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Prevacid Perks Program Update: My Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card Finally Arrived (Check Your Inbox!)

1:59 PM MST
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Heads-up for those of you who signed up for the Prevacid Perks Program that I posted about here! If you did indeed sign up for the program and enter a UPC Code, you may have been wondering if and when your perk was going to arrive (I originally thought it was supposed to arrive within a 24 hour period!).

Well, I am happy to report that your perk should have arrived or be arriving shortly! If you haven’t already, be sure to check your Inbox (or spam or trash folders) for an email with the Subject Line “Your Perks Are In The Works” from the email address I personally received this email late last night and was able to snag my $5 Starbucks Gift Card right away. Come back and let us know if you received a similar email as well!

(Thanks, Vishnu!)

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  • linna says:

    I got the code but it is not working. I called prevacid but they told me to call starbuck. Called starbuck but they told me to call Prevacid. This is such a pain. Please let me know if anyone has solution.

    • bunny says:

      I had the same problem too. You need to be putting in the code that is on the certificate you get when you click on the link. It’s not the “secret code” they sent you in the email. I know that sounds kinda weird, but hope that makes sense Linna ;-) Please try this and let me know if you have success!

      • Elle says:

        Hi! I had the same problem as Linna and but i didnt get what you ment when you said ‘You need to be putting in the code that is on the certificate you get when you click on the link.’ Sorry can you please explain where the code is. Thank you so much :)

        • linna says:

          Thanks bunny for your help :) I clicked on the link that they sent and put the secret code in CAPITAL letter and it works fine!!! OMG I spent more than 2 hours to find the answer for that. I thought I was smart but I guess not :)

    • kara says:

      Make sure you are putting in the code with out spaces. It arrives in your email with the spaces.

  • me says:

    Ironic that a heartburn med company is encouraging coffee consumption;) (yes i know they sell other things too but let’s be real, that’s their main item)
    -coffee is a widely known cause of heartburn

  • Laura says:

    Still didn’t get mine – hopefully soon!

  • Vishnu says:

    I clicked on the link and put in the code , it then gave me Starbucks gift card number and code , which I was able to transfer funds to my mobile Starbucks card. I did it on my iPhone. Hth some one and made sense. My balance on the mobile card got updated to 5$ more than what previously existed.

  • mark says:

    still havent gotten mine, anyone else?

  • shopngeek says:

    Yea! I got one! Thanks for the heads up~

  • molly says:

    Did you guys know anything about burgerking $5 gift card? I have not received it yet :( Let me know if you know anything. I hope we will get it soon.

    • Rona says:

      yes, I received mine but I know several people who did not.

    • J says:

      Me either! When I contacted them they said my email was not in their system to receive the gift card, which I highly doubt because the screen said I would receive the ecard in 2 business days. Not too happy with bk!

  • Amber says:

    Molly: I was told by Sportscenter that the Burger King g.c. was for the first 10,000 people and sorry. Well, I’m pretty sure I was, but oh well. I too have NOT received the Prevacid Perk. :(

  • Linda says:

    I received the $5.00 gift card. About 4-5 days earlier, I received an email that the UPC code was incorrect and they could not process my request. They apparently had a system problem since I didn’t do anything to fix ‘their issue’.

  • Michele Weaver says:

    I just checked..still nothing. I signed up July 18. I wonder if I will ever get it.

  • pharmchick says:

    Id gladly trade my $5 BK for a $5 starbucks if anyones interested :-)

  • Alyssea says:

    Is it too late to enter a code and get the card?

  • kt says:

    I got an e-mail today that says that my perk is waiting, but I never got a redemption coded? They e-mail stated that I would get the code in the mail? How did you guys get your starbucks code, via e-mail or snail mail?

  • VISHNU says:

    kt , it comes in the email, with a link for redemption and secret code. when u click on the link and put it the secret code, you get a electronic starbucks gift card with a card number and a code.

    for those who didnt get it…..
    I re did the rewards redemption on prevacid rewards site yesterday, and got the gift card today. so I am thinking, for some reason if the previous time didn’t go thru due to high traffic, although they said that it did, it might just help to redo it. Doesn’t hurt:)

    • Sunny says:

      i got the comfirmation that I was IN the prevacid program BUT I still haven’t received my gc. Do you think I will get it soon because I’m in the program, which means they have my request for the gc…or should I just try again? Thanks so much!! :)

  • paula says:

    Nothing for me yet and I did not get the Burger King one either, oh well:(

  • Lynn l says:

    I DID receive my email with my secret code, so it DOES COME. I didn’t think it would. Hope all who participated receives their $5 credit too!

  • frugalfemme says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I would have never searched for it without your post.

  • Elizabeth says:

    It seems that some of us are being sent emails saying “check the code you received in the MAIL” but we’ve never gotten the code! I’ve received two of these emails so far, telling me to redeem my code, but I’ve never received a code. I emailed the company to get this straightened out. It’s annoying to receive email after email “reminding” me to do something I can’t!

    • Mandy says:

      Come back and let us know if they reply because I got the same email, no code. I’m not really sure what else I can do except wait.

  • Sunny says:

    Still haven’t received mine (entered july 17) ….I even re-entered yesterday & still haven’t gotten anything….anyone else? :(

  • lacie says:

    I entered and it said it was valadating…. I never did get an email with one in it and I have checked both mails (junk and inbox)

  • Mark says:

    I got one but my sister who also singed up did not? Btw the addresses were different

  • KF says:

    I got an e-mail today that says …. “my perk is waiting”, never got a redemption coded for the Starbuck GC and the Burger King one either … :(

    • sara says:

      I got an e-mail today saying the same thing… 3 of the same e-mail to be exact! I never got anything other than a welcome e-mail after I joined so I thought I did something wrong. Hmmm… I think I am going to e-mail customer service and have them re-send my code.

  • Migdalia says:

    Yay!!! I had already given up but my reward finally arrived! I don’t know if its from signing up the first time or from the second time I did it.But I got it and transfered to my starbucks card:)

  • Fabrice says:

    Got mine today.
    Just do it again if it didn’t work you should get it in 1-2 days

  • Sunny says:

    Why can’t we choose starbucks as a “perk” anymore? Are they out? When will they restock? :(

  • Dave says:

    The question is where do I find the secret code? Apparently, I never got one when I actually received an email “Your Perk Are In The Works” and said “Thank you for redeeming a perk”. I wasn’t sure if I’ve actually redeem it since I never got $5 Starbucks card. :(

  • Darcey says:

    So I got the email and loaded the 5 dollars onto my registered card. Loaded fine and my card said the balance was now 5 dollars. Went tobisebit and the barista at starbucks said the card was empty so I paid 5 bucks out of pocket. I was pissed. So I decided to print out the certificate and went to use it again and again the barista said it was empty so again I paid 5 bucks out I pocket:/ I’m so mad right now. That’s ten bucks and change that I wouldn’t have normally spent:/ where so I get prevacids contact info???

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