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Old Navy: $1 Flip Flops Sale (Saturday Only)

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Mark your calendars!

Saturday, June 29th only, Old Navy will be hosting their very popular $1 Flip Flop Sale where all solid-colored flip flops are on sale for only $1! Yep, you can snag flip flops for the whole family for just a buck! Since this sale tends to be very popular, I would recommend that you get to your local Old Navy store when it first opens to have the best selection of colors and sizes. Check out the Old Navy Facebook page for more information.

* In-store only. Limit 5 per customer. While supplies last. Excludes wedges, embellished, printed and leather styles.

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35 Hip Readers Commented

  • Dayna says:

    This sale seems to make people go crazy! The stores are always crowded and trashed.

    • sshyne says:

      Yes they will be crowded and people lined up like they are giving them away LOL…I usually buy them a day or two before the sale, then take receipt back the difference from the $1 sale to avoid the crowd and crazy people

      • Dayna says:

        Last year I called ahead of time and the cashier told me I could do it. When I went to take them back, the manager said it wasn’t allowed, but would let me do it since I was told I could.

  • tammy says:

    do they sell kids flip flops in these sales?

  • LRV_2782 says:

    I’m NEVER at the mall. One time, in the past 2 years or so, I had to go to the mall to return items. It so happened to be the same day as this flip flop sale. It was ridiculous! The line circled the perimeter of the store and out the front entrance and at least 40ft down into the mall. Totally NOT worth enduring for $1 flip flops!!! Those flip flops are plain and look like anything you’d find at the dollar store anyway. If you go… stay safe and keep hydrated lol.

  • Kristen says:

    Do the snappy app and try for the $5/5!!! I always use it to get five free pair- tax free too! I’ve stocked up on flip flops for my next mission trip. So far I’ve got 30. Thanks Collin for posting this, can’t wait to get some more!!!!

  • General Jane says:

    Those flip flops are the joke. Take 10 steps and then throw them out. Pretty colors though. But fall apart fast.

    • kim says:

      I have a bunch from Old Navy and I think the quality is actually good, I have been wearing some since last summer and they are comfy too!

    • Delia says:

      They look like pretty & very cheap sandals made in China. I read about these types of sandals & how the chemicals they are produced from can cause the feet to swell & skin burst. There was even a blog I followed from a woman this happened to & she documented everything so that the retailer would pay her medical bills. Personally, I love Clarks Privo sandals but they’re not cheap since they’re suede.

    • Mel says:

      How funny, I wear them a lot during the summer months and I’ve never had a pair break on me.

    • Dayna says:

      They have changed over the years, but I have a pair from last year that I wear all the time and they’re great!

    • angela says:

      I love these! NEVER had an issue with these! !!

  • Cannielle says:

    JCP has them for $1.00 at everyday price.

    • christine says:

      Came to post the same thing lol and their’s last much longer and there’s no weido. A few years ago I got there a lady had her whole family come and they had carts full and they were allowed to buy them all as long as they got to the back of the line everytime they bought 5. What the heck do you need hundreds of flip flops for???

      • Kelly K says:

        Sometimes people give them out at weddings for women who plan on kicking off their shoes to dance :-) My friend had them out at her wedding in baskets all around the dance floor sorted and labeled by size. It was a much appreciated thought!

      • Nel says:

        To ship to countries where people really appreciate them, The last time I went to my native island to visit, I saw old navy flip flops selling for $20 bucks I couldn’t believe it.

  • Migdalia says:

    These are the best flip flops.They last a long time.I like to get new ones every summer but won’t do this sale.Not worth the madness

  • Andrew says:

    I’ll pass. I purchased mine at Kmart weeks ago for 1.00 and I am happy with them.

    • Sarah says:

      all of the Kmart ones I bought have fallen apart in the last week (I got them when they were 99 cents too) my old Navy ones last at least two summers!!! Love em….

  • edy says:

    Yes! I came from mexico many many years ago! My parents couldn’t afford shoes! I would wear sandals, now, I can afford the good shoes! But, I buy to give them to less fortunate people or special people or to my parents to take to mexico, but, I won’t go to old navy!! I will wait until there marked down there will be a mad house, I just got my discount today from old navy in the mail!

  • Katie says:

    will they let you get away with more than 5 per customer or are they strict?

  • tori says:

    What time does the sale start?

  • robynn says:

    My favorite shopping event for flip flops. I go every year for the one day event one dollar flip flop sale!! Great quality flip flops and they actually last! Not cheaply made like Walmart dollar flip flops.. they’re kinda comfy for being cheap… and if you buy the mens they are even more comfortable than the womens! They don’t fall apart unless you beat them to death. I wear mine almost every single day and I still have pairs that I bought two years ago .. just a little dirty.. wash them in the tub with shampoo and conditioner scrub with wash cloth they look brandnew. Love love love. Cant beat it !!

  • Ernestina Mingo says:

    I love wen old navy giv those nice colorful flip flop for a 1 dollars u can go wrg I beem gng these past year me nd my families I love it Thanks old navy……

  • Ernestina Mingo says:

    Can wait for tha day 2 get some flip flop for my hole families I’m gng 2 try 2 be the first one ther get some colorful flip flop

  • Jessica says:

    They are great quality… I have every single color from the past 10 summers and I use them every single day since I live at the beach ;) I easily have over 30 pairs!
    does anyone know when the sale will take place this year 2014? I mean the date….

  • melissa says:

    I go to the dollar flip flop sale for my kids they go through shoes like nothing this way they look cute and cheep and I can buy them alot of pairs they are good flip flops and they do not fall apart easy belief me my kids put them to the test its a great deal and worth the crowd and the wait I will be there cant wait…..

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