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*HOT* Babytime! by Episencial Starter Kit & $9 Baby Care Product Only $4 + Free Shipping

9:28 PM MST
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Wow! I have a *HOT* deal to share if you are interested in snagging natural baby skincare products on the cheap! Just head on over to the Babytime! by Episencial site and add this FREE Starter Pack to your cart, which includes 5 different products for you to try AND you’ll score an exclusive $5 off coupon code to use on your next order! Now add any other item you choose to your cart. Note that you will need to add another item in order for the coupon code I’m about to share to work. The lowest priced items are $9… choose from shampoo + body gel, bubble bath, or a product for face and lips!

Now head to checkout and use promo code HEALTHYBABYTIME which will take an additional $5 off your order AND score you FREE shipping! This means that you’ll pay just $4 shipped for the Starter Kit and $9 item. Sounds like a rockin’ deal to me for all natural baby care products! :D

These would be great items to throw in a baby shower gift basket!

(Thanks for passing along this promo code, Kim!)

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  • Steffers says:

    I just used the code and picked up the samples and gluten free sample pack for $7!! The code still works!

  • Van says:

    Just got mine!

  • Jennifer says:

    I was able to get it as well. Just placed the order. :)

  • Kelly says:

    It just worked for me too!! I picked up the sample pack and a 1oz bottle of the lotion priced at $4.99 all for free with the discount code HEALTHYBABYTIME!! Love free stuff, especially for my kids!!

  • jeanette says:

    It just worked for me too, I was able to get the sample pack and a body wash for $4.00. I was using safari and for some reason when I would click on the free starter pack link above it would say nothing found. I switched to chrome and it worked perfectly so for those having problems try using chrome, not safari.

  • Zosia says:

    Its 1.45 pm in FL and was able to get it. Yeah!!! Thank you

  • jessgrune says:

    It just worked for me, and then i got an email with another $5 coupon code! now i am going to order the bugspray i was looking at.

  • Shannon says:

    Still works, $0 spent with trial size lotion

  • amber says:

    HEALTHYBABYTIME no longer working for me

  • R says:

    I tried this morning and it was really fast, but then it never went through. When I logged on tonight is was “expired”, but I still tried it and I got the bubble bath and samples for $4. Thanks! The free samples deal is still on the website and the coupon code worked like a charm!

  • JessicaS. says:

    I did this, this morning and got an order confirmation number but never got an email…

  • Van says:

    Can’t get the code to work

  • Blair says:

    I just checked up on my order and it says canceled-I didn’t even get an e-mail or anything about this! Very dissapointed after spending so long getting through on their website. Like others I had ordered the $4.99 soothing lotion making my order free. The coupon went through fine and there was even a button that said “no payment necessary” in the payment info box, so I thought all would be ok. NEVER trying or buying from this company again, no regard to customer service.

    • Donna says:

      I received the following email on Friday 3/29:

      Dear Episencial Mama,

      Thank you for your interest in Episencial products. We had a lovely flurry of excitement this morning on our site and the Free Sample offer was sold out within only 2 hours! You may have noticed on the site that the offer was for ‘while supplies last’.

      That said, due to how much our mamas appreciated the offer, we will be bringing it back tomorrow after we have built out some more Free Sample kits… and you are welcome to try your code again then or at a later date. Please don’t forget that your promotional discount code is only good with the purchase of a regularly priced item and that you must be logged into our site to use the code. The code is good for a single use.

      We look forward to seeing you back on our site again soon!

      With love,
      Christina & The Episencial Team

      PS. Don’t worry, you won’t be added to our mailing list unless you specifically signed up to receive our news and promos. If you aren’t signed up and would like to be, visit this page:

      You might also like to know that we offer a free weekly giveaway (every single week!) on our site here:

      ***Did anyone else receive this email and does it mean my order was cancelled???

      • Abby says:

        I got the same email and am hoping its not cancelled! I just emailed them to ask since they have no where to look up the status of an order online. I’ll post here if I find out anything.

        • Abby says:

          Well here is the weird email I received from Episencial. I don’t know what to think now… I pretty sure it was not a hacked site! Good thing I didn’t put in my cc info!

          “Hello Abby,

          I am sorry, but this order was placed on a site that hacked our episencial site and codes and no orders from this hack will be processed. If you would like to order samples and products, please log onto


          • Donna says:

            Thanks Abby. I emailed them also on 3/30 and still have not gotten a response. The email you received does seem strange and doesn’t make sense with the email we received from Episenical. I’m really confused and still don’t know if I will be receiving my order or not-guess I’ll have to wait and see if anything gets delivered. Good Luck!

            • Reese says:

              I’m trying to figure out where my order is also. I have not received an email or anything. Luckily I paid by Paypal and I’ll file a claim because they have their money.

          • jeanie says:

            I called Monday 4/8 to see what was going on with my order and I was told by the CS rep their site was hacked into and that there were several orders being placed for free products. She asked when I placed my order and I told her the date and then she asked if I was part of that group and I told her I bought body wash and I paid $4 for it. I wasn’t trying to get something for nothing. She told me my order would be filled when they got more products in stock. I’m really disappointed and feel insulted by her comment about being part of a group that “hacked” into their system to get free merchandise.

  • Reese says:

    I actually received my order today! I am really shocked

  • Van says:

    This is the email I received

    Hello, I am very sorry, but we have canceled this order because you used a hacked code to purchase items from our website for free. We never authorized this hacked code and we received over 1000 orders for free product which has been very costly for our little company causing much chaos. If you would like to receive free samples, please go to and select free samples. All we ask is that you cover the shipping (which actually only covers half the shipping).

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