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10:27 AM MST
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Wow! This fantastic deal is back again if you are a fan of Coach Bags! Through April 21st, at 10AM MST, head on over to the Coach Factory Outlet site and sign in or register for an account to score 50% off already reduced Coach handbags and more (valid for members only). No promo code is needed; the discounted price will be reflected at checkout. Keep in mind that shipping starts at $10. Or, spend at least $150 after the 50% discount to get FREE Shipping.

(Thanks, Amber!)

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  • amber says:

    more than welcome! i love this site!1

  • nh says:

    There are some great deals in this sale!

    If anyone needs an invite please send me an email at and I will email you an invite right away!! Thanks!

  • Jessica says:

    I am sorry but these bags are crap. Ive been a fan of coach forever but these coach outlet bags are just NOT the same. The quality is terrible and it shows. Sure they look okay when you get them but immdietely start falling apart. They droop, they discolor, the leather fades. Ive bought about 3 or 4 bags from the outlet and hated each one within a short while. They are what you call “disposible” coach bags. On the other hand I have Coach bags I bought at Macy’s ten years ago and they still look like new.

    • Shanshan says:

      Well, can not totally agree with you, as some models, especially the higher priced ones, are FP deletes (removed from full price store and then sold at coachfactory dot com) so they’re the best quality. Instead of getting only 25% off from Macy’s, why not buy a bag here for at least 50% off and save hundreds of dollars? If you’re going for cheaper/non-leather ones, they usually start at $60 so yeah quality might not be as high. Nothing wrong with buying cheaper one though. Most of the 13 bags I got lately are between $67- $100, and I love the variety of fabrics, trims and design! And when I take them out I don’t feel as stressed to get them dirty or even losing them.

    • Shanshan says:

      On CoachFactory dot come there’re mainly two types of bags, the “FP deletes” (bags that retired/transferred from full price stores/boutiques to be sold at discount on coachfactory dot come), and the “MFF” ones (made for factory online or outlet stores, that never hit the full price stores). The later might not be the same high quality as the former, but still good quality in general. As with anything else once in a while you might get a lemon! One usually would need to do some home work to be able to tell, or make an educated guess, which ones online are the FP deletes, which ones are the MFF ones. One easy tip: If you’ve being eyeing a certain color bag of a certain model, and it suddenly desappeared from the Coach dot com website, there’s a great chance it’ll show up on Coach Factory dot come at least 50% off. (And that’s when I scoop them up!) :)

  • Sandi says:

    Eek……I was about to purchase one as a gift for my sons teacher for year end because she has always wanted a Coach Purse and always admires mine when I see her but I didn’t buy any of mine at an outlet…mine were bought overseas when my hubby takes trips over there for military. So anymore thoughts on quality? Anyone else bought these purses from outlets?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip) says:

      Hi Sandi,
      No I haven’t ever purchased from Coach Factory Outlet before, but I’m sure it would make a great gift!?

    • thecharmingmermaid says:

      I also LOVE Coach! That said, the only very minor issue is that I have had Factory Outlet bags purchased both online and off where the leather straps start to have vinyl tear away from them almost immediately. It is not a huge issue for me personally since it is barely noticeable. I have not had any issues with drooping, leather fading or discoloration. All of my bags have lasted for years! I would not hesitate to purchase online or offline from Coach. Hope this helps!

      • thecharmingmermaid says:

        I should clarify – if there is a color vinyl on the leather strap (decorative) then it does tend to peel/tear away quite rapidly. I usually gently pull on it and it is barely noticeable. Hope this makes sense.

    • Sara says:

      Sandi, I’ve purchased several Coach bags & accessories from both direct Coach stores (and Macy’s, Von Maur, Nordstrom, etc…) and also from Coach Factory Outlet stores. I’ve only had 2 of the probably 15-16 from the outlets that weren’t as high in quality as I’d have liked. The issues were with straps and seams. That being said, you really can’t beat the price when you find the clearance ones and have a coupon, so if I find a really cute one at the outlets for under $75 I usually get it. I spend a bit more for basic & classic style Coach bags (like black ones that I know will get a TON of use) at the direct stores. So I guess all in all, I get the best of both worlds :)

    • Kristen says:

      I have several from coach store and from the outlet and haven’t noticed a difference with the outlet ones.

  • 3lilmunchkins says:

    I COMPLETELY agree with Jessica. Not good quality at all – completely disappointed in any of the bags I’ve ordered but my Macy’s bags I LOVE!

    • Shanshan says:

      Some are EXACTLY the same as the one you get from Macy’s, but at 50% off! Pls read the comment I left above for Jessica.

  • Savedbycoupons says:

    They have these sales about every other day. If you log in and they state there is not a sale at this moment, check back the next day.

  • Sandi says:

    Colin: have you ever bought from an outlet? and if so what are your thoughts on quality? I don’t want to be embarrassed by purchasing this AWESOME BEST TEACHER EVER and then find out her purse fell apart….would be so sad:(

    • Eve says:

      Every coach bag I have is from the outlet. My oldest ones are almost six years old and fine.

      My most recent is a daisy liquid gloss tote. Love it.

  • Bobby says:

    Coach bags are crap regardless of where you buy them! I got one yrs ago while in high school from the now defunct Woodward & Lothrop and the buckle closure broke within 2 days of purchase. I returned it & go my money back! They are nothing but over price Nine West bags!

    • Sandi says:

      Sorry for your experience:( but I have several Coach Purses as does my daughter and ours have been wonderful! Some of them we have had for years and they still look great with no discoloration or fraying etc. But as I said before ours were all purchased overseas so I don’t know if that makes a difference.

  • Lovingsales says:

    Was about to make a $200 purchase.. but after reading the comments it made me think twice :/ thanks all for your honest opinion! :)

  • E says:

    my sis loves coach and has never had an issues with her bags. I have a small messenger bag for years that hasn’t fallen apart.

    I decided to get a passport cover as a gift. came out to 32.xx

  • ashley says:

    I have two factory outlet bags, and I think they are wonderful, and very good quality. No complaints here!

  • Bebu says:

    if a bag is showing 50% off and price is $114 then at checkout the price shown is also $114.. when it would give additional discount

  • jc says:

    Do Coach bags go out of style? I have a wonderful bag I bought in college but don’t use it anymore.

  • Mindy says:

    I was going to buy one of the outlet bags a couple of months ago, but my husband was apprehensive about it being an outlet bag. I ended up getting a real coach bag a few weeks later with a 25% off coupon they had on Facebook. So I ended up paying a little bit more for the real thing and I LOVE it! I get so many compliments on it. And Coach’s customer service is AWESOME!

  • Katie says:

    I have purchased a few coach factory bags and have never had any issues with any of them. They all still look brand new after a few years of use. Maybe certain materials don’t hold up as well? The one’s I have purchased have been the signature c’s in the tan/brown and all leather.

  • Amy S says:

    Sorry but you don’t get an additional 50% off during checkout! The prices listed is what you pay. You need to clarify that and not put an emphasise the Additional 50% off during checkout!!!

  • Cindy says:

    They post this deal every other day nowadays….

  • Kristine says:

    I used to work for Coach in 2007-2008 and when our bags did not sell at the Coach stores, we would send them to the distributor in Jacksonville. They would re-tag them with new prices and distribute them to the outlet stores across the country to be sold at a lower price point. The bags at the regular stores and department stores are not any different from the ones at the outlet stores.

    It might depend on the materials you’re purchasing. It shouldn’t happen but I’m sure it matters. The all-leather handbags seem to be very sturdy. If you ever have problems with a bag, definitely contact the outlet store or corporate directly.

  • Maggie says:

    I guess I’ll use my minicci purse from Payless Shoe Store, after reading this.

  • Stephanie says:

    I have bought coach from the factory stores as well as the retail ones. I have had great luck with all of them (lasting many years) and the quality is pretty much the same, especially if you stay with the traditional styles.

  • savannah says:

    the issue isnt with factory v retail, it’s really about coach itself. Way back in the day, before everything became disposable, coach made outrageously well made bags with warranties -and we’d actually save up for them, not treat them like status items we needed to flaunt in a new version each year….I fell in love with the hamptons collection many years ago and purchased bags from the Chestnut Hill Store – the handles frayed and split almost immediately. I returned it – same thing. Bottom line is Coach moved into the new, disposable, logo driven market where things are’t made that well simply because the consumer does’t want to keep their bags for that long….Coach changed their business model to keep up with the new consumer and they’ve done well but their product also changed and is no longer a well made investment piece. I have my briefcase from 1987 – it’s sturdy as can be and barely faded.

  • Jade says:

    I purchased a beige leather satchel w/gold trim over 8 years ago at a factory outlet & it is still in great condition. I still get compliments on it. I’ve even purchased a leather jacket that’s real soft, unique has great silver hardware & in excellent condition. The questionable jean purse was from eBay, but that was about $60.

  • Rachel says:

    If anyone needs a invite, let me know! crashlehcar84 at hotmail dot com
    Also, if you haven’t joined Ibotta, please use my referal link!

  • Sandi says:

    okay for those out there who have some knowledge could you please advise me if the 2 following bags are good buys and will stand up to the test of time? and Thank you for any imput:)

    • thecharmingmermaid says:

      Hi Sandi, I own many Coach bags and I can’t imagine that you should have any issue with the Ashley bag. You may encounter slight trim fraying in the Peyton. Also, you may need to gently clean the canvas on those bags from time to time. (True of any canvas/cloth purse). Hope this helps! :)

    • Shara says:

      I have a satchel bag like that in a different color. Have had it for over 2 years, with about 1 year of being the only bag I have used, and it is still in almost perfect condition. I have a larger one like the second bag you posted, and it is good, too, I just don’t carry it as often. All of my Coach bags have been really great quality.

  • Wendy says:

    just adding my two cents… All the ladies where I work are into Coach bags. Personally I never found them very appealing — the over C’s all over them were a little much for me — displaying the brand of your bag so obviously. I got invited by a coworker to join the factory site and I realized there were several all-leather (not covered in C’s fabric) bags that were pretty cute. Eventually I saw a pewter colored Madison Annabelle bag that I loved and purchased for about $180, retail $298. The experts at work told me that this is a real retail store bag, not a MFF bag (which I didn’t even know about the difference prior to purchase). They said it was easy to tell because the Coach logo has the little horse and buggy on it and the MFF do not. The quality is absolutely impeccable and I actually ordered a purse for my mom for Mother’s day (early) and she is obsessed with it — I believe it is a MFF bag and it is GORGEOUS (one of the laser cut designs).

  • thecents2save says:

    For anyone interested, the only way to tell a Made-For-Factory bag from a Full-Price Retail bag is to actually look at the creed (the leather patch) inside the bag itself.

    On the bottom of the creed it will have a series of numbers and letters such as “No: L0973-F14663”.

    If the bag is a Made-For-Factory, it will have an F in the spot just to the right of the hyphen: “No:XXXXX-FXXXX”.

    Here is more information on the creeds and what the other numbers and letters mean:

    Here is a great explanation of MFF and FP bags:

  • Sandi says:

    Well I took the plunge and purchased the following bag for my son’s teacher…lets hope it is quality and will stand the test of time…praying….

    • Sue says:

      Sandi~I am sure your son’s teacher will cry over her gift! I am a teacher and I feel you are giving from the heart and picking up on her ‘taste’ and you are SOOOO generous! :)

  • Leanne says:

    I’ve bought plenty of purses & wallets from both the outlet stores & online and LOVE my purses. I have 2 that are almost 4 years old and still look brand new. I stopped “babying” them and they have all really withstood the test of time. Honestly when you are paying a fraction of the full price if you get 4-5 years out of them, isn’t that just as good as picking up a cheaper purse at Kohl’s? I paid $180.00 for a new purse and wallet a couple of months ago and was in Kohl’s the other day and noticed the prices and even with the sale would have been about half of what I paid and probably wouldn’t last as long. If you like Coach bags I’d say go for it! Like other poster’s have said quality has changed, yes – maybe, however so have the prices. =)

  • jenny says:

    If you or anyone else needs an invite please email me at . I’ll also send you invaluable tips on how to get the deals.

    However please understand although I will initiate the invite right away, it might take Coach a few, up to 24 hours to forward that invite to you. But don’t worry since the sales is frequent, plus the best deals of the current sale have been picked over anyway.

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