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Babies R Us: Automatic $25 Off 2 Pampers Value Boxes of Diapers (Valid 7/19-7/20 Only!)

7:17 AM MST
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Heads up for those of you who are lookin’ to stock up on diapers on the cheap! Babies R Us sent out an email announcing a *HOT* 2-day sale on diapers. Today, July 19th through tomorrow July 20th, you can save $25 (yep – a whopping $25!) when you purchase 2 Pampers value boxes of diapers (88-ct or higher).  I am not sure how much the 88-ct go for in-store, but online it appears the newborn 88-ct Pampers value boxes are regularly priced at $30.99… so if you find the same price in-store, you can do this:

Buy 2 Pampers Value Boxes of Diapers, 88 ct+ Starting in price at $30.99 each
Total = $61.98
Minus the automatic $25 off sale – details on this sale here
Total now = $36.98
Plus, use 2 $1.50/1 Pampers coupons found in the 7/7 PG or here or here
Final cost only $33.98 for 2 value packs – $16.99 each!

Please share if you find value packs priced even lower than $30.99 in-store, as that will make for a really *HOT* deal when combined with the $25 off 2 sale!

(Thanks for the heads up on this sale, Deal is the Deal!)

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  • mweyler says:

    I think they may be $47 for at least the larger sizes. If anyone finds out, please do let me know

    • miranda47898 says:

      I’m pretty sure you’re right. I do this deal often and it’s ALWAYS the big boxes. I’m going tomorrow and have already planned on buying the $47 ones.

  • Lucy says:

    Am i am missing something here, if there are only 88 diapers in the newborn size, isn’t that almost $.20/diaper? Maybe i am just confused.

  • Ashley says:

    also the cases of wipes are going to be on sale for $18!

  • Laura says:

    I thought I would mention this. Luvs diapers is made by pampers. I have used both and I feel that they work the same. I really REALLY stocked up when Target had their get 2 big boxes get a 10.00 gift card. I payed 24.00 for a size 4 with 140 diapers each. so 48.00 – 10.00 gift card = 19.00 each or .13 a diaper you get 96 diapers with a pampers size 4 and it is 29.00 a box so getting pampers cost you .25 a diaper. So if you have never tired luvs.. you might want to give them a shot. ( I have two kids in diapers.)

    • Guest says:

      For what it’s worth, I used to be a p&g rep and I know for a fact Luvs is p&gs higher end diaper. In fact, they would use the “technology” developed for Luvs and hand it down to Pampers. This is also why there aren’t as many coupons available for Luvs.

      • Sara says:

        Why are Luvs scented? The scent mixed with urine is just awful. That’s the only reason I won’t buy them. I can’t find any unscented ones. I’ve tried several boxes from different retailers and they all have the same scent.

    • ashley says:

      Totally agree! Luvs are just as good for us and we’re super picky about diapers (store brands haven’t worked for my kids).

      • Bobbi Ashbeck says:

        We cannot stand the scented smell of Luv’s either! I NEVER buy them and I am not too picky about diapers, we buy whatever’s the cheapest, but cannot stand the smell. Makes me wonder what P&G uses to scent them….don’t need those toxic chemicals near my baby!

  • Sarah says:

    Or you could use cloth and pay about $.02 per diaper including detergent and washing, resell or donate them at the end, and keep about 7000 diapers out of the landfill, and that’s per kid. They take 300-500 years to decompose, plus they’re loaded with chemicals that you expose your child to everyday, all day long.

    • Sara says:

      Lovely idea and great cost comparison. It’s just not for all people. I’m a breast feeding, baby wearing, baby food making stay at home mama and I choose to use coupons to score deals on great disposable diapers for my babies because that’s what works for me.
      I recycle and conserve where I can and for some of us cloth diapers just aren’t the best option.
      Good for you ladies who do it!

    • Rachel says:

      Be careful, Sarah…wouldn’t want you to fall off of that high horse you’re on.

      With the time I save not washing cloth diapers, and how inexpensive I can buy disposable, ill continue to do what is best for myself and my family.

      • christine says:

        Love it!

      • Jess says:

        Hey, I don’t think Sarah
        was trying to guilt trip anyone, though it may of sounded a bit like it. Good for her, but I agree, I recycle, but for diapers throw away are may way, all the way! Everyone have a good day and happy saving money and taking care of your kiddos, however you do it!

    • jackie says:

      Thanks for the guilt trip :) However, our daycare won’t do cloth.

      • hazylazysusan says:

        Well, you’re obviously a bad person for putting your child in daycare. :) I don’t believe most daycares allow cloth- it’s a sanitary issue. (I used disposables for both my boys :) )

        • jackie says:

          actually some do– I did a fair amount of research on cloth before deciding on going disposable. But it’s definitely a daycare-by-daycare thing. Daycares that DO allow cloth just stick the diapers in a plastic bag and send it home with you…so you pick up your baby and like three bags of p00p/diapers that have been sitting all day. Ick.

      • Jessica says:

        I found that most daycares will do cloth if you ask….they just tend to think about the old school prefolds first and don’t know that the style has completely changed. There are no laws about it being unsanitary in Georgia (not sure about other states), but people like to make things up sometimes. We would just send a wet bag, and it came home every day with 3-4 wet diapers…not gross, not smelly, saves us a ton of money. I’d say it’s actually more sanitary since I’ve never had a blowout in cloth!

    • Katie says:

      Seriously. Are you going to try to guilt moms who formula feed and work, too? Realize that everyone is doing what they think is best for their family.

    • Laura says:

      Cloth diapers are GREAT idea but NOT always practical for working Moms like myself. Both my children used disposable diapers and I don’t feel bad about it one bit. I say do what works for you and let people alone who don’t always do what YOU think they should do.

    • Maggie says:

      How’s that high horse working for ya? ;) FYI: Cloth diapering is something some people simply can’t afford, I have two different friends who cloth diaper their babies as much as they can, but they are expensive ($20+ a diaper) and so they have to switch off and on as they don’t have enough.

    • Laura says:

      Hi Sarah, I have tried to cloth diaper. Even got my diapers off ebay. However, my kids had major blow outs, and rashes all the time. When I compared it to the cost. I was paying about . .75 a load every day times a month was 22.50 in water cost. then the special detergent was about .25 a load 7.50 a month then the drier cost was about 5.00 a month. So it was about 35.00 a month. I saw that as wasting water, electric, not to mention the water to spray out the diapers and flush it down the toilet. Right now I spend about 20.00 a month with two kids in diapers. I use an ECO friendly car, and recycle just about everything. Hope that helps.

    • Sugar says:

      I do not think Sarah is trying to guilt trap us. She is just trying to make an Eco friendly suggestion. It may or might not be possible for all of us to implement though. We need to weigh between the cost and environmental impact and conviniance factor.
      I personally have used the cloth for my elder one most of the times except while going out. But with the second one I am using both. I mostly use diapers every night (can’t keep getting up like earlier to change) and when we go out.

    • Em says:

      Geez Louise everyone is so sensitive! How do you function in everyday life?! I use the kind you have to fold yourself and pin! How’s that for cheap- we have half a dozen kids and plan for a dozen, no way in heck I am spending a boat load of money on something they poop in! :)

      PS: high horse works both ways- if you’re saying to get off of it isn’t that a bit hypocritical?

    • Diana says:

      Ugggghhh there’s always one person, diapers are not the only thing that’s thrown in the landfill and exposed to chemicles. Almost everything in America is exposed to chemicles.

  • Breanne says:

    Is there a limit of 2 boxes in order to get $25 of two? or can you buy four and end up getting $50 off?

  • Jen says:

    If you don’t mind babies R us brand diapers, I find this to be a better deal: Their value boxes are on sale for two for $35 dollars until July 25… 144 size 3 per Box… If you have any of the six dollar off coupons from the promo special value boxes boxes that they did at Easter time, You can use that coupon as well. I used one coupon but it took six dollars off each box For some reason. So I spent $23 for total of 288 diapers… This works out to be about eight cents per diaper!! So, if you do not mind the storebrand, it’s a really good price… Oh, and if you do not have the six dollar coupon that I mentioned, the Toys “R” Us stores, not babies R us, still have some of those $10 special value boxes… Which have the coupon sheets in them… The special value boxes are $10 for approximately 80 diapers, again, not a bad price!!

    • Laura says:

      Wow Jen that is AWESOME!!! How do the babies r us compare to Luvs?

      • Karen says:

        I use the BRU brand denim blue diapers for my 15 month old (not sure if these are the ones you are referring to but I think the brand might have the same quality for their diapers?)… Although I haven’t had any leaks, they tend to start looking soggy/saggy and the inside starts crumbling after an hour or so of wear. Quite a few times the diaper has looked worn out and my son wasn’t even wet.

      • Alex says:

        I am currently using the BRU brand on my 20 month old son and have had ZERO issues!

  • myhousewifetales says:

    88 Diapers at 16.99 per box… that works out to roughly 19 cents per diaper. You are not missing anything Lucy, this is not really a great deal. My stock-up price is 11 cents per diaper. If you are a member of Amazon Mom (they offer three free months so you could stock up for a year using your free three months if you didn’t want to spend the $79 for the membership) you receive 20% off and if you do Subscribe and Save (which you can cancel at any time) you save another 5%-20%. Last week, I bought a large box of 264 Luvs diapers at just under 11 cents per box and I got free shipping to my door…. I saved on gas, didn’t have to deal with the crowd and the diapers were less expensive. MHO, save your money and buy online.

    • Alice says:


    • Karen says:

      Do u know of a better current deal housewifetales? I prefer pampers.

    • Crystal says:

      My stock up price is 11 cents/diaper as well but I don’t buy my diapers online. I usually just wait for drugstore deals or markdowns and then use my coupons. also, whenever walgreens have their BOGO deal i stock up. i’m not brand loyal and have used huggies, pampers, luvs, cvs, and wag diapers on my 2 kiddos with no issues.

    • Bobbi Ashbeck says:

      Thanks for the tip! I want to cloth diaper at least some of the time with my second and just got the 3 mo. trial on amazon. Def. want to stock up on breastmilk storage bags, refills for our diaper dekor and disposable diapers while I have that! I’ll have to see what else I can get a good deal on before little one gets here.

    • Anna says:

      Before size 3 pampers or huggies are super cheap on amazon even if you aren’t a member or do the subscribe and save. I would get 280 or mire diapers for 34 dollars, about 12cents a diaper. And the shipping is free. Once I got past size 3 SAMs club was the cheapest I could find. Sometimes the boxes are even 6 dollars off. With twins I tried to find the best bargain I could. This worked for my family!!

  • livingartphoto says:

    I’m really confused on how people don’t buy their diapers from Costco?! The size 3’s are like .12 cents a diaper everyday price and even cheaper when they have a coupon! You don’t have to jump through any hoops like the other stores and the brand is great!

    • Megan e says:

      My daughter is still in size 1 and other store deals are better for that size but plan on buying Costco when we need the bigger sizes.

    • Amy says:

      I have heard that Costco diapers are made by Huggies. We used them w/ our 1st and 2nd baby. Only issues we have ever had were the tabs pulling off occasionally – I kept a roll of packing tap handy when needed. :-)

    • heather says:

      I totally agree! This is not a better deal than costco, and I have found I prefer their diapers-they really are great.

    • Crystal says:

      unfortunately, i don’t have costco membership . my sister gave me a box of their kirkland diapers at my baby shower and i loved using them. :)

  • holly"m says:

    Size 4s are $48, so not the best deal there, but not too shabby if you need newborn sizes. My 9.5 pounder was in newborn diapers for about 3 days. Lol!

  • Amanda says:

    I’ve heard a lot of great things about Kirkland (Costco) diapers before too, but of course I have a Sams membership. Anyone know if their brand (Simply Right) is any good?

    • Glenda says:

      I just got a box of size 4s of the Sam’s brand. Definitely not the quality as the name brands like Huggies or Pampers, but they did the job. Personally I would not buy again.

    • Monica says:

      We started using the size 3 simply right brand and they work great for us. Haven’t had any issues with leaking or anything. I think it’s a great deal too! The wipes work great too!

  • hazylazysusan says:

    Does anyone know if this deal will work at Toy R Us stores, too?

  • Susan J says:

    We have to use Pampers Sensatives. Every other diaper causes my LO to break out. Babies R Us is the only place that consistently carries them. This is a great sale for me. You can by multiples of 2 boxes…i was able to buy 4 at a time. If I wanted more, I just had to have the checker run two orders.

  • Karen says:

    the diapers I bought during Target’s deal with the $10 gc had 2 $2.50 coupons in each box making this even better.

  • amanda says:

    Also the pampers overnight size 4 and 5 diapers are 2 for $30 they have approx. 80 in each pack. These originally are $28.99 each.

  • Alicia says:

    Did anyone see how much the boxes were at their store?

    • Rachelle says:

      At my store, the only boxes (besides Newborn) available were $46.99 per. I bought one of size 2 Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive (150 count) and one of size 3 Pampers Baby Dry (204 count). Definitely not a great deal.

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