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*HOT* High Value $2.50/1 Alexia Item Coupon

10:27 PM MST
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Wow! Hurry on over here to print a super high value $2.50/1 Alexia product coupon! Then, come back and let us know where you find a great deal, as this coupon should possibly make for a FREE item when paired with a sale!

On a side note, I highly recommend their sweet potato fries! Yum! :D

(Thanks, Suzy and Printable Coupons and Deals!)

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  • margaret says:

    it’s going to beep if you use the coupon at stores where their register systems have NOT updated to the new one that would accept the new dual-barcode system. same coupon would work just fine at target but not at my local safeway stores. so ladies, have confidence on these coupons. nothing wrong with them. it’s their POS syetem

    • lisa says:

      Is there a way to prove to them that they did not update their new barcode scanner for the coupons? i dont mind about getting the deal but honestly i am frustrated being accused that i am xeroxing coupons when i would never do such thing.

      • margaret in seattle says:

        i don’t know how to prove my theory. i went to safeway to get onion ring with the same coupon at safeway, beeped like crazy, but went to target the very same night, got the same thing, used the same coupon and it worked like charm at target. that’s how i came up with the conclusion.

    • im says:

      This coupon beeped at Bi-Lo the manager overrided the coupon as she had just came into the store

  • Malky says:

    I’ve noticed many times when I go shopping at cvs, target or rite aid their prices differ from the one’s listed here. Last time when there was a deal on these sweet potato fries, my target had them for a more expensive price. Do prices vary by store? or are they supposed to be universal?

    Another example is the Bounce Dryer Sheets, at my Target they were over $2.00 for the 34 count. Am I supposed to be price matching?

  • sandra says:

    Alexia products $3 each at Winn Dixie this week, plus you get a $1 off next Winn Dixie purchase coupon from catalina machine when you buy 2 alexia products, and 5cent off per gallon on fuel perks which makes this a mm if you have two computers and can print 2 of the cooupons. I did this deal, the coupon did beep but my cashiers entered it manually. :)

  • Ann says:

    Try the Chipotle sweet potato fries. Our favorite. Delicious!

  • Denise P. says:

    If you have a Market Basket Supermarket in your area.. They have these on sale for $2.50 each! I just got these for FREE !

  • Shanshan says:


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