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FREE 8-pack of Lance Xtra Fulls Sandwich Crackers Printable Coupon (Valid at Walmart)

8:15 PM MST
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Wow! Hurry on over here and click on the “Get a Free Sample” link to print a SmartSource coupon valid for a FREE 8-pack of Lance Xtra Fulls Sandwich Crackers at Walmart (Up to a $2.78 value!). Note that Walmart doesn’t typically accept free product printable coupons, however, this coupon offer is advertised on their site… so hopefully there won’t be issues at the register?!

(Thanks, Suzy, Lori, and Coupon Clipinista!)

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  • daltonjsmom says:

    I know this is a crazy question, but has anybody actually eaten any of these things? How do they taste? Are they worth the hassle? I’d like to take them on vacation w/ another family & kids, but if they are going to spit them out and beg for McDonald’s, they aren’t worth my time. I will also stock up w/ peelies if I know they are tasty:)

    • Lisa says:

      Please do not remove the peelies from packages you are not purchasing. The person who purchases that package is entitled to that peelie coupon.

      • daltonjsmom says:

        What I meant was, I would use peelies on the marked packages to stock up, plus the two extra on the packages I was purchasing with the FREE coupons. I said I would be buying the products with the peelies. Took me awhile to figure out why this comment was a reply to my question…

        • Lisa says:

          I’m so glad to hear that! I can’t tell you how many times I have purchased items that someone else had already removed the peelies from. I’ve also seen couponers on TV removing all the peelies they could find. I’m relieved to hear you are not in that group.

          In answer to your question, I got my free package yesterday. These PB crackers are really good. With most packaged PB crackers, the PB is dry and hard and doesn’t have much flavor, but these have a thick spread of soft PB and are like the ones you would prepare at home. If you’re going to buy packaged PB crackers, I would highly recommend these.

  • Carlee says:

    Thank You!

  • laura says:

    My hubby is flight attendant and I send them in his food bag. They are a quick, pick me up snack on longer flights. It’s way better than McDonalds.

  • Serena says:

    Thank you Colin! My cashier at Walmart accepted the coupons. She even asked me where she could get these coupons for herself!

  • Ann says:

    I printed 4 off of 2 computers and just redeemed them all at once with no questions asked. I was expecting a hassle and had Walmart’s site open on my phone just in case she wanted to question the “free item” coupons. Thank you!

  • Candy N says:

    My store would not accept them… Made me feel like a criminal for even trying. I called customer service….. same thing there. :-(

  • cara says:

    These crackers are delicious!! Omg please try them. You wont regret it

  • Kristi says:

    We went to Walmart today & used 2 of these free coupons. We weren’t sure if the coupons would work or not & if the cashier would give us a hard time about using printable coupons for free items.
    My husband & I were very surprised that both of our 2 free coupons worked beautifully! They scanned & took the $2.78 total off of each box of crackers! 2 boxes of crackers for free!!! :)
    And each of the 2 boxes that we got had a peelie coupon on them for $1.50 off! We’re saving those for a future shopping trip. :)

  • dj says:

    I used the coupons at Giant since the coupon didn’t say Walmart on it. Worked like a charm.

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