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Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Earn Double Points (Today Only!)

11:06 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Calling all Kellogg’s Family Rewards members!  Today only, you can earn double points for St. Patricks’s Day! Just click here and log into your Kellogg’s Family Rewards Program account (or register for a new account) to enter your codes!

Also, in case you may have missed any of the codes I’ve previously posted, here is a list of codes that are currently available:

2013KFRBonusCode – 50 Points
– 50 Points

And, don’t forget that if you have at least 1,000 points in your account, for a limited time, you can hop on over here and log into your account to snag a Movie Ticket Cash Certificate (up to $12 value) for only 1,000 Points! This is a physical movie certificate which will be mailed to your home. Simply click the “Add to Cart” link and continue to checkout. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Terms: Movie Cash Certificates can be used for one free movie admission up to $12, to any film, at any participating theater in the U.S. If the admission price is more than $12, you must pay the difference in cash to the box office. If the admission price is less than $12, no change is provided. Certificate is valid through April 12, 2013.

* If you have not signed up yet, you are so missing out on high value coupons and great rewards! Here’s how it works – just purchase specially marked Kellogg’s Family Rewards products like cereal, crackers, and snacks (you can find a list of all the participating products and their point values here) and then enter the 16 digit code found inside the item to start racking up your points. Use your points to snag rewards like books, magazine subscriptions, toys and even high value coupons! So click here to create your account and print these high-value coupons while they’re available!

(Thanks, Katie and Ashley!)

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  • Alexandra says:

    I got the movie ticket!!!! Woooo! I keep missing the Huggies Amazon deal-always sold out by the time I get looking.

  • mel says:

    sweet!! I’ve been holding codes hoping for a doubles!

  • Diane says:

    Wow I decided to check all the codes you listed as well in my points history and I found 2 I had missed 30 extra points for me. Thank you for all you do.

  • K says:

    Ha, I just emailed you about this about 5 minutes ago. I just ran downstairs and grabbed all my Kellogg’s boxed to enter the codes. I normally wait until it’s empty.

    • Denise says:

      Can you tell me exactly where the codes are in the kellogg’s cereal boxes? I can not find them.. Thanks!

      • sandra says:

        They are inside the boxes themselves. They are printed on the brown cardboard part of the box on the inside. The exact location varies depending on the product. You may have to split the box open on some cereal boxes to see the code. The print is pretty faint. If you still can’t find the code, there may not be one. I’d estimate that about 1/3 of my boxes of eligible products have not had codes inside them. My guess is they are boxes printed before the start of the rewards program.

      • Tia says:

        My Apple Jacks codes were on the top of the inside (the bigger side of the box). They’re typed in black ink, kinda small but once you know where it is, you can find it pretty easily.

        • Ashley57 says:

          If the item has a code inside, it will say “Family Rewards” on the outside. If you do not see that logo, you don’t need to open the box. About half the things I buy have the code – as someone else said, I think the other boxes were printed before the promotion started.

          • Shayla says:

            When I had an issue with my coupon redemption from my codes, i asked the CS about the codes and how to tell whether a box has them. Like others said, there is a Family rewards logo usually on front corner of the box. The only nutrigrain bar box that had them are the blueberry kinds, which is the one kind my family will not eat =( I sort of vented my frustration that they do not have them on every product and she said she would submit my comments. Sounds like I am not the only one who noticed how little the products do have points =( and no, it’s not a case where they were printed after the fact, as the blueberry nutrigrain bars had an expiration date BEFORE all others.

  • lola says:

    thank you soooo much!!!

  • Amanda says:

    I keep trying to claim the free movie tickets. I have more than enough points but it is telling me I don’t have enough. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Tracy says:

    I entered about 15 this morning. All my Morningstar boxes are open in the freezer :)

  • Megann says:

    Has anyone had trouble trying to enter codes and they tell you the codes you entered are invalid? I have entered 4 codes now and had other people double check me and they keep coming up invalid. I am getting frustrated.

  • Robin says:

    Two more codes that worked for me:

  • Danielle McCoy says:

    I just entered a few codes and got the double points, woohoo! I ended up having just enough points to get THREE movie tickets!! I’m so excited, thanks for the heads up on this one. I got a great deal on a bunch of waffles a couple weeks ago at Giant, buying $20 and getting $10 off instant savings, so they were super cheap. I only wish I’d held on to more of my codes for today, I’d been entering them as we finished the boxes up.

  • Craig says:

    This is my very first time entering codes and unfortunately all the ones Collin listed did not double. Weird. The ones Robin posted did double. Oh well. Thanks for the points! Now just need another 625 more. lol

  • Amy Hoag Jahnke says:

    No points doubling for me at all :(

  • Shayla says:

    I just entered all my points from the new Pretzel Bites on Wed…bummer =( Besides, I have been throwing away points from Special K for months now. If anyone dumpster dives, maybe worth it from all the points I threw away – haha!

  • Kim B. says:

    Got two tickets thanks!

  • lavinia says:

    my did not double

  • says:

    Thanks for the codes, none of them doubled for me thought :(

  • Julie says:

    Thanks for the tip! I hadn’t noticed the movie cash.

  • Elise says:

    I had just over 1800 points from the free codes and FB game, just found the one and only cheez-it code that I had to push me over 2k w/the doubling, so I got 2 movie tickets, thanks to you!

  • Rebe says:

    My basement looks like someone dropped a bomb, but I found enough codes to get one reward and I am working my way for a 2nd one! :) Disappointed though to find so many boxes with no codes…

  • Sue says:

    Just an FYI~The codes Collin posted do not double, those are just for the value stated. The ‘double points’ are for any code you enter from the Kelloggs brand. Example: cereal box codes, waffle box codes, etc.

  • Shireen says:

    whats the difference between e-movie cash and regular movie cash- i only have an amc near by and amc does not seem to be in the movie cash list only in the e-movie cash list-any help..dont want to get a ticket and waste it

    • Jen Trimble says:

      dont go by the list. call your local theater. we have 4 theaters nearby, NONE of which are listed, but they all except the emovie cash. it gets put through just like a credit card.

  • jul says:

    terms say certificate good until april 12 – do we need to see a movie by april 12 or just redeem the certifcate for a specific theater?

  • Jen Trimble says:

    will these be shipped to us? im assuming they will be…but the ones i got from the kelloggs spiderman promo were all redeemed online. i never seem to get any confirmations or codes via email. i just redeemed from viggle this past week and had the email sent multiple times…never got it. i get emails from viggle all the time though! checked my spam and nothing!

  • Jen Trimble says:

    i have no idea how or why it happened but i just entered a code from a box of cereal…believe it should have netted me 200 points total, it gave me 500!? does anyone know is theres another special going on?!

    • Karen says:

      Toward the bottom of the list of bonus offers at is an offer that says: “We’ve missed you! Earn 50% more points on the next code you enter. Offer ends undefined.” So, when you entered in that 200-point code from your cereal, your points were doubled (St. Patrick’s Day promotion), plus you received an additional 100 points from the “we’ve missed you” bonus, which gets you to 500 total points. Hope that helps!

  • Cherie says:

    I don’t think the bonus points double, but the points listed in products do, my eggo waffle points doubled :)

  • E says:

    I would get it but April 12, 2013 is cutting it way too close. Wish there was no expiration date like with AMC certificates.

  • m edens says:

    When I go in to redeem my point’s (for coupon on cereal) and it tell’s me to click on link below, there is no where to click. What am I doing wrong?

  • robin says:

    I wish the darn things weren’t so HARD to read! They need to remember some of us are OLD! LOL!

  • Karen says:

    gee…one box of Oatmeal Poptarts got me 145 points!

    also be sure to check your emails from them. i had a 100 pt birthday bonus code waiting for me and cpns too…70 cents off of any Kelloggs, Keebler or CheezIt product.

  • CW says:

    Im new to this. Just signed up tonight. For the coupons (ex: spend 1,000 points for a $1.50 coupon) – do they mail it to you or is it an instant print from your computer coupon? Thanks.

    PS thanks to Collin and everyone posting codes. I got 3.520 points tonight!

  • Craig says:

    Oh darn!! I got a few boxes of cereal and pop tart boxes I emptied but kept for recycling @ my work. I wont get ahold of those til after this doubling. Waaaaaagh! lol Well! at least I didn’t recycle the boxes yet. Never knew about the points avail. til today. Woohoo.

  • Christa says:

    Got enough with this to take the older kids to the movies. Pretty excited. Wish they didn’t have a limit of 20/day though! I still have 18 boxes of cereal to put in, lol.

  • gabrie1a says:

    POO! I mean I thought maybe the points were doubling cuz I thought maybe theyd think that it was still st pattys day cuz it isnt 3am yet on teh east coast, which means its still st pattys day on the west coast, but I got a bonus 50pts, Im going to save all my rewards, I saved them all for a day like this but… I guess Ill wait for another time, I did get a free movie tickets thing though, use by april 12th it said !

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