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Target: Even More Clearance Finds + Great Deals on Grocery & Personal Care Items

8:01 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

WOW! If you haven’t already hit up Target to check out their 70% off to 90% off clearance bargains, you may want to do so soon! I’ve received quite a few emails from readers recently regarding the great deals they are snagging, so be sure to come back to let us know what you score! And with that being said, check out some of the deals you may be able to snag:

Check out what reader, Brianna, scored….

Select Pull-Ups boxes possibly on clearance for only $12.98 (regularly $25.99!)
Use two $2/1 Pull-ups training pants coupons found here
Plus, use the $1/2 Pull-Ups Training Pants (19 ct+) Target store coupon found here
Final cost as low as $10.48 per box! Wow!

And check out all the items reader, Samantha, found….

*Threshold King size 3-piece comforter set on clearance for $29.98 (regularly $99.99)
*Home Full size Flannel sheet set on clearance for $7.48 (regularly $24.99)

*Dora Rocks Twin Sheet set on clearance for $6.58 (regularly $21.99)
*Brave Doll Pillow on clearance for $5.48 (regularly $19.99)

*Brave Micro throw on clearance for $4.48 (regularly $14.99)
*Sherpa Soft Fleece Throw on clearance for $5.98 (regularly $19.99)

And, while you’re there, be sure to check for these grocery and personal care deals…

*Quaker Perfect Portions Oatmeal $1.99
Use 2 $0.50/1 Quaker Perfect Portions Oatmeal coupons found here (use zip 43420)
Plus, use the $1/2 Quaker items Target Store Coupon found here
Final cost $1.98 total – only $0.99 each!

*Nivea for Men or Women Body Wash (select varieties) 16.9 oz  $2.69 (through 2/23 only)
Use the $2/1 Nivea for Men Body Wash coupon found in the 2/10 RP
Final cost $0.69!

Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel $2.99-$3.49 (regular price)
Use the $1/1 Johnson’s Baby Oil coupon found here or here or here (must “like” on Facebook)
Plus, use the $1/1 Johnson’s Baby Item 4 oz+ Target Baby Mobile Coupon (Text BABY4 to 827438)
Final cost as low as $0.99!

Johnson’s Baby Head-to-Toe Wash 9 oz $2.44 (regular price)
Use the $1/1 Johnson’s Baby Head-to-Toe Wash coupon found here (must “like” on Facebook)
Plus, use the $1/1 Johnson’s Baby Item 4 oz+ Target Baby Mobile Coupon (Text BABY4 to 827438)
Final cost $0.44!

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo $2.99 (regular price)
Use the $1/1 Johnson’s Baby Shampoo or Bubble Bath coupon found here
Or use the $1/1 Johnson’s Baby Shampoo or Bubble Bath coupon found here
Plus, use the $1/1 Johnson’s Baby Item 4 oz+ Target Baby Mobile Coupon (Text BABY4 to 827438)
Final cost $0.99!

(Thanks, Melinda, Samantha, Breanna, Maureen, and Totally Target!)

* Check out even more clearance bargains and Target deals here, here, here, here, here, here, and here!

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  • Megan says:

    I picked up some of the pull ups last night. It is a great deal for potty training!

  • dealzgurl says:

    I just picked up two floor heaters for 70% off. Great deal!

  • Stephanie says:

    My Target also had the large boxes of Huggies and Luvs on clearance. Normally $19.99 for $15.

  • Kristen says:

    Tresemme is buy 4 get a $5 gift card and prices start at $3.39..great If you have the $1/1 target printable and $1.75/1 peelie!!! Also, found lots of awesome clearance deals at my target today too!! Aquafresh was marked down to .96 and Colgate multi-packs were down to $2.49, use the $1/1 target printable and .50/1 manufacturer for a better deal! And listerine was marked $3.49 with a $1 peelie..not big bottles though

  • deidre says:

    I was at Target today and tons of grocery clearance, especially in the freezer section.

  • Samantha G. says:

    Thanks, Collin! Love Hip2save and Target!!!

  • Peace says:

    Snow shovels, windsheild washer, de-icer all 70% off. Shovels under $5.-

  • Gen says:

    Why is target having so much clearance! Makes me feel like they are closing the store soon!!!

    • Em says:

      They always have a lot, they don’t like things to sit. I like it!

    • MommySpendsLess says:

      Their stores have limited space. They have to get rid of the things that aren’t selling well anymore to make room for the new merchandise. It’s been a while since Brave was released and the hype has died down – I imagine there’s not a lot of little girls begging to have their room decorated in Merida (as opposed to things like the general Disney Princess line, Hello Kitty, and Barbie which are classics). We don’t follow Dora but I’m guessing Dora Rocks was the latest DVD…? Same thing. They have to move Valentines stuff to make room for Easter… As Marie said, for the grocery and health and beauty items manufacturers regularly change the package size, package graphics and introduce new varieties and products. Target earned it’s spot in the market and reputation as a trendy place by being current so if they don’t keep up they’ll stagnate (like Kmart)

    • Marie says:

      Seasonal changes, packaging design changes or they might quit carrying a certain size of a product. Sometimes even exp. dates are close to expiring.

  • Jennifer says:

    Oh man do I wish I could fine that Dora twin set! It won’t be too much longer before LO is ready for a big girl bed!

    • Shayla says:

      There is (was) a 20% off target bedding coupon on their site as well. Could be an even sweeter deal =) Ours has the Dora Rocks line at 70% off, just didn’t see the bedding…darn!

      • samantha g. says:

        Wow, that’s even more of an awesome deal with the 20% off coupon! Too bad I don’t have a little girl to get the Dora bedding for! My son is 9 and isn’t much of a Dora fan anymore!

  • Elaine M says:

    It’s so weird how different regions are. I am in Buffalo NY and we didn’t have any Little Pony or Sesame street clearance (I scanned) the Dora sheets were $12 and the Pull ups were $16.

    • JD says:

      Are you talking about the sesame 2-pack characters? They were in the valentines section in lancaster for under $2 last week.

      • Yoko says:

        Those Sesame street characters and other toys which were part of Valentines clearance went back to full price either yesterday or 2 days ago, as I heard,

        • MommySpendsLess says:

          Yup. The WebKinz were scanning “item not found” and a lone Lego Chima bag rang up as $3.99. I think the hidden Valentines deals are over.

          My Target (Central Florida) had a bunch of Dora shaped pillows marked down and one Dora fleece throw (46″x60″) for $5-6. There were also Tinkerbell tea sets and bubble wands (her wings make the bubbles) for 50% off ($4.98 instead of $9.99)…they’d both be great for Easter baskets.

    • Luz says:

      I bought Kitty Clothes for .90 cents to 1.40. It was marked regular price but I scanned because of one of the pictures someone put… Was a great deal My daughter love it. Randall Road, IL

  • Brooke says:

    There is a 20% off Dora Rocks coupon on as well as 20% off Dora bedding coupon :)

  • Chels says:

    Found a lot of bedding stuff for awesome prices! 6 piece bed set (complete with comforter, shams, etc) for only $13.98, down from $59.99. Too bad it was a twin-size or I totally would’ve snatched it up!!

  • Sarah says:

    Does anyone know how to get them to resend the baby coupons? I accidentally deleted my text from the baby part and I can’t figure out how to have them re-sent……. :(

  • kc says:

    I purchased a Dora fleece blanket for 4.48, Johnson & Johnson 4 pack face and hand antibacterial wipes 4.98, two Nate Berkus baskets 5.98 each, 6 Sesame Street figures, a Marvel, and Spiderman all .60 each. Customer service sold them to me for 90 percent off bc they had already salvaged their Valentine’s stuff yesterday! Love Target and their clearance!

    • Becky says:

      Yeah. We found some items left out today and they were to be salvaged and were missed. I don’t understand why they salvage the items. Sell them.

      • kc says:

        Goodwill buys in bulk, items that are salvaged. I wish Target would just hold onto it a little longer. My cousin and his wife always shop Goodwill after Salvage day. They walk away with so much for so little for themselves and young daughter. It’s snag deals:)

        • jessica says:

          There’s a goodwill literally next door to the target I shop at, every time I walk in there I laugh my head off because they have priced everything up that was salvaged, I bought those sesame street charachters for .50 cents each the other day, I guarantee they will be marked for no less then $2 at gw

          • Kim says:

            lol my Target is right next door to my Goodwill too and they do the same thing!

            • Marie says:

              My son works at Goodwill and they have helped him so much. He is disabled and honestly if it wasn’t for Goodwill he probably would not be employed. Yes they get Target salvage if you will but they do great things for people that otherwise wouldn’t have a chance sometimes.

  • patricia says:

    I was so happy when I passed by the clearance section and spotted a 3 piece comforter set for only 29.95 it was the last one so I had to get it. Ive been looking for one for a long time and I fell in love with the one i saw plus 29.95for a king size!!!

  • Renae says:

    Bought crest two and three packs on clearance for 2.98 and got a$5 gift card for buying three! Also for some avent bottles for 8.48 and neutrogena face wipes for $4.48.

  • Heather says:

    I found 2 sets of Disney Tinkerbell Fairy Dolls (6 per box) marked down at 50% to 24.98 from 49.99.

  • Cannielle says:

    Are you all sure there is only one TARGET in America???
    My Target here has none of these, no kidding, I went 2/15 and the Valentains stuff was all disappeared.

    • sandra says:

      The Valentines items were “reclaimed” (pulled from the shelves) either Thursday or Friday, depending on your store. If you do find a random Valentines item misplaced in the store, it will scan as “not found in the system” as the info for the items has been deleted from the system. I found a couple of packs of candy yesterday, and the manager sold it to me for 75% off, but it took me taking it to customer service, them looking it up at the last price listed in the system, the manager approving a reduced price, etc… Normally the Valentines clearance lasts longer, but with Easter being so near, they pulled it all pretty fast this year.

      • Karen says:

        Practically every Valentine item I found, like the mens pj pants, boxers,girls tops, cookie mix, all scanned item not found. I wanted to get some deals at 90% off and c/s only was giving 70%off so I passed on all but the cookie mix.

    • bettyj says:

      I’m with you. I went yesterday and practically combed the entire store. I found 2 or 3 things, but they weren’t great deals, more or less just a sale. I want to move to their area. I don’t know if makes a difference, but we only have a regular Target, not a super.

    • J says:

      My target is always wiped out too i’m always running out after holidays and posts on here just to find nothing. :(

  • Jenna says:

    Was able to get a three pack of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner (32 oz. Each) for 1.98! They were marked 3.48, but rang up as 1.98. At my store they had quite a bit of the ‘bonus’ sized packs left and marked down. Diapers were only marked down 15% so far… Will have to wait on them!

  • samantha g. says:

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Target’s clearance deals! I usually visit 2 or 3 of our local Target stores weekly just to check out the clearance. It is SO hard to contain myself when I find a good deal though! Lately, if I come across a really great deal that I can’t pass up, I’ll get it and store it for upcoming bday and holiday gifts.

  • DeeAnne Wells says:

    crayola pipsqueaks tower $7.48, Almay loose powder with brush $5.14, but for me the best deals were grocery deals I would have bought anyways, pickles, dressing, jelly, ect/

  • Libby says:

    Johnson & Johnson baby wash with bonus baby oil was 2.04 yesterday, so .04 with coupons. I also found a super cute whale cushion, for the bathroom when you are leaning over to give your baby a bath so your knees arent on the ground, it was clearance priced to 4.50 originally 15! Also found some great deals on kids clothes too! I love there clearance deals, happy shopping. :)

  • Brook says:

    I was able to get Toddler sheet set for 3.88 at my Target!

  • Kim says:

    Anyone else not get the Target mobile baby coupons?I texted the number and now I get all these promo emails for discounts online but never any coupons.

  • S says:

    Been waiting for those cute piggy banks(pink one says “shoe fund”) to go to 75% off. Anyone know if they’ve gone yet?

  • Heather says:

    My daughter is having a Brave birthday party and I’ve had my eye on the fleece blanket. Anyone know where they are located in the store? My store says in stock, but I didn’t see it yesterday!

    • sarah says:

      I just bought two packs of the Brave Valentines with 16 pencils in them in hopes that one of my daughters would have a Brave birthday party and they would be favors. I thought that was a great deal!

    • Casey says:

      You should check everywhere! I found the Dora blanket in the toys at one Target, and in the baby aisle at anothe. Think people were hiding them:) I am always one step ahead. Haha hope you find one of the Brave ones!

  • heather says:

    Fyi, I’m at the Target in Greenville, NC.. if you’re going to Target for the Brave items I wouldn’t waste the trip just for that. I price checked and they are full price, and when I asked an associate they looked it up and said it was a store error if they were marked down at all since its still relatively new items. Bummer!

  • mary says:

    diapers have only 15% off at my target in s. fl :-(

  • Ketryna says:

    Finish dishwasher detergent was on clearance back in the bulk section of my target. They were packaged 3 boxes as 1. So a total of 96 packs for 7.56 plus I had a 1.25/1 coupon. 6.29 plus tax for 96 tabs. Better than Costco.

  • Reese says:

    I scored a Toy story comforter for 9.98 this morning and also found the Dora Rock Star sheet set for 6.98 (also used 20% of coupon for Dora bedding) and found the Toy story sheet set for 6.98 also. Our Target had King sheet sets for 11.98 which I thought was such a steal and as some people mentioned I saw the 3 piece comforters for 29.98 originally priced at 99.99 but the print was not my taste otherwise I would have scooped it up. No luck on the pull-ups though!

  • april says:

    Could someone explain how the Johnson’s baby wash Target coupon works? I texted to that number but I just recieved a message back saying welcome. Am I supposed to recieve a text coupon too? Thanks

  • linda says:

    Am I the only one who finds that Brave doll to be a bit creepy? lol
    My Target never seems to have the awesome deals I read about either. Good for those of you who find them!

  • Holly says:

    Please let me know where I can find the clearance baby items such as diapers I have 2 in diapers and 1 in pull ups

  • Casey says:

    I don’t normally buy Tide pods, but for 72 pods, is 12.something a good deal? Also, for 62 finish tabs on sale, 7.98: I have a 1.50 coupon, making them.6.48, it also came with a bottle of finish liquid? Good deal or no? Thanks in advance

  • Sheila says:

    Sorry this is a bit off topic, but this thread is more active than the original post (about the cereal deal this week), so I was hoping I might get more input here.

    I didn’t realize that Target only takes 4 of the same manufacturer’s coupons (is this relatively new? I haven’t shopped at Target too often for a while). So I had 5 of the $1.25 off Peanut Butter Cinnamon Toast Crunch (luckily, I have access to 3 computers…2 at home, one at work), and the $1/3 Target coupon for this deal. But the cashier wouldn’t let me use the 5th $1.25 manufacturer’s coupon. So I just used 4 $1.25 coupons and the $1/3 Target coupon and got the gift card.

    I have $1/1 coupons for other General Mills cereals that are included in the deal, so I was wondering if I went back in and exchanged one of the 5 boxes of cereal for one that I do have a coupon for, if I could get the $1 back? Maybe it seems like a big hassle, so I was just wondering what everyone else thought.

    The cashier was also a bit rude to me. She snapped at me that “you have too many coupons” and threw the fifth one back at me. I didn’t want to make a scene, so even though I could have dug around my coupon binder and found another GM coupon (and gotten the correct cereal to go along with it), I didn’t want to take the time. I just paid and left quickly.

    Some Target’s do seem to have less friendly staff, unfortunately. :(

    • Valerie says:

      They started the 4 like coupon policy sometime last year. You can only use 4 like coupons (manufacturer or Target) in a single transaction. She should have explained it to you better so you could find a different coupon or snag a different box for the 5th box. I don’t know if they will change it for you after the fact.

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