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Old Navy: $1 Flip Flops Sale (Tomorrow Only)

3:01 PM MST
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Don’t forget! :)

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 29th only, Old Navy will be hosting their very popular $1 Flip Flop Sale where all solid-colored flip flops are on sale for only $1! Yep, you can snag flip flops for the whole family for just a buck! Since this sale tends to be very popular, I would recommend that you get to your local Old Navy store when it first opens to have the best selection of colors and sizes. Check out the Old Navy Facebook page for more information.

* In-store only. Limit 5 per customer. While supplies last. Excludes wedges, embellished, printed and leather styles.

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  • Angie says:

    I stopped by today and they have toddler tops for $2 and bathing suits on clearance for $3.49. Having triplet 2.5 girls, I stocked up for next year.

  • brandice says:

    I stopped up at jcpenney when they were dollar with a 20 percent off coupon better deal in my opinion and no crazy lines

  • Ali says:

    Last year Old Navy was pretty firm with the limit. There were people trying to buy like 100 pairs (said they were sending them home?). Anyway, that was a no go for them. I wanted a few extra for my kids, but 5 was great!

  • Asmith says:

    Last year I didn’t want to wait and I left and came back and the selection was very slim and a sales associate suggested we buy what was left and exchange later. It took a while for my store to get restocked but I was able to exchange even men’s for women’s flip flop without any problems.

  • Destinee says:

    Is this for card holders only? The last time they did the $1 sale, it was for card holders only :-(

  • Vnsa says:

    No, this is not for card holders only. This is for the general public.
    Also, for all you snap appy users, there is a NEW snap 5 ($5 off any purchase coupon) which should make 5 pairs of flip flops absolutely free. Snap appy is the old navy app (search old navy on apple or google splay store) snap some old navy logos and get quotes and coupons).

  • Miya L says:

    Just so everyone knows Dollar Tree has a large selection of flip flops also. No crazy lines there either and they even has large flip flops.

  • Tiff says:

    The quality of the old navy flip flops are awful now and really slick. They are really hard and shaped really strange. I got my kids the Kmart ones when they were on Sale this year and I got the target ones for myself. The men’s are actually made much better than the women old navy ones.

  • Corina says:

    They seem smaller this year. I compared a new flip flop to a pair I wore last summer and the newer shoe is shorter & narrower. I typically wear an 8, but had to buy a size up.

  • Shayla says:

    I will never do this again. I have learned like others said that people are psycho and bring all their kids (20+, including their wee babies) to buy and they clear the shelves by 9:30. So not worth it unless you just go, buy, and exchange later.

  • Kristen says:

    Ah! Whats with all the negative comments! Y’all should get the snap app $5/5 which would make five free (tax free too!) pair! I’m not going to complain if they are free. I go late so theres no line, and get whatever’s left. I’m sending them to kids who don’t have any shoes that I know will be more than happy to get them! :) quality may not be the best in the world but I’m sure it’s better than nothin!!! Thanks Collin for posting this!

  • Kristal says:

    The snap appy app just added more prizes! I was playing last night and nothing came up, but I snap a picture of 3 logos to finally receive my 5 dollars off. My daughter is heading to Texas today and I’m happy I can pick up 5 pairs of comfy flip flops for her!!!

  • Kristal says:

    *I snapped pictures this morning.

  • Ashley says:

    I was told that you can’t use SnapAppy on promotions like this one, but my store handed out $10 off of $40 purchase coupons at the door. My store also had no limit enforced and included printed flip flops as well.
    I bought 30 pairs of flip flops and 2 shirts for around $30.

  • tami says:

    walked into oldnavy @10 am the line was about 50-60 people long NOOOOO THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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