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Rare $1/1 Sara Lee Snacks Coupon

7:43 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Here’s a yummy new coupon for ya! Just head to to print this new $1/1 Sara Lee Snacks 10 oz or larger coupon! Use zip code 99218 if you don’t see it – first click here and change your zip code to 99218, then click back on this link and the coupon should show up already clipped.

Let us know if you come across an in-store sale on these snacks!

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  • Tilla Ham says:

    i was thinking “wow, i wish we had these here, i hate little debbie”..went to target and YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM tried the ones in the coupon picture and they are delicious

  • mb says:

    tos i just got back from walmart and yet again it was a bad experience so i came to vent hope u guys dont mind ok went to walmart got the starburst jelly beans only bc target was out but anyway i get a few things hes scanning q the starburst q said something crazy like q scanned … but wasnt takin it off besides the fact it was taking several seconds to take any q after it scanned so he calls a csm who said noone is allowed to override q anymore as of this week wth he checks the q and my items they match he says sorry we cant override even though u have the items again wth i saod um ok take them back ur company is only screwin themselves by doing this he said ya dunno how long it will last bc ppl r gettin mad well no crap we take the time to clip q make sure we are right on product size etc then they wont take it im going to email the company and let them know that ppl didnt use the q bc walmart wont take it while i wsa waitin i noticed that there was more bags sitting there to go back so apparently i wasnt the only one whew i feel better thanks all i love target the q doesnt scan they check item and q then take the q if ur right ugh so easy plus the 5 cents on bags and 5% who needs walmart and im from ar walmart here should b the best place to shop

  • angel says:

    I hate Walmart .The other day they gave me a hard time too. I took all the stuff and returned it. Good for me!

  • Daniel says:

    It’s around $2.28 at WinCo, and $2.50 at Fred Meyer.

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