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Amazon: Moby Wrap UV 50+ SPF Baby Carrier Only $33.95 Shipped (Best Price – Regularly $55.95!)

7:27 AM MST
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If you’re looking for an easy way to carry your little one or need a nice baby shower gift idea, head on over to Amazon where you can order a Moby Wrap UV 50+ SPF Baby Carrier (in Coral) for only $33.95 (regularly $55.95!) – which is the lowest price it’s been! Plus, score FREE super Saver Shipping OR FREE 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime (check out this post for more information on how to score a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime!).

*As a price comparison, these Moby Wraps are selling for $47.99 on and so this seems like a great deal!

Product Features:

*100% Cotton
*Uses entire back and shoulders to distribute weight evenly
*Wide piece of fabric to wrap over both shoulders
*Keeps baby warm while freeing both hands
*Develops a strong and secure attachment to wearer
*Can be used from 8 to 35 pounds

If you’re pregnant, consider adding this item to your Amazon Baby Registry to let friends or family know that this item is on your Wish List! If you haven’t set up your FREE registry yet, head here and do so now and you’ll be entered to win a $500 Gift Card!

(Thanks, Jenny!)

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  • angela says:

    Thanks for posting this. Was wanting one of these and able to get it before they are all gone.

  • Sasha says:

    I think this will work nicely for my chihuahua too!
    Her little legs get tired on long walks :)

    • Jesse says:

      I like the Boppy baby sling for our Chihuahua. She can go for 40 min then she has to go in the carrier while we finish exercising our Doberman. The Boppy sling has mesh so she can breathe if she lies down. Plus it is less hot (if you live somewhere warm) than the Moby. We used our Boppy sling in GA for the Chi.

  • Summer says:

    I had one of these, and they take some practice to learn to tie on and “install” baby, but they are comfy, but HOT……if you live in a hot climate, you might find a diff carrier. My fav of all time was the Ergo

  • Jesse says:

    You can find these nearly new for so cheap locally (like $10). Not worth buying new, imo. And I agree with Summer. Great if you live somewhere cool, but not if you are somewhere hot- you’ll cook yourself and the baby! We used this wrap in winter with our newborn and loved it. Then the Ergo when she got bigger.

  • Nichole says:

    You were reading my mind (sort of) :)
    I am getting this to use with my yorkie when I vaca @ the beach. It will also work well to carry her while visiting the various gift shops-there would be no objection to going in the stores with her securely in the wrap. Perfect!

  • Summer says:

    I agree with Jesse– I got mine in “like new” condition on Craigslist for $20

  • The Lady Fritzler says:

    I have a DIY Moby and I LOVE it! Once you get used to how to tie it, it’s perfect! It is a little on the warm side though. Also, if you want to DIY, there’s a simple tutorial and it’s much cheaper!

  • Kb says:

    Also you can easily make these. 6 yards of jersey fabric. Cut to about 20-25 inches wide. You don’t even need to sew the edges. Use a 50% coupon at Joann’s, hobby lobby etc. I used mine for hiking with my son until he outgrew it and will use it this fall for my daughter. Super easy no-sew project.

    • Sarah says:

      Alright, I tried this. Bought about 5.5yrds of jersey, spent close to $50 even with a sale/coupon. Split it with my sil so it wasn’t as expensive. It was so bulky, and not quite long enough maybe (tried trimming the ends thinner, but it was too much fabric to get a good tie). I never could figure it out. Maybe the actual Moby is easier to use, not so heavy/bulky and easier to tie…I never did figure out how to use my diy moby. =( JMO

      • Kb says:

        The fabric I used wasn’t too thick but very strong. You want it to have a little bit of stretch but not enough that the baby isn’t secure. The only area where there should be any bulk is where you tie the knot. Otherwise it should lay flat for the most part. It was light enough for me to use in 90 weather.

  • Casey says:

    I’ve used mine once :( not a fan of baby wearing, too uncomfortable. If anyone is in St. Louis and would like to buy it for $20, let me know!

    • Sarah says:

      Have you tried other carriers? Maybe you would like a soft structured carrier better than one that you have to wrap. The Ergo, Beco and Boba are great carriers, and can be used longer than the Moby!

      • Casey says:

        Thanks for the suggestion but baby wearing isn’t for me. I have a 2 year old and 10 month old. Stroller is more convenient for me.

        • Kristina says:

          I’m with Casey. I have four kids and never have worn any of them. I’ve tried MANY carriers. I bought the Moby with my daughter (she’s now 12 mos) and I used it once. It was pretty easy to figure out how to tie- just use the tutorial online- but it was SO HOT!! I used it at an outdoor Halloween party in mid-sixty degree weather and my daughter and I were cooking!

  • nina says:

    I hope I don’t get reported for swadling if I use this? I read about the news on nannies/sitters who got apprehended for swaddling.. they simply wrapped the baby up they way usual swadling is done since forever.

  • Karla says:

    I love my moby. It did take some work to get the wrap and tie right, but worth it. I used it as soon as I could with my infant daughter and still using it with a different position now at 15 months. Perfect for places where a double stroller is too long. I Wear 1 sweetie and push the other. I have 3 different carriers and the moby is my favorite.

  • Jenny says:

    I loved my Moby. I bought the Ero & Bjorn and they were to “Back Pack” like and extremely uncomfortable. The Moby was so soft and I could wear him all day if I wanted to! I went everywhere with him in the Moby and we live in HOT Texas and I didn’t find it was any hotter than the other two. We did use a “sling” style carrier. That lasted all but 5 minutes. His neck was in a bad position for breathing and he was SO hat I had to strip him down to cool off. Those are dangerous. Anyways, just my experience! :)

  • PrincessPatchen says:

    DONT get a Moby. If you want to babywear, go for the Boba. It is only online. Used to be called the sleepy wrap. They have a wrap and a carrier like the Ergo (only better :). The Boba is the original and the best. The wraps are slightly different in length and are a different material. The Moby is like a t-shirt material and will give and stretch. The Boba does not do this. Because the Moby is in major retailers (and the Boba is not) is why people automatically get the Moby (and Ergo). Please take my advice and at least check out the Boba website. I wear all my babies and I have tried them all :) I give the Boba as a babyshower gift. Hands down Boba is the best wrap! If anyone wants to know why, I will happily explain.

    • Em says:

      We have half a dozen kids and plan on a cheaper by the dozen type thing… Boba is awesome. I also like the Ergo. I will occasionally use the Moby in the winter. We live in TX so heat is a big determining factor lol

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