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Office Depot Deals 5/12-5/18

3:01 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Here are my favorite Office Depot deals starting tomorrow, 5/12…

Ruzzi Mid-Back Chair $54.99
(reg. $109.99!)

Post-it® 3″ x 3″ Super Sticky Pop-up Notes 6-PK 2/$10
Final Cost $5 each (reg. $10.99 each!)

PaperPro® Compact Desktop Stapler $6
(reg. $11.99!)

Select Sharpie® Markers $6
(reg. $7.29-$11.49!)

Scotch® Heavy-Duty Shipping Tape 3-PK $10
(reg. $19.99!)

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  • ND says:

    Wrapp always has the $5 giftcards!

  • says:

    Yes about wrapp! Just yesterday I bought a easy staple stapler, a 5-pack of (clearanced) full adhesive backing post-it brand notes, and a pack of (price matched) zebra mechanical pencils for $1 using the wrapp gift card I had!

  • Vishnu says:

    The stapler is awesome. Got stuff with 2 wrapp gift cards, mine and hubby’s, and they matched the Sony headphones (9.99) value as they were out of memorex ones. Awesome score 10$ if free stuff.

  • mary says:

    What is wrapp gift card

  • Sharon says:

    How many gift cards does Wrapp let you give the same person? I’ve got the app, but I’m really wondering how it works and how they restrict it.

    • Vishnu says:

      Wrapp is an app which if u have a smart phone will need access to Facebook account. It’s free to download. They let u send free gift cards of 5-10$ denominations.
      Most wrapp cards are one per transaction. For Office Depot however we figured out that we can use multiple cards in one transaction.
      The cards are usually 1 per account. They don’t let you senf more than one to any person, or let u get a second, if u already have one. Hope that makes sense. I have used Office Depot 3 times in 3 months. The offers come up again once u used what u have. And h&m and too with great success.
      They usually will pick up if u have a fake or a couponing only account. So it needs to be a legit personal FB account.

    • Vishnu says:

      U can send any no of gift cards to a person. U can’t send same one twice though. U just have a friend send u a card and when u open the app you can add to your wallet. When u are ready to use the card, you open ur wrapp app, go to wallet and hit use in store.HTH

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