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Ways to Score Inexpensive Pregnancy Tests

11:10 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

If you’re looking to score Pregnancy Tests or Strips on the cheap, head on over to Amazon to snag the Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips 25 ct for only $11.99 + FREE Shipping through Amazon Prime.  That makes each Test Strip Only $0.48, which seems like a bargain – and you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to snag this deal!

Also, check out the tip reader, Ashley, emailed about…

Thought I would share a great deal for those Mama’s and future Mama’s out there trying to conceive. My husband and I are working on baby #3 right now and as many people find Ovulation Test Strips and Pregnancy Tests are not a cheap item!

Recently, at Target I found the two packs of First Response tests for $8.99 with $1.00 Peelies on them along with a Peelie for Buy One Get One Free Rebate, making 4 tests for $7.99 and there are $1.00 coupons inside too. I like to use these “nicer” looking tests to show my husband when it’s POSITIVE! Couponing and finding the best deals on Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips may not seem like something that’s needed but every single dollar helps! I am blessed to be able to stay home with my amazing kiddos much in part due to Hip2Save’s deals and posts.

Check out the tip reader, Kim, emailed about previously…

I recently discovered that Dollar Tree sells pregnancy tests… for only $1!!! I was hesitant to believe that these tests would really work, so I did a Google and Youtube search and sure enough, they’re just as reliable as the MUCH more expensive name brand options. And I can vouch for the $1 test first-hand – I’m pregnant and got a positive read with the $1 test on the day before my missed period! Stop wasting your money on the expensive name brand pregnancy tests and head over to Dollar Tree! :)

Do you have any tips for saving on Pregnancy Tests?! Please share!

(Thanks, Ashley & Kim!)

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  • The Lady Fritzler says:

    Just a note to anyone who is looking to stock up but worried about expiration dates: positive is positive is positive. You could get a false negative, but if it comes up positive, even if it’s 3 years expired, you’re pregnant. Stock up and save!

  • Caro says:

    Sounds like most everyone that bought these has become pregnant. I think I’ll pass up this deal. LOL!

  • Tracy says:

    Bought the one at walmart for $0.88, after going to the ER and paying $2,000 for a pregnancy test. The $0.88 one just as good, wish I would have just stuck with cheap way and not went to the ER. Oh well, we are expecting a little boy in July!

    • Meg says:

      I’m no expert, but that seems Really high. I would look into this more before you pay! I’ve had pregnancy tests done at the doctor’s office, and they were nowhere near that. Of course, maybe you’re being charged for the ER visit and doctor’s exam?

  • Paula Mason says:

    The pregnancy tests at the Dollar Tree actually detect a much smaller amount of HCG in the urine than the more expensive brands. I am a nurse at a surgery center and we use them. There are charts online that compare the brands and give you the specific HCG amounts each one will detect. In other countries, such as the UK, the tests all detect much lower amounts of HCG than the ones in the US.

  • eaw02 says:

    I use the Dollar Tree / Dollar Store ones. If you don’t see them on the shelf, ask a cashier for them. They are guarded because in many places they are stolen : (
    But they definitely work.

  • Meg says:

    So, I can’t believe I’m writing this…..but in terms ovulation, there are very specific physical signs that are obvious once you know what to look for. We dealt with infertility for two years, and never had any luck with the tests, but got pregnant within two months of reading the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. The author’s last name is something like Weschler, and you can find it on Amazon. Maybe Colin can link to it. It was cheaper than One of those tests, and our baby was priceless. :)

    • lj says:

      Oh my! I can’t believe it! Yes, I LOVE this book. I used this book when I was trying to get pg with my second. It is definitely a must-read if you are trying to get pg. (But I did still use the ovulation tests. Those “physical signs” aren’t so obvious for me, but I might not be normal). :)

      • lj says:

        Also, they have a website with lots of forums that can be really helpful and encouraging to those who are wanting to become pregnant. Just google taking charge of your fertiltiy.

  • Jennifer says:

    You can also get ovulation and pregnancy test at Walmart for .88 which is better of course than paying a $1 at the dollar tree.

  • Sally says:

    I’m a nurse and can tell you that they work just the same as the pricey ones. SAVE your money and opt for the 88¢ kind found at Walmart or dollar store ones!

  • marilyn says:

    Oh yeah they work just fine. i found out i was prego 3x with these took 5 each time all positive within 1 min. :) love my babys!!

  • tracee says:

    I actually purchase a pregnancy test at dollar tree and yes they do work!!!! Last year May 2012, i decided to go buy one and test it out! not to find out, I WAS pregnant…went to my OB/GYN clinic, and found out i was expecting…Now i have a four month old son! yes, unexpensive stuff will work as much as expensive ones!!..

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