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My Coke Rewards: Earn Double Points on Diet Coke Fridge 12 Packs (Valid May 27th-31st)

6:46 AM MST
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If you’re a My Coke Rewards Member and Diet Coke drinker, you may be excited to know that you can snag double point on Diets Coke 12 packs, starting today, May 27th through May 31st! Remember, you can use your My Coke Rewards points to snag rewards such as gift cards, coupons, magazine subscriptions, and more!

12-Packs Included in Promo:
• Diet Coke Fridge Pack
• Caffeine Free Diet Coke Fridge Pack
• Diet Cherry Coke Fridge Pack
• Diet Coke w/Splenda Fridge Pack
• Diet Coke w/Lime Fridge Pack

There is no limit to # of times a member can earn the offer during promotional time frame. Weekly code limits apply to base points only. Bonus Points awarded do not count toward weekly code limits.

(Thanks, Phuong and Heather!)

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  • Heather C. says:

    Mmmmmmmm! Love Diet Cherry Coke!! :D

  • amy says:

    I entered 11 codes all but 2 did not double and they were diet coke for sure and now its saying ive hit my limit. The last time they did double coke points I hit my limit as well. I thought it was unlimited??

  • sarah says:

    Hopefully it works this time. I entered my limit back on Cinco de Mayo and none of them doubled. They weren’t clear on their wording that it was for full-calorie coke, apparently.

  • i says:

    I entered a diet coke 12 pack that I’ve had for a while and it didn’t double. I wonder if it’s because it was a limited edition can…but still annoying because it is definitely a 12 pack of diet coke!

    • Lynn l says:

      I had no problem with my diet codes but if I were you, I would contact customer service as I’ve always had a good experience with them. I’m certain that they will help you get your points!

  • katie says:

    heres a code for anyone who wants it- i had to buy some diet coke for my MIL coming to visit..


    i hope thats right, lol, those dots are hard to read!

  • Mary says:

    They are really pushing diet coke for summer…

  • Peaches says:

    I know that your “oh”s are actually zeros and your “s”s are actually fives but the rest I can’t guess for you.

  • Carissa Lindenfeld says:

    I had four that didn’t work, all diet cherry coke. What a disappointment!

  • Jen G. says:

    All of mine worked today – I entered 6 total.

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