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  • Kathy says:

    Bi-Lo here in the Southeast, through 7/16 has Popsicles 2/$7 and then save $5 instantly when you buy 5. Mix and match with Magnum, Reese’s novelties, Fruttare, and Klondike. You can stack store competitor coupons (any) and both Target and Publix currently have Popsicle (Target, $0.75 on a 12-pack) and Fruttare (Publix,$1.50 on one!), and Magnum (Publix and Target) coupons out. If you can’t find the Publix ones, ours were still on pegboards at the Publix store entrance.

    • Kathy says:

      All the mix and match items at Bi-Lo were 2 for $7, so after MQs and SQs, I spent $2.50 total on three boxes of Fruttare and 2 boxes of Popsicles!

  • Desi says:

    Mainstreet market – the old Marsh in Indiana has these 2 for $4

  • Chelle says:

    At Walmart I found the single Big Stick Popsicle brand Popsicles in the Cigarette check out lane and they were priced at $0.58 each. The manager came over because they assumed I was using the coupon wrong. All I did was buy 2. Paid $0.08 each. Says it excludes 6 and 8 counts, not buying two singles.

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