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Walmart: Mattel Disney Pixar Cars Vehicle 2-Packs Just $2.94 (Print Your Coupon Now Before It’s Gone!)

8:43 AM MST
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$4.00 off Mattel Disney.Pixar Cars Vehicle 2 pack

As I mentioned last night, released a high-value new $4/1 Mattel Vehicle 2-pack Featuring Disney Pixar Cars Characters coupon. Print this coupon now (before it’s gone!) and then head to Walmart to snag the following deal…

Mattel Disney Pixar Cars Vehicle 2-pack $6.94
Use the $4/1 coupon found here
Final Cost $2.94 per 2-pack (that makes each car just $1.47!)

(Thanks and Photo Credit, I Heart the Mart!)

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  • babs7881 says:

    I tried these today and the coupon beeped at walmart. :(

  • Priscilla says:

    such an awesome coupon! these will make great stocking stuffers for my 3 yr old!

  • babs7881 says:

    I tried these at walmart today and the coupon beeped. :(

  • Ger says:

    Same here. The Walmart I went to the Q beeped. The CSM said if its a home printed Q and it beeps they can’t take them. I used a Q at Target and the Q did beep but the cashier just pushed it through.

    • Ger says:

      I’m thinking the Q is only good on the 2-pack pictured and other 2-packs that feature the shown characters. I ran across the 2-pack shown on the Q but it was at a different Target. I’ll have to head back later.

  • britani g. says:

    Used these today and two coupons beeped and two didn’t so weird. The Cashier said it was because the UPCs on the package didn’t match the coupon. That was after she accused me of photo copying the coupons!! I would never. It’s people that do those kinds of things that ruin it for the rest of us. :(

  • Lynn says:

    For anyone having trouble using the $4/1 Q for the Disney Pixar 2-packs, the Q is ONLY meant to be used for the 2-packs that specifically state “Cars 2” on the card. The Q beeped when I tried to use it on other 2-pack but did not beep when used on the Cars 2 specified pack. HTH.

  • Katie says:

    I bought ‘cars 2’ 2-packs and the Q beeped at walmart. I had a super nice csm that said I was buying what the coupon stated and pushed them through anyway.

  • Julie says:

    I bought two at a Target in Ohio yesterday. Only $3.49 each! Now…I need to get two more coupons!

  • sarah says:

    This coupon didn’t work for me at my Eagle Point, OR Walmart. I selected a 2-pack with Lightning/Sally and Mater/Holly Shiftwell and the coupon wouldn’t work on either. It didn’t beep, but it said something like “coupon accepted” with numbers after it on the screen. It’s frustrating because the coupon says “With the purchase of one (1) Mattel Vehicle 2 pack featuring Disney Pixar Cars Characters”. It doesn’t say Cars2. And the Holly Shiftwell is FROM Cars2 I think. :(

  • Sarah says:

    This is a follow-up to a previous comment I posted that I don’t see on here yet. But anyway, I ended up going back to the Walmart in Eagle Point, OR and purchased the 2 packages after I spoke with an awesome employee (Heidi). She agreed that I had the items that the coupon was for and spoke with her awesome manager (Mindy). They ended up accepting the coupon, but told me that their computer system had recently been upgraded and was not accepting coupons the same way as before. So, there’s the explanation if no one else knows. And thank you to Heidi & Mindy who made my day and my daughter’s day! :)

  • Cynthia says:

    Similar issue with me. I went to my Walmart (so Cal) and the didn’t accept my coupon because they upgraded their system. I had to speak to the manager and she approved the coupon. I think it’s best just to go to customer service and just ask for a manager. They were pretty cool about it.

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