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Target: 50% Off Market Pantry Blast Off Pops w/ Cartwheel Coupon = Just 4¢ Per Pop

12:10 PM MST
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Yay! If you’re hosting a barbecue this weekend or simply want to stock up on some sweet treats, hurry on over to the Target Cartwheel site to snag a new coupon valid for 50% off a 24 count box of Market Pantry Blast Off Pops. There are only limited quantities available so be sure to add this coupon to your Cartwheel now. Then head to Target to snag the following deal…

Market Pantry Blast Off Pops 24 ct. box $1.99
Use the 50% off Target Cartwheel coupon found here
Final Cost $1 – just 4¢ per pop! Sweet!

* For more information about Target Cartwheel, check out this post.

(Thanks, Georgie!)

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  • jenn says:

    I tried using cartwheel for the first time the other day. One was specific- for fathers day cards and worked. The other was for circco infant clothes/separates (cant remember exact wording). I got the brand and a size in the indicated range, and that one didn’t work :(. I didnt realize it until i got home. I’m hesitant to rely on this for non specific items now.

  • eavila says:

    if the coupon doesn’t work go back to target return the item or just go to customer service and let them know that the cashier scanned your cartwheel coupon but for whatever reason it did not work and you did not notice it until you got home, they should be able to refund you whatever percentage was to be off your purchase and always.ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RECEIPT BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE STORE! I cannot express how many times cashiers have over charge me. or did not ring up my coupons correctly. I hope this helps

  • mb says:

    i always everywhere check reciept before i even walk out the doors much easier than an extra trip the merona shoes i got didnt do the discount but i think its how they have the shoes in teh system bc the reciept didnt say merona so i dunno

    • mamasweetpea08 says:

      Interesting. My cartwheel for the 10% off neuronal shoes says excludes clearance so if is a clearance shoe, it may or may not apply. I’ll have to check my receipt to see if I got the extra discount on the already bargain shoes (after $5 off) I got yesterday

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