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New Rewards for Stouffer’s Dinner Club Members: $5 Target or $5 Walmart e-Gift Card Only 600 Points

6:39 AM MST
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Are you signed up for the Stouffer’s Dinner Club?! If not, now is the time to sign up as the Stouffer’s Dinner Club is offering up several new rewards for its members – a $5 Walmart e-Gift Card for 600 points and a $5 Target e-Gift Card for 600 points. If you have enough points to snag one of these rewards, the e-Gift Card which is valid both in-store or online will be sent to your e-mail address within 24 hours after redemption (limit one per member, per month). Awesome! :D

If you’re new to the Stouffer’s Dinner Club, just head here and complete the registration form. You’ll then be offered 2 Rewards Codes worth 20 points each. Plus, every specially-marked package of Stouffer’s single-serve meals has a unique 12-digit code worth 20 points! Each code may be used only once, and members may enter up to 10 codes per day. You can also earn codes by taking surveys and polls each month.

(Thanks, Kimberly!)

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  • Sara says:

    And don’t forget to check your monthly coupon offer – sometimes you can get $1/1 Stouffer entree!

  • Kristen says:

    Close, but not close enough! ;) 548 points … I just bought some Stouffer’s with the deal they’re running at Target so maybe I’ll have enough when I get home if the reward is still available. A $5 gift card is preferable to me than a free Stouffer’s entree ;)

  • allison a says:

    I had 650 pts and really hadn’t wanted anything. A Target e-card rocks!

  • Lory says:

    Wow!! So cool Collin, thanks! We get these a lot & never knew they had a program like this!! Whoo-hoo, going to sigh up!!! :)

  • jhnicole says:

    Thanks for all the info .wish i would have signed up sooner.

  • Kristie says:

    Thanks! I think I have enough points.

  • rosana says:

    oh no i only have 200, oh well

  • Lisa W says:

    Yay I had 635 points! Last time I wasted 2,000 points on the movie ticket offer that I never got to use because there wasn’t a participating theatre near me so I am thankful that I actually got to use points on something good!

    • Jeanette S says:

      Before I waste 2000 points, do you remember what theaters are participating? I don’t want to end up wasting 2000 points…

    • Phil says:

      What movie theaters are the movie tickets valid for that you get from the stouffers dinner rewards club for 2000 points? I’ve almost racked up 2000 points for these tickets (1,860 points) but don’t want to get them if I won’t be able to use them. The fact that there are only 35,000 theaters nation wide to choose from does sound like the tickets are not valid for Regal Cinemas. If someone knows exactly which movie chain they are valid for please let me know. It’s a shame that they don’t list this information on the website some place.

  • Kat says:

    I wish you got points for the family sized meals. I never buy the single serve ones.

    • Ashley57 says:

      Me too. I buy the family size ones often. I have 430 points right now, so at least I have something good to save for!

  • Renee says:

    I had been saving these points for something else but this is even better. I had 2 codes to enter which brought me up to 600 EXACTLY! I picked the Walmart card because even though I rarely shop there, I can add this to the e-giftcards I earn from Swagbucks and purchase other retailer giftcards from Better yet- Walmart has free shipping on giftcard orders.

  • abc says:

    taking a chance here……in order to take the monthly surveys,etc to earn points the site says a code has to be entered first to get started which is what i don’t have because i don’t ever buy their pre-packaged frozen meals
    soooo…..if by chance someone out there in hipland has a code to get me started that would be must appreciated

  • pay forward says:

    Free code PP3YGNNKCYGG (double checking typing PP3YGNNKCYGG)
    from my stouffer’s lunch box. First person to use it let others know (valid once).

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