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HIP’s Summer Challenge Week #8: Free Dance Class

4:42 PM MST
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So this week’s Summer Challenge is all about taking advantage of all the great art, music, dance, and recreational classes offered by your local city, church, schools, friends, neighbors etc. Before I dive in to this post, I do want to acknowledge that every town is different and some of you may live in areas that offer minimal to no extracurricular classes; however, for those of you who do have access to free/cheap classes, I encourage you to take full advantage of them!

As an example, my mom lives in a very small town in Idaho (with a population under 200!). She is extremely social and happened to learn that one of the local high school students would be hosting a 4-day clogging class for children of all ages – and the best part, this class was FREE! My mom (being Grandma HIP, of course! ;) ) immediately jumped on the phone and asked me and my sisters if she could scoop up any interested grandkids for the week so that they could partake in this clogging class.

As you can see from the pictures (unfortunately, my mom has not mastered the art of taking pictures with her iPhone; of the 2 pics that she took, one was super blurry and the other super dark – so please use your imagination to visualize the kids dancing :D ), my daughter, Piper, and my nephews, Hudson and Nash, jumped at the chance to hang out with their oh-so-loved Mimi for 4 days and to attend the clogging class.

Cost for 4 Days of Dancing Fun: FREE (now that’s Hip!)

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  • Amber R. says:

    Dang, I wish my kiddos had awesome grandparents like that. I haven’t had an entire weekend without the kids ever :( Anyways, I’m taking my kiddos to a free movie at the theater! My local theater does a free kids movie once a week, it’s usually an older movie but that’s ok my kids still love it.

    • LadyO says:

      Amber, Just wanted to throw something out there. You may have tried already, but I thought I would offer… Since I don’t have family living near me, I do a kid swap with my friends. I will watch yours, if you watch mine. My wonderful friends have been a lifesaver for me, on multiple occasions. I know my kids love having new and different friends at the house and, (shhh…) sometimes, I watch multiple families at ONE time and get the benefit of TWO swaps in the future!! Sometimes it gets crazy, but sometimes it is easier to watch a herd of kids at once-it surely is easier to organize games and competitions! Good luck!

  • Missy says:

    Also contact your local movie theater or library. i live in a small town in NC, and i found out that my local movie theater has free movies for kids at 10 and 12 am on tuesdays and thursdays til the end of August. Also our children’s library has a ton of interactive and hands on activities planned throughout the summer for kids.

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