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Best Buy: Die Hard Blu-ray Movies on Sale for $9.99 (+ Include $10 Movie Ticket Voucher!)

10:54 AM MST
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Calling all Die Hard fans! Check out the email I received from reader, Diana, Regarding a fantastic Best Buy sale and promo running through March 9th:

Hey Collin and team! I was just out shopping and stopped by Best Buy with my $15 in rewards certificates that I’ve already accumulated from the daily polls (thank you). I happened to notice that a bunch of their Blu-ray discs are on sale for $9.99 (reg $16.99). Some of the ones they had were the Die Hard movies (all 4 of the ones already out). I know $9.99 isn’t an amazing price normally but ALL of the Die Hard movies at my store had a sticker for $10 towards Hollywood movie money to see the new “A Good Day to Die Hard” movie.

Hubby and I were planning to see it anyway and we hadn’t ever purchased any of the originals but had wanted to so we picked up Live Free, Die Hard and Die Hard with a Vengeance and submitted our codes and already got our vouchers to go see the one currently in theaters!! Score! They are specifically and ONLY to see Die Hard and they expire on the 31st of March, but with the Best Buy rewards I used, we will only be paying $5 out-of-pocket for 2 Blu-ray movies and 2 adult admissions to the movies! I thought it was pretty “hip” and I’m looking forward to an inexpensive date night out with my man, and then another night in watchin’ our new movies!

So this is just another reason to become a Best Buy Reward Zone program member (it’s free to sign up!). By checking Hip2Save regularly and taking advantage of the polls and other point promos, you can easily earn enough points to score FREE Blu-ray movies and much more!

(Thanks, Diana!)

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  • Craig says:

    Yippie Ky Yay!!!!!!! Thanks so much.

  • Tia says:

    “I thought it was pretty “hip” and I’m looking forward to an inexpensive date night out with my man, and then another night in watchin’ our new movies!”……….I love that. Enjoy!

  • Dawn says:

    Please don’t laugh at this question…but how are bluerays different from dvds? We just got a new 3d capable tv and are considering buying a blueray player. Will it still play my old dvds? Are all bluerays 3d? I’m so embarrassed to ask this question but I am so confused. Both my husband and I are not exactly technology savvy! Lol! Thanks for any kind person who answers! :-)

    • Craig says:

      The blu-ray players are what are called backward compatible. Meaning YES they will play all your old dvds. They also upscale them to better then dvd quality. But as you will see for yourself, upscaled dvds still do not compare to the high quaility picture you get with a true blu-ray disc.
      Are blu-rays all 3d? no, only specially marked 3d blu-rays are 3d. And they are alot more money too. -Wait for sales if you must buy 3d versions.

      • Craig says:

        Also just using a wonderful thing called GOOGLE can answer more/all your questions. So can this site/link…

        This site is AWESOME for you movie buffs that wonder why some blu-rays look like crap and others shine!! It breaks it down for you with full explanations. From picture quality, to sound, to extra’s, etc! Its the “holy grail” of information on discs!!

  • Diana says:

    I’m famous!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

    • kp says:

      Haha, yes you are, thanks for sharing. Read this while waiting for husband at lowes which is right near BB so popped in and picked it up so thanks!!

  • Tilla Ham says:

    I want to go buy these, but just this morning, my daughter and i organized our 450 plus dvd’s and blu rays and our 50 plus video games, in alphabetical order in a new tv cabinet…we only left space for the new twilight movie, she will kill me if i go buy more and we have to adjust all the way back from D lol

  • Jack says:

    I’m on my second copy of this in five days…. The BD disc behaves as though it’s blank in both our PS3 and a desktop computer that plays every over BD disc we have. Waiting for new inventory to arrive at BB this Friday, but I think there’s a more fundamental problem.

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