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PetSmart: Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System Only $12.19 – Regularly $36.99 (Ends Today!)

3:41 PM MST
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Calling all you cat owners out there! If you haven’t already, head on over to where you can currently print this high value coupon valid for $10/1 Breeze Brand from Purina Tidy Cats brand Litter System.
$10.00 off one BREEZE Litter System
Even sweeter, through today only, PetSmart has these Breeze Brand Litter Systems on sale for just $22.19! So…you can snag these for just $12.19 once you print your coupon. This is a rockin’ price considering these are regularly priced at $36.99!

Check it out…

Breeze Brand from Purina Tidy Cats Litter System $22.19 (regularly $36.99)
Use the $10/1 Breeze Brand from Purina Tidy Cats Litter System coupon found here
Final cost $12.19!*
* Remember, this sale ends today, July 7th!

(Thanks, Ami!)

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  • Doxie says:

    This is a great system but it can be expensive to keep up with. I can NEVER find coupons for the refills! I’ve emailed Purina but received a simple “coupons are occasionally in/on our packaging response”…too bad I’ve never been able to find this specific packages!

  • Leslie says:

    When we were looking for a new litter box a few months ago (I was tired of litter being tracked/kicked out of the box – all over the floor!) we passed on this system because the expenses for upkeep were just crazy! We decided on the Clevercat top entry litter box for $34.99 at Petco…99% track free! Very rarely do i find litter on the floor, and since it’s not closed up, the odor doesn’t develop!

  • Debora says:

    Thank you both for the fyi on the $$$ to maintain the system, was wondering about that :)

  • n says:

    you can just wash the rocks outside with the hose. buy 2 bags and cycle them

  • Paige says:

    You can also use the Pine and Newspaper pellets by Exquisicat. It’s about 5 dollars for a 12 pound bag and they last about as long as the pellet refills. Another option if you want to easy and reuse is air soft gun pellets. :) I love this system for our two Persians and suggest it to everyone looking!

    • Jennifer says:

      Another tip I read somewhere is that if your cat likes a more natural texture for their digging you could use pea fill gravel (costs about $11 for a 40 lb bag at Home Depot) or aquarium gravel (more expensive than regular pea gravel & smaller size bag). I’ve heard that some cats really don’t like the pellets that come with this system because they’re so hard on their paws. Plus the gravel would be a lot cheaper than the pellet refills, and you could even choose your gravel grain size. I read that one woman even used decorative glass beads since her cat never buried or dug anyway & that those were super easy to keep clean and to dry. My cats are major diggers so the glass beads are definitely not an option for us.

      For the pads I’ve read that some people use regular puppy pads, and other people use those pad/sheet things that are used on hospital beds. I believe that Tena has an offer where you could even get a sample of those pads for free so that you could see how well they worked for this, but I don’t know how hard they are to qualify for.

      We’re seriously considering this system, but the expense of it seems so high & unfortunately no Pet Smart here, so I couldn’t even run out to get it for this discounted price:(

      • Joanne says:

        I don’t have a Petsmart anywhere near me either. I just called my local Petco and the manager said they will price match plus apply the $10 the internet coupon!

        • Jennifer says:

          That’s awesome! Doubt I’d have much luck with them price matching though since I’m in Hawaii and there isn’t a Pet Smart anywhere on the island:) Thanks for the tip though! I’ll have to remember that they price match when we leave here and go back East.

    • Paige says:

      Sorry I mean they last as long per fill up (the 12 lbs bag amounts to 4 pellet refill bags! So $5 verse 28ish. :))

  • harlow says:

    I’ll pass on this one. i am always interested in making cat cleanup easier however money is tight and its not worth it to me to spend the extra on something like this when i already have a good thing going with my cat at litter 5.00 every 1.5 month. (I use generic clay litter). i also live about 14 miles away from pet smart. love deals, but will pass.

  • paula says:

    Our new Petsmart opens in a week along with our new Target, 1 week too late, darn!

  • Kelly says:

    I LOVE this catbox system. We live in a small two bedroom apartment and we used the traditional cat box/litter but it would smell up pretty fast being in a small area. We purchased this and you NEVER smell it. The cost really isn’t that expensive. The pellets run about 7.99 at Meijer and they suggest changing out every 30 days or so. We make sure we clean the poop out every day/other day and the pellets will last more than 30 days. The pads are about 4.99 for 5 of them and last between a week or two. My mom uses traditional litter and she buys cat litter a lot more than me because she is constantly having to change it out. This is definitely worth it to me if you care about the smell as this is a great system at hiding any cat smell. Oh yeah and Meijer has sales quite often for the pads and pellets and that’s when we really stock up :)

  • Candace says:

    The BEST litter box ever invented! Highly recommend! No more litter tracked throughout the house. I am willing to pay a little extra for less of a mess. I have always gotten the pads and pellets cheaper by using and using a promo code. Just bought a second one for my parents vacation home. I have a diabetic cat that we take with us on vacation. Was using the clay litter and could not stand it. Went out and bought a second box! Love it!

  • amanda says:

    We have had this system for a year and a half and I LOVE it! I don’t find it expensive at all. Of course, it is more than buying a thing of litter but I combine online Petsmart coupon codes and free shipping with shoprunner and always score an awesome deal! It’s totally worth not having litter everywhere or smelling the litter box anymore!

  • RoseLeigh says:

    I don’t get my coupon emails until late in the day so there isn’t a chance for me to use many of them that expire that day. sucks :-(

  • CourtneyAmanda says:

    Happened to see this 30 mins before Petsmart closed yesterday, so printed my coupon and dashed out to get the system. The employees said their customers rave about it! Now, I need some printable Qs for the pellets and pads.

  • mamabug says:

    I received one of these systems free as a product trial when they first came out. I HATED it. This is the most ridiculous system ever. Two of my cats flat refused to use it. The one that would managed to soak the urine pad completely EVERY day. Those things are too expensive to replace daily. Also, if you don’t get the mess cleaned out right away then you are looking at it on top of the pellets. Traditional cat litter is much cleaner for my household! My mom received one as well. She has several more cats than I do. Not a single one of hers would use it. She threw hers away. After trying to give mine away for months, I finally threw mine away too.

  • liz says:

    When I purchased mine a while back there was a coupon inside for $10 off a complete system and also $1 off pads and $1 off pellets. I went back and later purchased for my sister and opened the box for the $10 off coupon before buying. I do not think this system is expensive at all. I use the pellets for 8 weeks instead of 4 as I do not lose that many. I was spending a ton of money on litter and now I spend less than $20 every 2 months. On top of it, there is absolutely no odor from the pee with this so the peace of mind and loving my house again after the cat ammonia smell is wonderful. My sister has two cats and loves hers. She said people come over and cannot even tell she has cats.

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