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Swagbucks: Search and Win 5 Collector Bills

8:43 AM MST
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Swagbucks has a new set of Collector’s Bills celebrating different places in the world where Swagbucks is available – there are 5 bills winnable through Search only! Get all 5 bills before Monday, July 8th, and you’ll get an automatic 20 Swag Buck Bonus! You can see which Bills you’ve won and which ones you still need by looking at “Collector’s Bills” in the My Swag Bucks area of your account.

Not yet a Swagbucks members?! Head on over here to sign up to start off with 30 Swag Bucks! Plus, you can enter the code HIP70 when signing up for an additional 70 Swag Bucks through the end of June, so a total of 100 points just for signing up! Note that to enter this bonus registration code, you need to click the text that reads “I have a sign up code” when you are initially signing up.

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  • Amie says:

    I just started using swag bucks and I’m hoping to get some tips on how to get the most points each day. Also, what in the world are Collector’s Bills??? :)

    • Kb says:

      When you use their search engine you might get a search win worth 6 sb and up. Collector bills are special search wins that they do for about 10 days where you get a bonus if you are able to win all of them in the series.

      For me I have the most luck with surveys. Under ‘Answer’ the first drop down is ‘surveys.’ Under ‘Discover’ the second drop down is ‘special offers’ then go to the ‘peanut lab’ tab. Those are where the best surveys are. You may not qualify for a lot but some days you’ll get a ton. Since the beginning of march I’ve made over $400 through swagbucks directly, and another $300 in follow up surveys/focus groups I got selected to be a part of because of the surveys I did on swagbucks.

      You get out of it what you put into it. Good luck!

  • Maryann says:

    1. If you have a smartphone get the Swagbucks TV app. It lets you earn up to 50sb daily and you can just set it to run. I find that when I use it at home over wifi there are no dataplan charges. Also, check it every so often because they’ll sometimes pop up a thing to click to make sure you’re watching.

    2. Install the toolbar. It automatically gives you a sb each day, and has a “check for code” button to help find swagcodes.
    3. do the daily poll
    4. click through the NOSO offers. Just click on Skip each one.
    5. Spread your searches out. Search five or six times but if you get SB stop and wait a few hours then do it again.
    6. Invite people with your link. You get credit for their points up to 1000.
    7. Use the coupons. You get 10sb each. Sometimes they take a while to come in but not always.
    8. Go through SB site to shop online. They give SB for lots of stores so if you’re going to shop online at all, check to see if you can go through them. The same for if you’re going to sign up for Netflix and things like that.
    9. Play SB Tv on your computer. You get 3sb every few videos and you don’t have to sit and watch all day, just click the next one every so often and watch for a Captcha for your points. They don’t always do a captcha, but they can time out.
    10. Do the surveys. They can be hard to get but you still get a sb for trying.
    11. check the special offers for the vids you can watch for a sb or two. They don’t require buying things.

    Those are my main ones. I don’t have tons of points but I do use about $25 in Amazon cards monthly, plus have built up now almost $180 toward Christmas.

    Good luck!

  • Amie says:

    Thanks for all the tips so far, if anyone has anymore keep them coming! I’ve been mostly doing surveys. I’m excited to try more things, the TV app sounds interesting :) I’m working on doing a completely free Christmas for my family (brothers, sisters, and parents). Last year I did goody bags for my mom and sister with things I had gotten for free plus I got them each a gift-something they had needed or asked for. They loved the bags and asked if I would do them again this year. So far they are all ready bigger then last year and I still have 6 months to go! This year I was thinking on doing it totally free (goody bags and gifts) and earning amazon gift cards (they all shop there) I need to earn 5 and between Swag Bucks, Valued Opinions, and Plink I just might be able to do it!

  • trina says:

    I definately recommend hitting the daily “goal”. You get the equivalent of about $5.50 (each month varies) of points if you hit every day of the month. GREAT! Also, this facebook group has been VERY helpful to me in maximizing my swagbucks and minimizing my time, “Swagbucks offers that credit”…

    Also try the Swagbucks FB page, people post things that are crediting too… Good luck enjoy your money!

  • FlatBrokeCoed says:

    Hey! I’m a bit of a swagbucks aficionado, too. What’s your favorite way to redeem swagbucks? I normally love $5 Amazon gift cards because they’re the cheapest ones to get but recently, I’ve fallen into applying to reduced-price swagstakes.

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