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  View changes → FREE Glasses AND Lenses (Just Pay Shipping & Handling) – New Customers Only

8:31 AM MST
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Still haven’t snagged your free pair of glasses?! If you have missed out on the free glasses (and free 1.5 single vision index lenses!) offers from, here is yet another chance to snag a free pair!

Here’s what you need to do to snag your free glasses…

* Head over to and pick out your favorite frames.

* Enter the promo code FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout (keep in mind that this promo code is for new customers only)

* Head to checkout where you’ll need to pay shipping and handling charges and the costs for any lens upgrades

Here’s what a few Hip2Save readers have had to say about this promotion…

My husband got his pair and he loves them! They are actually nicer than the ones he got at the eye doctor and a lot cheaper!

I got a pair of hipster glasses from Coastal Contacts! I get so many compliments and paired with a red lipstick I have a great geek chic look! The best part is that I paid $16.99 for it!

I have used the last two times for my new glasses. My insurance won’t pay for hardware, so it all falls on me! I got two pairs last month while they were having the 30% off sale for $180.60…and one pair I got was D&G! I am absolutely in love with them, not to mention I paid about half what I usually do for ONE pair, much less two!!!! :) Oh, and now all the lense upgrades are free (Crisal, antiglare, all the goodies. Not progressive or transition though!)

I got a pair for my boyfriend for Christmas last year. He does not have insurance and already has to pay for his contacts and so when he had gone to the eye doctor and his prescription had changed he could not afford to buy a new pair of glasses on top of buying the contacts. So he was just going to use his old glasses when he needed to. But with this, he now has the right pair of glasses and he is so happy with them.

(Thanks for the reminder, Mindy!)

(To see the Fine Print of this offer, click the link below “Read More / Post Your Comments”.)

Fine Print

* This promotion is for first time prescription glasses customers only.
* One free pair of glasses per customer per prescription.
* We reserve the right to verify all prescriptions.
* Valid for coupon eligible frames only.
* To get your free pair apply the coupon code FIRSTPAIRFREE at the checkout.
* 1.5 index lenses included for free.
* Lens upgrades including: higher index lenses, progressives, Transitions, polarized and all lens coatings are available at additional cost.
* Shipping costs may apply, which is typically up to $20.
* Cannot be combined with any other offers.
* Valid for residents of the United States only.
* reserves the right to cancel orders that appear to be in violation of this promotion.

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  • Elizabeth H. says:

    My husband orders his glasses from here a lot! He says they are better than the ones you get from your eye doctor! We have been very pleased with these!

  • robin says:

    everytime i enter the code it still comes up 39.99 without ANY upgrades. i am a new user.

    • Far says:

      i know ur problem is: the free lenses only covered from -3.0 to +3.0, it happens to me too, and the rep explained.

    • Heidi says:

      Not all glasses qualify for free. When you go to’s website, make sure you click “Get Your First Pair Free” under category on the left hand side to select a pair that qualifies. I hope that helps.

  • DC says:

    Might be a silly question but I have no clue with this online glasses stuff….but how do they know what prescription lenses you need? And the proper size frames to fit your face/head?? Thanks in advance!! :)

  • Heidi says:

    My current pair of glasses came from I’ve had them for over a year and they still look new. I would highly recommend giving them a try!

  • Christa says:

    If you’re buying for anyone who breaks/loses their glasses often, try They start at $6.95 and you can order as many pairs as you want for $4.95 shipping.

  • Valerie says:

    I got my glasses from Coastal for the first time this year and it was so easy and I really like my glasses. My prescription is too high to qualify for free glasses but they were $40, $100s less than I would’ve paid at the doctor’s office. I got my script from my doctor and had to use a ruler I printed off online to get my pupil measurements. I can’t wait to order my contacts through Coastal next year, they are $150 less annually than buying them from my doctor.

  • Jasmine says:

    I am trying to order my first pair, but it seems only the frame is free. Total is still $58

  • Ashley R says:

    hoping my boyfriend can find a pair and knows his prescription because the baby just made his almost unwearable

  • Elsy says:

    Thanks got mines for only $15.65 nobody can beat that! The ones that I have right now cost$198!

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