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High Value $5/1 Tena Product Coupon in Tomorrow’s Paper = FREE at Walmart

7:27 PM MST
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Heads up! Watch for a high-value up to $5/1 Tena Stylish, Active or Anywhere product Coupon in tomorrow’s 7/14 SmartSource Coupon Insert! Note that this is a regional coupon and will not be available in all areas. Also, keep in mind that the coupon is up to a $5 value and the cashier has to input the price of the item, so you will not get overage with this coupon.

You can use this coupon at Walmart to score the following deal…

Select Tena Active products starting in price at only $2.86
Use the $5/1 Tena Stylish, Active or Anywhere product coupon found in the 7/14 SS
Final cost as low as FREE!

(Thanks and photo credit, The Wally World Woman!)

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  • jhnicole says:

    Boo i didnt get it in my paper.Thanks anyway i got my early edition in md at cvs today.

  • Stacy says:

    I wonder how difficult it will be to use these at Walmart. My Walmart is horrible with coupon shoppers. I have had more than one instantly call a manager over when they see my coupons. One told me the extreme ones are always rude to them. They don’t even attempt to scan coupons they just deny them. And don’t even ask them for overage they always adjust the coupons the way they want.

  • Sue says:

    My Walmart is horrible too

  • sarah says:

    Wouldn’t u want to get the bigger package for 4.97? If they have to adjust/enter the amount?

    • jessica says:

      She was just stating that the price starts at $2.86

    • sara says:

      depends on your needs. I wouldn’t get the bigger pads if that’s not what I needed, even if I would save more money. Better to get what you need than save more money on things you don’t need.

  • J says:

    Great! I am starting my 7th month of pregnancy and all the wonderful mishaps that comes with pregnancy just what I need ;)

  • Katie says:

    Whenever these coupons say ‘up to’ a certain amount, WalMart never lets me get the overage :(

    • christine says:

      Colin said that in the post. When it says up to you don’t get overage. Overage doesn’t make sense to me anyway, why would the manu pay you more than their getting for the item?

      I’m surprised wm still does it, on ther forums I’ve seen people do ridiculous crap like buy 700 nose strips and the bed pad things to have enough overage to cover an xbox.

      • janelle says:

        Generally if the coupon does not state “up to” a certain amount, then overage makes sense. Walmart would be reimbursed for the entire value of the coupon regardless of the purchase price, therefore, Walmart would still make a profit.

        • christine says:

          I know that. I don’t get why manfacturers haven’t put a stop to it when they’ve cut back basically on everything else.

          • Danielle says:

            Because Walmart is the one with the power in the relationship. I guess customers with coupons make enough money for them to be worth dictating to the manufacturer how they’re going to do it. And Walmart must have enough purchase power to make it stick. I don’t see it lasting long, although coupons with overage are on the rare side anyway.

    • Shirley says:

      I had a big issue once with the Tena coupons overage at my local Walmart once.The Manager told me they don’t give overage because they have a big problem with this company paying them.So they only adjust it and no overage :(

  • Teri says:

    My WalMart is horrible without coupons, add coupons and shopping is a nightmare. If I plan to use coupons, I have to keep my shopping down to just a few items. The cashiers don’t seem to be able to handle more than two items with coupons. I once had a cashier deny my CVS manufacture’s coupon without even scanning it first. When I politely asked if they could try it, the man went ballistic on me. Normally, customers are not treated well to begin with, add coupons and forget about it…lol.

    • jessica says:

      My Walmart used to be the same way, when the whole overage thing started back a few years ago i had a handful of items that I would have made overage to cover some of my other items and the cashier looked at me and said you can’t do this, you can’t get more off then what is, called a manager but in the mean time proceeded to talk about me with other cashiers saying I was trying to steal, meanwhile im pregnant so I go from calm to mad to emotional lol. Not worth it at all to me to shop there but they have improved over the past few years under new management, they still don’t properly train the cashiers though, I am always trying to explain their policy to them

  • sun says:

    Walmart near my house has a self checkout that accepts coupons. I plan to buy the cheapest ones, get overage. I will buy other items with my overage so that the net receipt amount does not go into negative. I will report back with how it went. But, first thing is first, I have to purchase some of these great coupons

  • Debbie in PA says:

    Sigh…not in my paper in Phila. I could have used it too!

    • Jcatz824 says:

      I live in the SJersey/Phila. area and betw. 2 newspapers and 1 freebie that is thrown around to homes, I rec’d 4 SS inserts and none of them had the $5. Tena Q. Each of the SS inserts were slightly different. I rec’d 2 SS in the Phila. Inquirer and each of those had a couple of different Q’s.

  • LoriWoz says:

    Not in my Metro Detroit insert, either! :/

  • Ashley says:

    Got it in my Florida paper. I always had an issue with self check out and coupons. Anyone have any experience with it and what happens when there is a coupon with an overage? Does it scan right through or does the person in charge of self checkout have to come help?

    • lovedeals says:

      I use self checkout at safeway and with this kind of coupon it always ask for the approval. At my safeway, store employe comes and check the item, coupon and gives approval. Never had a problem.

  • savedbycoupons says:

    Got the coupon and had no problem using it. Just remember, it does state ONE coupon per purchase. No overage, but FREE is still AWESOME!

    • jessica says:

      One per purchase just means one coupon per item unlike one per transaction or one per person so however many items you have you can use one per item in a single transaction unless it states otherwise like limit 4 like coupons in single transaction

  • Stacie says:

    I just priced these at several stores:

    Giant Eagle $5.79
    CVS Stylish 14 pads are $3.99 (cashier pushed the whole $5 through, YMMV)
    Rite Aid $6.99 or $5.59 if you have gold
    Walgreens $6.99

  • Savedbycoupons says:

    Target also has these for $4.99. I was able to snag a total of 6 at WalMart for just tax. I got the 30 ct. Ultra Thin. I was just going to get one and my daughter was going to get one, but the cashier said I could use all my coupons. So I did. SCORE!

  • LG says:

    Must be a regional Q not here in Sunny Ca. Bummer!

  • April says:

    Nope. None in my dallas newspaper. :(

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