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BabiesRUs: *HOT* Deal on BabiesRUs Brand Diapers and Wipes (In Store Only)

12:54 PM MST
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Wowza! If you’re in need of diapers/wipes, check out this email and smokin’ *HOT* deal I received from reader, Christi:

Right now, my BabiesRUs store has the special value pack of BabiesRUs brand diapers for $10 each. Also, when you buy the box of BabiesRUs wipes (the 432 count are $9.99 each) AND value box of the diapers 72 count or larger, they take $10 off instantly. So that makes both the box of diapers and box of wipes for a total of $10; plus when you use your V.I.B. card, you get 10% back, making them both $9 after savings.  

Also in the boxes are $50 worth of coupons, which include a $6 off BabiesRUs brand box of diapers and $2 off BabiesRUs brand box of wipes! CAN I SAY WOW!!!!

If your store also has these diapers and wipes priced at $10, check out these *HOT* scenarios you can snag…

Buy 1 box of BabiesRUs wipes 432 count $9.99 each
Buy 1 box of the BabiesRUs diapers 72 count+ $10
Total = $19.99
Minus $10 instant savings off for buying both
Final cost $9.99 for both!
*Plus, when you use your V.I.B. card, you’ll get 10% back!

Transaction #2:
Buy 1 box of BabiesRUs wipes 432 count $9.99 each
Buy 1 box of the BabiesRUs diapers 72 count+ $10
Total = $19.99
Minus $10 instant savings off for buying both
Plus, use the $6 off BabiesRUs diapers coupon found inside the box
Plus, use the $2 off BabiesRUs wipes coupon found inside the box
Final cost as low as $1.99 for both!
*Plus, when you use your V.I.B. card, you’ll get 10% back!

What a smokin’ *HOT* price! :D 

*NOTE – Keep in mind that these diapers may not be on sale for only $10 at your store, so be sure to call your local store before heading over there. Also, please note that I called my local store here in Boise, ID and the diapers were in fact priced at only $10! WooHoo!

(Thanks for the heads up on this sale, Christi!)

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  • Emily says:

    One of the coupons in the box is for a FREE Babies R Us bottle! No purchase necessary. Either a 5 or 9 oz bottle up to 5.99 in value.

    So if you buy 3 of these deals, first without coupons and then 2 more with – you spend about 15 and walk out the door with 3 boxes of diapers, 3 boxes of wipes, all of the other coupons and 3 free bottles work $18!

    I bet they make great diaper cake diapers too!

  • kylie says:

    thanks for posting this. i was able to do the deal today (3/27) at the park and preston store in dallas. i had to ask an associate for the diapers and he found them in the back. i did 4 boxes of size 4 diapers and 4 boxes of wipes. i also did 20 of the BRU squeeze food pouches and i’m sure i’ll go back for some more later. thanks again!

  • jessica says:

    this deal does not work. they will not do the “save $10 instantly” along with the coupons. I just spent 45 minutes in there and left empty handed because the manager would not accept my coupons.

  • Felicia says:

    Falls church va. Toys r us manually overrided and took the $10 off and used the $6 coupon but wouldn’t use the $2 wipe coupon since they said I got it for free. Babies r us did not have the smaller 72 boxes but had Jean diapers on clearance for 10.50 and let me use a $6 coupon and overrided the $10 for wipes. The sign says “any” bru diapers over 72 count which is why they overrided. Good luck

  • Jen M says:

    I just left Babies R’ Us and they would not allow me to do this deal. They said the VALUE box of diapers are not included in the deal. I told them that their ad does not claim any exclusions. They wouldn’t budge. I had already opened the box to get the coupons, so I just used it on my transaction. I ended up getting 84 diapers and 400 plus wipes for $13 after tax so that’s still a great deal, just not as great as what I wanted! Glad some others were able to do this deal, though!

  • Jeff Walker says:

    I was not able to use the two coupons that where in the box, because they not be used o n any other offers.. I was not happy, so I just bought one box of each…

  • Daisy Ann Galvan says:

    I tried the deal here in miamiburg , oh and they said I couldnt use this deal because it had special saving value boxs. Which couldn’t understand when the ad did say any box of value pack over 72 ct which they were so I called the sales dept and complain saying they were misleading

  • Anna says:

    I did this deal twice. I got the VIB card as well. My first purchase I got diapers and wipes OOP $10 and the second purchase I got diapers and wipes and used the $6 coupon off and OOP $4. I got $1.40 in VIB rewards back. I did the deal at TRU, BRS did not have the $10 diapers. I am thrilled!

    • Anna says:

      I did not realize there was a coupon for free baby bottles. I am going to go back and get those items and donate to our local infant shelter along with a box of diapers and wipes.

  • Jeanne says:

    In Metairie, LA they had to override also. The sign was even hanging there. Let only let me do the deal once and took down the sign.

  • Tanzania says:

    I had no problem with the jean diaper on clearance getting the instant $10 off. I even used $6 diaper coupon and $2 wipes coupon. At one store they did override on $10 boxes. I’ve used these diapers on 6 kids. Thank U!!

  • Natalie says:

    Tried this deal on Wed. at my BRU store. They said they had the $10 boxes in the back and to watch for an upcoming sale. Here is what came in my email tonight… the BRU 2 Day ad. It explains why this isn’t as good as we hoped. “Cannot be combined with any other offer”. I’m guessing YMMV as we’ve seen in all of these comments. Good luck!

  • Elise says:

    If anyone is not going to use the water coupons out of the diaper boxes I would love to have them. Our water is not good quality so we have to use bottles water. Thanks
    hazel_nut1@hotmail (dot) com

  • Jannell says:

    Anyone know the item number for size 5 or 6? I am trying to find these in my area and have had no luck :(

  • Amy says:

    Hi my store still has the box of diapers for 10. My girlfriend said you only need one 6.00 coupon which applies to all the diapers you are buying in one transaction. Is that true? I’m sending my husband today.

  • Lucy says:

    When does this deal end?

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