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Rare Oreo Cookies Coupons (Available Again!) = $1.50 at CVS (Starting 5/12)

8:30 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Calling all Oreo lovers! These rare Oreo cookie coupons are back again if you missed them before… so hurry on over to the BI-LO Super Saver Facebook page OR Winn-Dixie Facebook page, “like” them, and click on the Nascar Race Day tab to print the following Oreo manufacturer’s coupons (not store coupons)…

*$1/1 package of Oreo Cookies 13.1-15.25 oz
*$1.50/2 packages of Oreo Cookies 13.1-15.25 oz
*$1.50 off a Gallon of Milk when you buy 2 packages of Oreo Cookies 13.1-15.25 oz

Plus, check out the CVS deal you can score starting 5/12

Oreo Cookies 8.8-15.35 oz on sale 2/$5 (starting 5/12)
Use 2 $1/1 Oreo Cookies coupon found here or here
Final cost $3 total – $1.50 each!

These coupons didn’t last long before, so print them while you can!

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  • katie clarke says:

    thanks for the heads up! missed them last time and wanted the $1 off one package for Oreo Truffles im making this weekend for my sister’s baby shower!

  • Andrew says:

    On the lower right hand corner of the 1.00/1 coupon for OREO it says Valid at Bi-Lo.
    I assume most cashiers won’t bother looking at this tiny print and most stores will probably have no trouble scanning it. After all, it is a Bricks coupon.

    • Shayla says:

      depends on your store. All my local stores take “competitor” coupons, which include these type of coupons that state verbiage like this. Btw, I used the $1.50/2 coupons and they worked like a charm at my local store, and we don’t have either of these stores in my area. Good luck!

      • llc says:

        Same here…the others scanned perfectly at Walgreens where they are super picky when it comes to coupons. And we have no Winn Dixie or Bi-Lo either.

        • Jennifer G says:

          Walgreens made me VERY mad w/ their coupon antics. They advertise Almay cosmetics in their ad on a regular basis (2 weeks ago was when this happened) for B1G1 1/2 off…in THEIR ad, they show Almay make up remover wipes (the ones sold in a cylinder shaped container) as part of that cosmetics sale. Well, they would not accept the Almay manufacturer coupon for $4 off of ANY COSMETIC ITEM when I tried to use it for the Almay makeup remover wipes. It would not scan in their system, so they said that it is not considered a cosmetic item. Funny because in their ad it’s called a cosmetic item, AND it’s in their cosmetic department, not w/ all the other face care products (like other brands of makeup remover wipes.) Seems like the new fancy registers at Walgreens can be programmed so that high value MFC only work on the products that they want the coupon to work for (however they do it, something sounds very wrong, IMO! If nothing else, false advertising for showing the item under an Almay cosmetic sale, but telling me it isn’t a cosmetic item for the purpose of the coupon)

  • paige says:

    Mega! Foods has an awesome looking oreo deal for $1.98 combined with the coupon it will be 98c im definitely going to take advantage of that! Wohoo!

  • Ashley says:

    Noooo! Must….talk…self…out…of…printing….more….nums!!!!!!!!

  • Shayla says:

    Yeah, missed the $1/1 coupons last time but got them this time. Will go perfect with the Meijer deal this week (buy 3 oreos at $2.99/each, get gallon of milk free). Hooray, the strawberry kind are my kiddos fav. They will do ANYTHING for them =)

  • Chrystal Lynn Limon says:

    Do you know of any deals for Target, Rite Aid or Fred Meyer using these coupons?

  • Kim says:

    I have found that as long as it doesn’t say valid “only” at____, stores will usually take them. Except Kroger (here) they are very picky about the coupons they accept.

  • Kate says:

    FYI, you can print 4 coupons, 2 from each store/link above since its from different store.

  • nikkicats2 says:

    I keep clicking the like button but it will only say liked for a few seconds and then flips back to like so the coupon won’t come up. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  • Leah Grady says:

    Did any one have a problem printing out the coupons? They wouldn’t print for me when I tried :( Thanks any way Collin!

  • Michelle Coghlin says:

    Thanks, Collin! My husband loves Oreos and he has to paint the entire exterior of our house this week (after he works his full-time job) so I am happy to get him some cheap Oreos :)

  • Jen says:

    Could I combine the $1.50 off milk w/purchase of 2 Oreo cookies & the $1.50 off 2 packages of Oreos?

    • Shayla says:

      Check verbiage on coupon, as most state. In cases like this where the coupons are on the same page, I would think that manufacturers do not mind you combining (ie: Unilever is a perfect example that does this in the paper); however, you never know until you go to use them if the store will allow it/has it in the system that way. Mine personally beeped, but that is because the store was having a free milk sale and even though it’s MQ, it is a store that does not allow coupons on store free items (hope that makes sense). I have had success at Target in the past but have personally not tried this deal. Again, it all goes back to checking verbiage on the system and be prepared to have to chose which you would rather use =)

  • Tammy says:

    What about at the top of the page to print out coupons where it says “Open only to residents of AL, FL,LA, MS, & GA” ?

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