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*HOT* Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card (New Starbucks Rewards Program Members Only)

7:04 PM MST
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I am bumping this up for those of you who may have missed it this morning…

If you have yet to join the My Starbucks Rewards Program, now is your chance to do so and earn a FREE $5 Starbucks Gift Card in return! Through March 14, just head on over here to join the Rewards Program; and note that you will need to register a Starbucks Card in order to join. If you dont have a Starbucks Card, just head over to your local Starbucks and request one (keep in mind that a $5 minimum load is required). Or, you can opt to download the Starbucks mobile app, create an account and get a digital card. Once you have successfully joined the program, the $5 will be added to your registered Starbucks Card within 24 hours. Click here for more info about this offer which is only available to new rewards members.

Here are some other perks of the My Starbucks Rewards Program:
* A free drink or food on your birthday
* A Star every time you pay with your card. Once you reach Gold level, earn 12 Stars and you get a free drink or free food.
* Additional services if you download the mobile app – you can pay with your phone, check your balance, reload your card and more.
* Members-only offers and digital coupons.

(Thanks, Having Fun Saving and Freebie Finding Mom!)

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  • Bonnie says:

    Does anyone know if the card can then be transfered to a different account?

  • lily says:

    downloaded app and says server communication error

  • NL says:

    So nice that they are rewarding their current customers! Oh no wait they are not, I forgot customer service is out the window anymore. Lol

  • lj says:

    Ok I know I’m really behind the times, but I just tried to register for their rewards program. I have never created an acct with them. I know, because I’ve never had a starbucks card before now. It won’t let me register because it says that address is already on an acct. Huh? I thought it was maybe just an error and tried my mom’s email and got the same message. I KNOW my mom has never created an acct. She doesn’t have a computer and wouldn’t have the slightest clue how to even log into her email. (I created it and manage it for her, because I got tired of buying stuff online for her and then sifting through my emails for hers and mine:) Is it a yahoo thing? Has anyone else had problems trying to create an acct?

    • lj says:

      Ok, got it figured out. :) I just checked and it added 5.00 to my balance! So, if you already have an acct but never registered a card, it will work for you. Awesome!

      • Dee says:

        that did not work for me. I should have just created a different account under my husband’s name or something

        • lj says:

          Have you ever registered a card? For some reason, I had an acct but have never registered any cards. Also, it took an hour or two for my balance to show the 5.00. Wait awhile, and check your balance again.

        • Coral says:

          That’s exactly what I did, I had not used the card yet so I made a new account, unregistered it in out of my old account and registered it into my new one and it worked perfectly :)

      • Melanie says:

        Yes my $5 was added instantly as well! I had the $5 from registering my AT&T info a month or two ago so now I have $10. Awesome!

  • samara says:

    How great… I actually happen to have a gift card in my purse with a $0 balance on it. I kept telling myself to throw it away and never did… so now I was able to register it! Yippy

    • Dee says:

      ok, don’t make this mistake…I had an account but didn’t register my card with it. I added the card but didn’t get the $5. I should have just created a new account and added the card to that.

    • lj says:

      Did you already have an account? Did it say anything about the 5.00 being added to your card? Apparently, I have an acct, but never registered any starbucks cards. Just wondering if it said anything about it being loaded to your card.

    • susan says:

      I have one too w/a little bit of money on it (not enough to buy anything) was wondering if it would work, guess you ans my ques

    • CC says:

      I did for couple of mine too. :).

  • Casey says:

    Forget everyone who’s been in the program for years! Boo on you Starbucks!

  • Winnie says:

    Thank you!! I happen to have the gc I received from a while back and never registered it yet. Perfect! :)

  • Darcey says:

    I used my $5 card that I received for free when I purchased a bag of $10 coffee the other day. I just registered it and received another free $5!! Yeah for me!!

  • Emilie says:

    Do you have to load $5 onto the mobile card in order to recieve the $5 credit? Thanks!

  • Amber L. says:

    Yay!!! I got it and found out that the card I thought was empty still had enough on it for a latte!

  • Janey says:

    It’s a tactic to get NEW members addicted to Starbucks. I’m pretty sure the purpose of the card is to reward current members already??? Anyway – signed up via the mobile app. Will see how long it takes to load my $5 :)

  • ewillgohs says:

    You don’t have to load anything onto the digital card. My $5 came within an hour.

  • Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I used my $5 gift card from Disney Movie Rewards (courtesy of Hip2Save!) and registered the Starbucks Rewards. It took only 10 mins to reflect the additional $5 credit! Yay!

  • Suzanne H says:

    Used my $5 gift card from Disney Rewards (or one of the diaper rewards programs) deal a couple months back. Got the extra $5 instantly. I was already signed up but I signed my hubby up. Our birthdays are 1.5 weeks apart so maybe we can have a (free) coffee date! LOL

  • Jamie says:

    I just registered my card for the free blonde roast! now have 7.60 on the card!

  • Brandy says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I don’t even like coffee…but they serve food! I had a $5 giftcard from some giveaway that has been in my wallet for-ev-er and I was just able to add $5 to it…can’t wait to get a free treat or two for my little man!

    • Andrea says:

      Idk how old he is but I have a 3 year old. I get him a kids vanilla steamer. It’s just warm vanilla milk with whipped cream on top. He gets a kick out of having his own coffee and best of all it’s only $1.60.

      • Paula says:

        My kiddos would love that! Thanks for the tip. I usually just get brownies there. Not a fan of their coffee but their treats are amazing!

  • julie says:

    Sweet!! Thanks, Collin! My extra $5 showed up right away!

  • Tonya says:

    I linked the card number they gave me a few weeks ago for a free blonde roast coffee onto the app. Now I have $7.60. Pretty cool! Thanks!

  • milly says:

    I registered for a card on my iphone and recieved my 5 dollars with in about 10 minutes! thanks for the tip!

  • Ad says:

    Worked for me, I used the mobile app after I made my account I locked my iPhone than opened it back up to check on hip2save but the Starbucks app was still open and there it was my $5 (:
    Took less than a minute.

  • Tina says:

    I have (2) Starbucks Giftcards and (1) Starbucks e-giftcard. For this offer do I register with one of the gift cards or is there a member card that I have to sign up for? Also do they just add $5 to the giftcards I have or do I get a separate giftcard? Any answers would be appreciated – it wasn’t clear to me from their signup page.

  • mariana viezcas says:

    Where i get the security code? I download the app on my phone but can’t see the security code only the card number!

    • Laura says:

      Look at the back of the card. Right next to the card # there is a shaded rectangle. Scratch off & there is the code.

      • Pay Attention says:

        It’s a mobile app card there’s nothing to scratch, Laura! Geeez, read it correctly.

        • Why Are You So Rude? says:

          The mobile app can be used with physical cards, she didn’t say she was looking for the code for a digital gift card. Take your own advice, “Pay Attention,” and don’t make assumptions when attacking someone.

  • PAMELA says:

    Target Starbucks Stores: FREE Pastry with ANY Grande or Venti Espresso Beverage (Thru 3/3)

  • txhrc4 says:

    Stinkage! Why do they do stuff like this AFTER I had already joined two weeks ago.

  • Laura says:

    I was just in Starbucks & cashier told me if I register the card I will get $5. I asked about doesn’t it has to be a new member and he said no. I’m not a new member. Did anyone try adding another card to their account & did you get $5?

  • Jessika says:

    Thank you =)

  • Tanya says:

    I had an empty card laying around, I signed my husband up, and instantly the $5 was there. I’m sure if I wanted to I could now unregister the card, delete it, then go add the card to my current account, but I won’t because that’s kind of cheating and this way the hubs gets a free drink on his birthday. We usually just use one account so the rewards add up faster.

  • Stacey McB says:

    Got mine thanks!

  • Crystal D says:

    Thanks! Hubby and I both downloaded app on our phone and scored the $5. Perfect timing for our honeymoon next week :)

  • rose says:

    It wouldn’t let me register under my regular e-mail address so I used one of my other ones. I added it to the $10.00 card I received from a previous deal that you posted. Thanks for the heads up. I do love my Starbucks!

  • E says:

    I had just registered a card a few days ago. Oh well.

    I found another empty card today and registered that and got the $5 within a few minutes.

  • wendy says:

    I don’t really understand the concept. In order to use it, do we put money into the card, or can we use it even with $0 balance?

    • Tanya says:

      Well in order to get the $5 you can register an empty card, and then once it loads the $5 you can use it the once and I think that will get you a free drink on your next birthday. However, if you want to keep earning rewards, you have to keep loading the card with money and then using that to purchase your drinks. My husband and I use one card; one of us has the physical card, the other uses the virtual card on the smart phone app. When we go in to starbucks, we just have them load whatever we are going to use in that order on to the giftcard, then buy our drinks with that. Each time you pay with the giftcard you get a star (one star of a whole order, not per drink), and then after 12 drinks you get one free. This free drink is automatically loaded on to the card and you just tell them when you want to use it.

      We also get freebies through out the year because we use our giftcard for rewards.

  • wendy says:

    Can we use the card even with a $0 balance, or does the card have to have money and we need to continually put money in to use it?

  • Nicolas says:

    Vote for your favourite Starbucks Drink and get 100$ FREE Starbucks GIFT CARD!

  • M says:

    I made one for myself, and my daughter also made one. I’d like to transfer my card over to her’s since she likes Starbucks more than I do and often buys it during finals week to help her stay up to study. I want to add my card to her’s so she can use mine, but I’m not sure if the card will still work. Has anybody tried adding the card under the option it belongs to someone else? Was the person still able to use your card, or were you only able to reload it?

    • kate says:

      i would just keep it registered to your account… you get free birthday drink, and still get the stars/rewards, just on separate accounts… can use both accounts/cards to earn free drinks..

    • Emily says:

      This is so easy to do! You can keep your card registered, but still send her the balance. Go to “egifts”, enter your daughter information, select $5 and them in the payment info, select “my card”. Then it will take the $5 you got, and send it to her, without “giving” her your card. Then you will have an empty card but you can still get the free b-day drink and the rewards and all.

  • LikesFreeStuff says:

    i signed up with the app and still havent received my $5 its been about 12 hours. anyone else having this issue?

  • Anne says:

    I registered my card the day before yesterday and I still have not received my free $5.00!

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