of my boxes of Reese’s Puffs twice and I would run back and grab another box. Then the gift card prompted on the screen. I could of sworn that there was a sign next to Multi-Grain that they were included in the giftcard deal, but I did not have time to run backto confirm as I had to pick up the kiddies from school.

    Was wondering if this happenend to anyone else at there store? Also I am certain that at my store the PB Multi-Grain were NOT included in the GC deal.

    • Emily says:

      Multigrain were included at my store near Rochester, NY. I bought them and it did work. Its possible your store’s sign was in the wrong spot- that happened to me last time. It should be the 9 oz. size.

  • Melinda says:

    Neither one of these new links worked for me.

    • An says:

      When I printed the coupons from the second link it didn’t seem to work but when I went to the printer they were all there. The first link also worked without giving me confirmation my coupons printed but they did.

  • Erin says:

    Where on earth is the Target GM cereal coupon? I see a $1/3 Kellogg’s but that’s it. I’ve been looking for days and it’s driving me crazy.

  • Amy H. says:

    Betty crocker .com has a $1 off MQ for the Fiber One Chocolate cereal, makes for a bit of a better deal!

  • Craig says:

    Darn! Havin’ another Mac attack! Cant use that Target q. cuz its a darn Java style. Uuuugh! When will they dump that Java crap!

    • Clarissa says:

      I can print the target q’s on my mac as long as I only print one at a time. If I select several coupons it fails. Just a suggestion in case you haven’t tried printing just one coupon.

      • Craig says:

        Thats very odd, It says something like, Sorry but Apple has disabled Java and their system uses Java and they are sorry and supposedly working on it (like in near future an alternative). So Im shocked you got any at all.

    • irene says:

      What’s odd is Target and Smartsource qs print on my Mac but not Redplum! Java acts differently, depending on the site. I can’t seem to fix it.

    • Deedee says:

      I know!! We went through this a couple years ago or so, and now again, some coupons print, some won’t! It is so frustrating!

  • amanda says:

    if anyone has extra 1.25 off pb coupon can you please email me at

  • SJ says:

    My system absolutely will not print Target coupons. The IT guy at work tried downloading the Target coupon printer a number of times and it still will not print them. Is there any way to use them via smartphone? Thanks.

    • mel says:

      what browser are you using? I can’t print anything java related (which is what system Target IPs use) when I’m on Google Chrome, I have to switch to IE.

  • Emily says:

    Just want to mention, its helpful to take a list of cereal that SHOULD be included because they might not be marked on the shelf. I expected the Peanut Butter Toast Crunch to be all sold out due to the high value coupon, but actually the shelf was full….. probably because they weren’t marked at all!

  • Tina says:

    the deal worked here in central Ca. …….. i got the multigrain cheerios…. Those of u that are having problems…. I had the same problem, took me like an hour trying to figure out why my target coupons werent printing…..My comp said something about cookies,so i went to the target coupon page went ALL THE WAY to the bottom of the page and clicked on cookies… then I went down the cookies page and clicked on “Target cookies” and clicked on the underlined “make your cookie anonymous” and it worked!!!!!! I also redown loaded java. I am not a comp wiz but my teenage son has been teaching me a few things…..So try this at your own risk….LOL HTH:)

  • Tanya B says:

    I clicked both of the links and neither of them worked. One brought me to the Everyday Saver page but no cereal coupon and the other loads a blank page. Oh well..

  • Tricia says:

    If anyone has the $2/1 Heinz and/or the $2/3 Ore-ida Target coupons that they could scan and send me that would be much appreciated! I didn’t print them yesterday and now they’re gone on the Target website. Thanks a million!

  • Mona says:

    Is there no more $1 off for the multi grain cheerios?

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