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  View changes → 3-Piece Microfiber Towel Bundle Only $11 + FREE Shipping (Today Only!)

10:59 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure. has a great Daily Deal available on this 3 Piece T-Tex Microfiber Towel Bundle. Head on over to and scroll down the page towards the bottom where you will see this 3 Piece Set on sale for only $11 + FREE Shipping! Each set contains a bath towel, a hand towel, and a wash cloth and you have your choice between 10 different colors.

Has anyone used a microfiber bath towel before? If so, what do you think?


This attractive set has a microfiber weave and is incredibly absorbent with a luxurious look and feel. The set includes a hand towel, a bath towel and a washcloth, and is bleach safe, benzoyl peroxide proof and resists snagging. These long-lasting towels dry quickly to save dryer time and energy, and will come out lint free.  

* Go through for 2% cash back or go through for 2% cash back!

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  • Amanda says:

    I LOVE microfiber towels, this is a fantastic deal–thanks Collin! We just remodeled our bathroom so I ordered three different sets. :)

  • brandice says:

    Awesome deal

  • Em says:

    I think I’m the only person on Earth who HATES microfiber!

    • Eve says:

      I don’ t think I’d use them on my body, however they are GREAT for your hair. I’ve been following the Curly girl method and these types of towels are recommended for use on your hair with that method.

      • Em says:

        A tshirt is also recommended and works soooo much better! I also omit the conditioner and use the “no poo” method. Frizz free and moisturized! Cool to meet another “curly girl method” person! No one I know had ever heard of it before me!

        • Eve says:

          Yay! I just started in December or January I think. I was so tired of straightening my hair all the time. It’s sooo much healthier now. I only shampoo once a week, I use a tea tree oil, sulfate free shampoo for that. (I have scalp issues, so still need to do the once a week. I”m down from twice a week though. And then of course all the conditioners to wash with, a leave in, a gel. It’s actually soooo much easier and faster for me than straightening and fighting it. I went from a slight wave to sometimes ringlets. It’s awesome!

          Hah. Yeah, I’ve heard to use a tshirt too. The microfiber seems to work better for me. Maybe because I only had wave to start? Not sure.

          I have short hair so I’ve just been using small microfiber towels that my father in law had bought to clean his car with and forgot he left at my house. Haha.

    • amiee says:

      I HATE them too…they feel soooo gross!

    • Michelle says:

      no! yeah can’t stand the feeling…like nails on a chalkboard! lol

    • Ashley says:

      I hate microfiber too. Everyone gives me the weirdest looks when I tell them. I also don’t really like leather either. I would take a leather sofa over a mircofiber one though.

  • Danielle Huberty Krukar says:

    I don’t like microfiber either

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