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Swagbucks: Search and Win 5 Collector Bills

10:33 AM MST
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Swagbucks has a new set of Collector’s Bills celebrating their hometown of Los Angeles! There are 5 bills (each depicting a different part of SoCal life) winnable through Search only! Get all 5 bills before Tuesday, June 11th, and you’ll get an automatic 10 Swag Buck Bonus! You can see which Bills you’ve won and which ones you still need by looking at “Collector’s Bills” in the My Swag Bucks area of your account.

Not yet a Swagbucks members?! Head on over here to sign up and you’ll start off with 30 Swag Bucks!

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  • Maryann says:

    And, everyone remember, the Swagbucks computer switches to the new day at midnight PST so if you wake in the middle of the night after that you can search and get sb. When I do I often get a higher amount–once I got 56sb. It’s just an extra chance to get them.

  • Stacey says:

    I am fairly new to Swagbucks and I see the Collectors bills but how are you supposed to search for them? Can anybody help?!

    • fran says:

      You go to their home page and search as you normally would. If you get lucky, a collector bill will pop up. Just don’t search too quickly, as this can get you disqualified. In other words, don’t keep clicking and clicking search results in an effort to get a search win. I learned that the hard way.

      • Stacey says:

        search through swagbucks correct? but what do you search.. for example, flyaway for the first one? and then click on results

        • fran says:

          Yes, you go to SBs home page and search for anything, like “how to get sap off car paint”, the name of a movie, info about actors, or anything you want information on. You can ask a question about medical stuff, or anything else.
          You enter something to search, click “search”, and click search result (if you are really interested in the search). I mainly search just for search wins, but not too fast! So, throughout the day, if you need to search for something, search for it on SBs. I leave their homepage open and go back to search when I have a few mins.
          HTH ;)

        • Kb says:

          Whenever you get a search win, for any search, there’s a good chance it will be a collectors bill. However you may get the same ones multiple times.

  • Sara says:

    I would love it if someone would go through my link. Thanks

  • fran says:

    For 5 Swag Bucks by 12pm PDT (3pm EDT) enter EmpowerWomen under the Swag Code Safe Icon.

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