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Skittles Sweeps: Win Coupons, Skittles and More (3,251 Winners!)

9:12 AM MST
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Through May 31st, head on over here to enter in the Rock, Paper, Skittles Sweepstakes for a chance to win coupons, packages of Skittles or even a Grand Prize of $50,000! WooHoo! Note that they will want you to open up your webcam to play the game. If you do NOT want to use your webcam, just simply click “Deny” on the popup (after you have filled out your information) and then go to “click here to select your flavor manually” and you will then be able to play the game without using a webcam.

*Keep in mind that you can play up to 12 times per day to increase your chances of winning!

Prize Details:

1 Grand Prize Winner:
Skittles-encrusted Rock, Paper, Skittles Championship belt and $50,000 (presented in the form of a check)

250 First Prize Winners:
1 package of Skittles Candies, 2 Skittles-branded sweatbands, and 1 plastic trophy

3,000 Second Prize Winners:
FREE Skittles coupon (up to $1.89!)


(Thanks, Free Stuff Times!)

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  • Ashley57 says:

    Is this not an instant win? They will just draw winners from the entries? Not sure, lol.

    • fran says:

      It’s not an instant win, Ashley. You can get up to 12 entries a day. I got 5 today.

      • Ashley57 says:

        Thanks Fran! I got 5 too. I actually like non-instant wins better. I feel like when I play every day, I am more likely to win when there is a drawing at the end.

        • fran says:

          YW! Really? I like instant wins better, I like that pop up that states that I’m a winner. LOL!
          I wonder what the odds are of instant wins over regular contests.
          Keep me updated when you win again and I’ll do the same! ;)
          BTW, do you do the SunMaid Movie Ticket contest? My hubby and I both won on that one. You can only win one time or I would still be doing it. If you don’t do it, you might want to! HAGD ;)

          • Elizabeth says:

            Instant wins are all at predetermined times. Your odds of winning are typically better at certain times of the day. Sweeps that determine all winners at the end are just from a random draw so it doesn’t matter what time of day you enter. I win a lot more instants than a friend of mine simply because of when I play the games.

            • fran says:

              Yeah, I know it’s random on instant wins, but you never know what’s the best time. I am going to have to try just after midnight to see if that works.
              What time do you enter instant wins, Elizabeth?

          • Ashley57 says:

            I won that one too :) Thanks. I just think my odds are better. Instead of having to enter at a specific time, if I have more drawings than the other guy, I am more likely to win. Ie – someone who plays once is more likely to win on an instant win than a drawing, I think.

  • Dorinne says:

    I can’t get the deny to work and let me do it without the webcam :(

  • melody says:

    i got 11 entries today…. i noticed everyone i played used purple or red …greeen beats that i stayed with green

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