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Kmart: 90% Off Easter Clearance = $0.99 Disney Easter Baskets, $0.13 Easter Grass + More

1:46 PM MST
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If you’re looking to stock up on inexpensive Easter goodies for next year, you may want to swing by your local Kmart store. Reader Adam let me know that Kmart has reduced their Easter items up to 90% off, making for some sweet deals!

You may be able to find select Disney baskets for only $0.99, 6-10ct packages of plastic eggs for only $0.09-$0.28, wooden decor for only $0.59, Easter grass for $0.13, and more! Remember, now is a great time to stock up on items for next year – and at rock bottom prices!

*Come back and let us know what goodies you score!

(Thanks, Adam!)

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  • Lynn says:

    Random question: What do people do with all of those plastic empty eggs? I always accumulate so many and hate throwing them in the trash. Right now they just sit in a plastic bag on my floor. :(

    • Cindy says:

      Reuse them! Store them away in a closet or something and take them out for future use. You save money that way too since you won’t have to keep purchasing them!

    • Emily says:

      They put them in the attic and save them for the next year. We also save our Easter grass. I know it is a dollar, but it sits in the basket for an hour. We always took it out right away and kept just our candy in the baskets. Mom would put the grass in a gallon sized ziploc and use it again next year. I think she liked that we did that b/c we never had stray grass lying around the house a week or more after Easter when we’re still eating candy that’s in the basket. If you have too many eggs, contact a church or business that hosts and egg hunt and ask if you can drop off your extras for their next hunt. They’ll be thrilled. At our church, the rule is – empty the eggs before you leave and give the eggs back to the organizers. I think my niece/nephew are hunting eggs that I hunted as a kid b/c they’ve reused them so many times.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s funny to me, we don’t use the grass but our easter bunny actually came up to pick up easter baskets this year so he can use them again next year!

        • sandra says:

          We believe in reusing things in general, so we leave out our empty Easter baskets every year (just like Christmas stockings) so the bunny can reuse them. We wrote a note the first year to explain to the bunny what we were doing and why, and he was more than happy to reuse the baskets. He even left a note of thanks! Everyone has a special basket that is stored in the attic until Easter arrives again. 7 years now!

    • Em says:

      Save for next year! Or, store panty hose in them. We also store homemade play slime in them.

    • Willa says:

      Check with churches in the area or if an organization does a community egg hunt–check with them. We have helped groups stuff 50,000 eggs or more for egg hunts.

    • Emily says:

      Also, if you have kids that have a play kitchen. Save an egg carton and fill it with Easter Eggs. That’s one more kitchen item they can have to play with.

    • Sarah says:

      My son’s pre-k class uses them to learn upper and lower case letters. They write the upper case letter on one half of the egg and the lower case letter on the other half. The kids have to find the correct matches.

    • jenn says:

      Here’s a list of 25 things to do. The learning activities for the kids are fun.

  • Adrienne says:

    I host a big egg hunt every year. I don’t like the city ones. the kids never get anything.

    • Em says:

      No joke! The parents are SO RUDE at those, grabbing up eggs like they are toddlers!

      • Em says:

        We went to a church one last year (we’re not religious, but I want my children to learn from ALL religions) and it was the rudest one we’ve ever went to. The pastor was LAUGHING at a parent who knocked over a 3 year old to grab eggs for her child. It’s so hard to teach my children to be respectful seeing these things. Needless to say, they will not be learning at that church’s Sunday school!

        • Diana says:

          That is sad to hear! I am not sure where you live but that breaks my heart! As a Christian I want others to see a difference in me and not have to be ashamed of what they have witnessed. I don’t know who you are but know you and your family are in my prayers that The Lord will lead you to a church where you can learn about him and worship him!

      • sandra says:

        I live in New Orleans, and it’s the same thing at Mardi Gras. Float riders will throw stuffed toys to the kids and adults (with no kids) will knock little kids over to get to the toys. Then they say stuff like “We just like to catch them for the kids” and had the toys over to the kids. It’s so rude, especially when the float rider is pointing at the kid and throwing right to them, and a six foot tall adult behind them blocks their outstretched hands to snatch the toy away, then hands it to them like they did them a great favor. Sometimes people just get too caught up in these type events and forget they are really for the kids.

  • Amy says:

    Here’s some great ideas for leftover Easter eggs!

  • sue says:

    I bet there are ideas on pinterest. I’ve used them in my classroom when we studied sound. I would put different things in them and students had to guess what was in them based on the sound they made. You could do that home too.

  • Lynn says:

    Wow! So many great ideas. Thanks everyone. :)

  • Kate says:

    I used them for word families in my classroom. You write the different beginning letters on one side and the word family on the other. The kids twist the egg to find and read the different words.

  • ShantelShantel says:

    If you have little kids, throw them in the tub with them. Kept mine busy in the weeks leading up to Easter. Save an egg carton and use the eggs to put food in for lunch on Easter Day.

  • adam says:

    My mom and I got stuffed animals, plastic, eggs , baskets, and a lot of decorations spent $66.00 so that’s $660 worth of Easter items to donate next year. Awesome sales today.

  • Liz says:

    Kmart all winter clothing clearance $1.99 in store.

  • Joann says:

    Great savings at Kmart today… You just cannot beat 90% off!!
    Nice baskets, spider high bounce ball only 19 cents! Easter grass is only 12 cents!
    Also, my Kmart had very nice white (dresser style) jewelry boxes. This would make an absolutely perfect Barbie wardrobe/ accessories container!! It was on sale for 4.99. You cannot hardly buy Barbie furniture for that and this is much more sturdy, etc., Great buys on socks and check out the clearance section. I found an adorable set with baby socks and hair accessories. It rang up for only 99 cents, I think it had been around 5 dollars!

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