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Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Add 25 Bonus Points + Check Your Email for More Codes

3:28 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Calling all Kellogg’s Family Rewards members – there’s a new 25 point code you can enter! Click on the banner above (be sure to disable your pop up blocker) or go here and log into your Kellogg’s Family Rewards Program Account, then enter code EASTEREGGHUNTFUN to snag an additional 25 points!

And, be sure to be on the lookout for and email titled “Happy Easter! 50 FREE Points Inside”. In this email, there will be hidden Easter eggs for you to click on to possibly score an additional 25 points (on top of the 25-point code from above). I was only able to find one 25 point score so far, but my hunt is still on! ;)

If you have not signed up yet, you are so missing out on high value coupons and great rewards! Here’s how it works – just purchase specially marked Kellogg’s Family Rewards products like cereal, crackers, and snacks (you can find a list of all the participating products and their point values here) and then enter the 16 digit code found inside the item to start racking up your points. Use your points to snag rewards like books, magazine subscriptions, toys and even high value coupons! So click on the banner at the top of this post to create your account and print these high-value coupons while they’re available!

Also, in case you may have missed any of the codes I’ve previously posted, here is a list of codes that may be still available:


(Thanks, Fran, Family Savings and Jamie!)

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  • Donna H. says:

    I only found 25 points as well.

  • Rachel says:

    I’ve only found 25 points, and the code was EASTEREGGHUNT.

  • sandra says:

    The only points I was able to get were the 25 points from the code EASTEREGGHUNTFUN. There were no other points avaibable in my email :(

  • Miranda says:

    ALL Those codes worked for me! First I’ve heard about Kellogs rewards! All those gave me a total of 250! Yay! Thanks!

  • andrea ramsey says:

    My email said 50 bonus points but I only found 25 in the egg.The rest of the eggs did not have any codes in them.The code was EASTEREGGHUNTFUN

  • Miranda says:

    Is there a referral link to refer people for points at all? If so where do I find it! ;)

  • Diya says:

    Even I got the mail but got only 25 points and later figured out that the other 25 bonus points are only possible when you enter a code from Kelloggs frosted mini wheats or the Nutri grain.. Was a bummer :(

  • AJ says:

    They should have said 25 points NOT 50 points in the emails!

    Found 4 eggs but only one had the 25 points.

    I wonder if anybody got 50 points.

  • algal8 says:

    My email also had a banner that said to click to enter a code for 200 points. When I clicked on it, it took me to the site and the next time I enter a code between now and Apr 30, I am supposed to get a bonus 200 points. Hope that works! I think because I had yet to enter any codes, maybe that is why I got the offer? When I signed up, the site was acting up and the code entry was down, so I couldn’t enter codes. Unfortunately, I already entered all of the codes on the list so I couldn’t see if it worked today!

    • gohogsgoinar says:

      You will get the 200 bonus points when you enter a “real” code and not a bonus code. It will have to be one from a cereal box or pop tarts or whatever – not one that everyone can use. Hope this helps

  • Yolie says:

    25 pts as well. Thank you!

  • Holly S. says:

    This is unrelated, but if anybody got the $5 off coupon for JCP email and isn’t going to use it, can I have it please? My email is Thank you! I will let you know if I find any new Kelloggs points!

  • Shannon says:

    So excited! I’ve been saving Kellogs points for 1 year and finally got 700 points thanks to this post. My son picked the 2 charities to redeem our points so we get to plant a tree and send a breakfast to a child. Well worth it! Thanks Collin :)

  • rwild1 says:

    If you read farther, it looks like the bonus is on specially marked packages of eggos. Sort of misleading, but they always have so much stuff in their emails. It was fun finding the egg, though. And it was 25 points.

  • mel. says:

    I don’t think there’s a 2nd code Collin, b/c easteregghuntfun is the same code inside the Easter egg hunt email. My email also said I could get 50 addtnl bonus points for entering a code from smp of eggos and 25 bonus points for entering a code from Frosted Mini Wheats cereal or Nutri Grain fruit crunch granola bars.

  • janice says:

    only 1 code in my email.but I’ll take it!:)

  • Suzanne H says:

    Not to be an idiot, but where are the codes on Kellogg’s boxes? I’ve purchased several boxes of NutriGrain bars, cereals, etc. and have yet to find a code on or inside a box. Is it only specially marked boxes?

  • Mary says:

    Thanks for the reminder codes. I found that I forgotten to enter some and ended up with an additional 135 points.

  • Amanda says:

    Wow – thanks…never knew about this – I just stocked up on some Kelloggs cereal we had on sale. I looked at the back of the boxes and sure enough I saw that they were specially marked. Went out to the recycle bin and got out one of the boxes ..haha. Thank you so much!

  • adele says:

    Thanks for the extra codes!! Facebook, Poptart and Howitworks are still working!

  • Chantale says:

    GFKJ-WG5W-KBWY-X656 = 50 points = exp 6/30/2013

  • AnnD says:

    I have a specially marked box of Frosted Flakes and no sign of the code anywhere. What am I missing?

  • carolyne castillo says:

    1.- H3M9-HC4J-8K9Y-C95J
    2.- 35L7-H1FF-478F-7VJJ

    • Jennifer says:

      When I entered those codes I got an error message “The code entered is a duplicate. Please check your Point History to confirm your points have been credited to your account.” Checked account and I hadn’t used any of them. Anyone else having this problem?

  • PaulaMS says:




  • CheRee B says:

    They don’t let you share codes from the boxes, it’ll say duplicate if ONE person has already used it. The only “shareable” ones are the emailed to the masses ones…I bet when they know we share those, they’ll figure out how to send unique codes for that too! :)

  • PaulaMS says:


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