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Staples Rewards: Reward A Classroom Program – Earn Rewards & Cash Back for Your Child’s Teacher

9:45 AM MST
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Looking for a way to help your child’s school or teacher? Check out this new program being offered by Staples Rewards, called Reward A Classroom. As you may know, Staples Rewards members can already earn 5% back in rewards for their purchases. However, with this new rewards program parents can now earn extra rewards for the teacher of their choice with the Reward A Classroom program. How cool is that!? :D

Plus, Teachers can earn 2% back in rewards on most everything (excluding postage, phone/gift cards and savings passes) and 5% back in rewards on every Copy & Print purchase. Teachers can earn up to $50 from as many as 40 parents each year. That’s as much as $2,000 back in rewards every year! Sweet!

Here’s how to participate:


*Sign up online and enter the requested information.
*After signing up, update your profile information anytime right here.
*You can also check to see how many people have linked to your rewards account.
*Make sure to tell parents and friends to link to your Teacher Rewards account so they start earning rewards for your classroom!


*Search for and select the teacher you’d like to earn extra rewards for, enter your information and then link rewards accounts.

**(Note, Teachers must be enrolled in Teacher Rewards and parents in Staples Rewards to join Reward A Classroom.

To learn more about Staples Rewards, go here. Also, for an update on changes to the program starting on 3/15, see my post here. Also, note that you cannot “roll” Staples Rewards.

(Thanks, Mister Cheap!) 

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  • rlee says:

    this is so cool! thanks for sharing. my mom’s a teacher and she’s really excited about this.

  • Ashley57 says:

    I don’t buy that much from Staples, but I would be willing to link my account to a teacher’s account. Just give me a name!

  • Dee says:

    Does anyone know how this works? What if you have multiply teacher’s?

  • Babs says:

    I’m a speech therapist in an elementary school and I just signed up for this program. I would be THRILLED if anyone here would link to my Teacher Rewards acct. I believe that you just need to search for my last name to link to the acct. My last name is: Pahutski thanks in advance!

  • Meg says:

    It says you can only link to one teacher per year and once you link, you can’t change it until the “school year” (July 1st) begins.

    • Janette says:

      I signed up for this program the other day. I am a kindergarten teacher in Spring, Texas. If anyone would like to link to me, I would really appreciate it. I always spend a ton on glue sticks, crayons, folders, etc for my class before school starts. Its the only way I can afford it. I teach in a title 1 school, so a great number of our parents do not have the means to provide school supplies for their children.

  • eridqua says:

    As a teacher I am super excited about this program! If anyone is able to add me, you can search my last name Liu and I am in Irvine, CA. Thank you!

  • Ginnett says:

    I am a Spanish teacher in Carrollton, Georgia. Anyone who would like to link to my account will be highly appreciated. Just like all the other teachers have posted, I also spend a lot of money on school supplies for my kids. My last name is Zabala. Gracias!

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