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Conscious Box: Gluten-Free, Vegan, or Classic Sample Box Only $7.95 Shipped (Reg. $19.95!)

1:37 PM MST
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Yay! If you’re looking for a box filled with gluten-free, vegan, or other name-brand samples, here’s a *HOT* deal you can score! Today only, hurry on over to the Conscious Box site where you can currently score a Classic, Vegan, or Gluten-Free box for only $7.95 shipped to your door ($19.95 value!). Just enter the promo code EARTHDAYFREE at checkout and you’ll be able to save $12 on your first box (note that this code is not valid on gift subscriptions and only works on the monthly subscription option).

To take advantage of this Earth Day offer, head over here, select the monthly subscription option, and then head to check out and enter the code EARTHDAYFREE (expires 4/22). Note that since you are placing an order after the 6th of April, your first Conscious Box will not arrive until the middle of May (likely around May 15th).

On a side note, I just discovered Conscious Box last month and have been nothing but impressed by their customer service. This small company has worked really hard to create a monthly box packed with personal care, grocery and household products that are healthy and sometimes even vegetarian and vegan friendly (in fact, they even offer a 100% Vegan Conscious Box!).

Fine Print: Any promotional subscription cannot be cancelled until AFTER the first box has been shipped. In the event that you’d like to cancel, just contact Conscious Box and they can stop all future shipments (extended subscriptions excluded).

(Thanks, Must Love Coupons and Flora!)

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  • tina says:

    Doesn’t work on 3 mth sub.

  • Mandi says:

    I still have not received the box I ordered a few months back. Have tried to reach out to the company but not getting any response. :( I would not recommend this box at all. Poor customer service.

  • Lisa says:

    I recently got the gift box I ordered a while ago for $3, and I’m glad I didn’t pay more…there were a lot of samples in it, but half of them were very obscure and not something I would use. The presentation was impressive, but certainly not worth $20.

  • Barb says:

    I wasn’t very impressed with my box i received.

  • Jenny says:

    Horrible HORRIBLE customer service!!! They really need to get it together. I cancelled my subscription in November. Then after I “CANCELLED” they started sending me TWO boxes at a time and charging my card $40/month! Only this month did they finally fix it! Talk about a lot of charge backs and waiting for my refunds to my card!! Very disappointed!

    • shelaghc says:

      You could have just contacted your credit card company and reported the incident.

      That would have stopped things pretty quickly.

    • Conscious Box says:

      Hey Jenny! We’re so sorry about the poor experience :/ If you cancelled your box through PayPal, you wouldn’t have been charged. If you emailed us requesting us to process your cancellation, you would have needed to confirm the email address associated with the account. We certainly hope you decide to give us a shot again sometime soon!

  • Devon says:

    They are also offering a 3 month subscription on today for $35 and if you still have the $15 gift card they sent out from before the website startup, it’s only, like, $20.50 for three boxes. I’m crossing my fingers for a good experience with this company! :)

  • shelaghc says:

    I liked the box I received from before, but was sort of glad I didn’t pay more for it.
    They sent two items that were geared towards someone with an infant. After asking if there was another use on their FB page, their only response was “I’m sure you’ll find a use for it!”

    I respect what they’re trying to do, but they need better customer service.

  • Katherine L. says:

    I agree their customer service is severely lacking! I ordered the $1.95 deal and never received my box. After emailing and calling several times over the last month. Someone finally contacted me saying I would receive an email with a link on Friday so my box would ship out. I still haven’t received the link as of today so I’m not sure when I’ll get the actual box. It’s only $1.95 so I’m not too upset, but if I paid full price, I’d definitely be peeved with the customer service.

    • Conscious Box says:

      Hey Katherine! It’s best to open a ticket if you’re trying to reach customer service. If you emailed, you should have received an email notification letting you know about the new system. We’re very sorry for the miscommunication!

  • Tasha says:

    I am so upset with this company. I ordered the GF box and it was filled with infant things – I have no children. I contacted CS to say I wanted to cancel and they said wait until next month because they will be sending a great box. I wrote back saying I still wanted to cancel and they will not return my e-mails.

    • Conscious Box says:

      Hey Tasha! You should allow at least 1-2 business days for a reply :) Also, please be sure you aren’t replying to the notification email! You’ll need to log in and reply to your tickets through your account!

  • Sarah Supercouper (@SarahSupercoupe) says:

    So appreciate everyone’s input! Thanks Hip2Savers. I prob would have ordered a GF box but do NOT want the drama; sounds like you saved my butt!

  • sadie says:

    I ordered this box on the 4\10 and says status says complete what dose that never got my box…

  • Julia Clement Genatossio says:

    I hate to say this- but …this company needs to get someone in charge who makes sure that the orders that come in, go out. Just because a label is printed-does not mean it makes it to the mail room!

    I have two non-delivered packages from them now. I complained after the first one did not make it to my daughter’s college and so someone human in their office made a point to ship us a box to my home-that one came. I liked it very much and thought, this is a great idea!

    However, this nonsense about needing to claim something-that I read from above complaints-what? You send a confirmation via email that my box shipped, with a USPS number, I check the number and find that your staff prints the label, but never brings the box to the post office-there is no scan of entry-so-you see, Conscious Box, someone needs to ask some questions among your staff. Where do the boxes that had labels printed go? Good luck Conscious Box, it is a great idea but sometimes, you need to hire people in their 40’s and 50’s with boots on the ground administrative experience to help you develop good infrastructure and the knowledge of how to develop a checking system. I say this as a person in their 50’s with an online business.
    Someone is not sending out your packages. You are paying for the postage though.

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