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High Value $3/1 Biore Cleanser (No Size Restrictions!) Coupon in 8/11 SS = Better Than Free at Walmart

11:21 AM MST
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Heads up! This Sunday, 8/11, there will be a high value $3/1 ANY Biore Cleanser (no size restrictions!) coupon found in the SmartSource insert! Please keep in mind that this coupon is likely regional and not available in all areas. If you do get this awesome coupon, be sure to check the trial/travel size section at your local Walmart for the following deal:

Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser, 1 oz (travel size) $0.50
Use the $3/1 ANY Biore Cleanser (no size exclusions!) coupon found in the 8/11 SS
Final cost FREE + $2.50 in overage to go towards other items! Wow!

Be sure to let us know if you spot this travel size Biore Cleanser for the same price too!

(Thanks and Photo Credit, The Wally World Woman!)

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  • sarah says:

    I almost always assume coupons r no trial size now, woo hoo. Thnks for pointin that out on this one

    • Rose says:

      not all retailers let you do that though…i work at one that has a strict policy that coupon cannot exceed value of item…most coupons say in the fine print that coupon cannot exceed retail price

      • Rose says:

        also in this case…I would just buy 6…I use this product all the time anyway…but I also think I would get more value out of a full sized product anyway

  • Sarah says:

    Expire 8/19, yikes!

  • Stacy says:

    It’s definetly regional. I get my inserts on Saturdays an it wasn’t in there. Bummer.

  • LadyO says:

    I always have a problem at the register, when a coupon amount is higher than the price of an item I am purchasing. My WM cashiers will not take the coupon at face value, whether or not it is an internet printed. I am told that they can only deduct the actual cost of the product for which I am using the coupon. Is that regional or a store policy?

    • Cora says:

      The Walmart coupon policy states that if a coupon exceeds the value of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase. Print the policy and take it with you and they’ll have to honor it. After all, it’s Walmart Corporate policy. I had to do that myself–been in your situation, but now I’m ready when someone has something to say.

    • Desi says:

      Print out the corporate coupon policy and take it with you. That is what my sister and I have to do at our Walmart.

  • Cannielle says:

    Even though the coupon says ANY but I feel wrong to use a $3.00 coupon on a $.50 product. That is the reason we don’t get high value coupons very often now, anyway, this is just my 2 cents. Thanks for all you do, Collin.

    • CW says:

      At Walmart, I apply the overage to other food I need.

    • Edie says:

      I feel the same way. Even though it’s allowed, you know that’s not how the manufacturer intended it to be used, and when they get all the coupons back and see they were mostly used on the trial sized packages, it’s likely the next coupon will have the “excludes trial/travel” stipulation, and not be as high value.

      Not bashing on anyone that will use this on trial sizes at all, it is within the realms of the coupon, just throwing in my 2 cents with Cannielle. :)

      • Cora says:

        I respect your view, but the extra comes in handy when you live paycheck to paycheck and have to support a family.

        • axhilli says:

          A lot of people live paycheck to paycheck and have a family to support and still agree with Cannielle. I also worry about people working at places like Walmart possibly losing their jobs because of me or others trying to do a deal like this it just isn’t worth it to me.

          • Rebekah says:

            I would agree if it wasn’t in their policy. They aren’t going to lose their job if they are following the store’s policy.

    • Ketsy says:

      I love hip2save and the way it helps me save. I too feel like you Cannielle, there are other ways I can save and feel good about it. It’s our personal choice but I rather not do something I feel hurts me inside. i think you like me have done this long enough to know it ends up affecting coupon amounts and wording in the future. There are also many other ways to save and stretch a buck including cutting back in things we don;t really need. Just here showing you support ;)

      • Erin says:

        Love the idea of “cutting back on things we don’t really need”! Well said!

        I love overage as much as the next person. Though I see nothing wrong with using this coupon as shown, I think the mistake is in publicizing it this way. A handful of careful couponers (not me, LOL!) would get the deal and it likely wouldn’t cause any repercussions. Now that it is explicitly pointed out to every couponer who has ever read a coupon blog, it will likely cause the manufacturer to add restrictions or lower the value next time a coupon is released. Manufacturers make it their business to know what is trending on blogs.

        Remember all the $1/1 Johnson’s coupons in the past? Like clockwork, every time a coupon came out or even just reset, every blog posted about it in screaming neon lights. Now every Johnson’s coupon is lower in value, requires multiple purchases, and/or excludes various sizes and lines. I sure do miss my free Johnson Buddies. :(

        • makaylaisabel says:

          Thanks Erin. When I first started couponingI had a stash of items for just the bubby and myself. He ended up not liking some shaving products and my three children were practically toddlers so they don’t eat much anyhow. I donated a lot of the stuff and now coupon but stick to what we will use, what I can use for gifts but not everything that’s on sale. Even if it costs me a quarter, it’s a quarter I can use towards something I really needed. I started figuring these out when buying lots of the closest to free stuff that weren’t really free when you had to pay tax, buy or swap coupons and drive around to even find things (gas, etc.) I’ll get a bit more crazed about it when the girls are in middle to high school and request items. :D

    • ella says:

      isn’t it funny how society has programed us to feel bad about making money even when we play by the rules? arent we good little nwo citizens being scared of people losing their’s jobs over $2.50??

      • makaylaisabel says:

        Same way you feel like a little rebel or sticking in to the man with $2.50 worth of produce or food lol

      • susan says:

        Ella you don’t sound very considerate of other ppl. You obviously shop at walmart a lot as you sound just like a large part of its clientele. Society hasn’t programmed us, its called a CONSCIENCE, some ppl have it and some ppl don’t. Also believe it or not that $2.50 CAN cause someone to lose their jobs if they already have strikes against them.

      • axhilli says:

        @ Ella – Sounds like you would do anything to make a dollar and that’s good for you but it doesn’t work for everyone.

  • Crystal says:

    the target that i go to doesn’t let me use high value coupons on trial size even if there is no size restriction on the coupon. they go by the picture on the coupon. i’ve tried telling them otherwise but to no avail..the cashiers and managers there are rude and act like i’m trying to pull something on them. it really sucks but what are you going to do if they don’t accept your coupon.

    • Valerie says:

      I had the same problem at a Target in Tucson when I lived there. I called corporate after a particularly frustrating visit when the women practically accused me of stealing. Corporate said I was right and if I ever had problems again to just call them while I was in line and they would set the manager and cashier straight. Luckily I had another Target to go to so I did, but if you only have one nearby this is an option.

  • paula says:

    I can never find any of the travel sizes for the high value coupons at my Walmart, they did not have the Nuetrogena and I doubt they will have this one either:(

  • ter says:

    my walmart has full size biore clenser for $5.47 so with coupon it is like 50% off.

  • j says:

    does target have these ?

  • joanne says:

    what is the link for walmart coupon policy please

  • alys53 says:

    If you use a $3.00 coupon on a $.50 item why would the store care, they are getting back the full value of the coupon from the manufacturer anyways, right?

    • axhilli says:

      People get fired over this stuff, that is why a lot of people are scared to take these coupons they don’t want to lose their jobs. Anytime I try to use a coupon that has an overage I don’t argue with them about giving the overage to me because I never want to put someone in bad situation at their work place.

      • Rachel says:

        Why are they getting fired? Have you known someone who got fired? It is in their corporate policy to accept coupons that give overages. I just don’t get this argument….how are they getting fired for accepting their corporate policy?

        • lolo says:

          here here!

        • axhilli says:

          Just because its in their coupon policy does not mean the store manager allows them to be redeemed in this sort of way. It is not up to corporate to fire someone it’s the store manager. Yes I know someone personally that got fired over a coupon.

          • Rachel says:

            The store manager needs to be aware of the coupon policy set forth by his/her superiors. If an employee is getting fired over following corporate policies they’ve got a valid legal battle on their side. Getting fired over following store policies is absurd.

        • Amanda says:

          EXACTLY! Finally a voice of reason!

  • Jenn says:

    I just want the Biore Ice Cleanser BEFORE the coupon expires! My teenage son uses it EVERY day. Husband is at Wal-mart as we speak, calling me telling me they don’t have it. Looked up the SKU, they have a spot for it, but it’s empty. Hoping for a NICE worker to assist him to see if there’s any in the back. Yes, 1/2 off makes me HAPPY. I don’t care about the overage, I just want to save $12 on four bottles. HOPING! :)

    • Edie says:

      I hope you find the bottles in time! :) I love the way that cleanser feels on my face, it’s so neat haha.

      • Jenn says:

        Hubby got three bottles. :) Stocked for three months. :) Yes, the son loves the “refreshing” feeling — and “I” do, too! At this price, I’ll sneak a few uses! ;) lol

  • paula says:

    I wonder if you can use the coupon on the pore strips? I LOVE them! It does say pore cleansing strips on the box,lol.

  • Samantha says:

    I don’t see why people are in a huff about the overage, if they didn’t want us to use it on trial/travel size they would have indicated such as MANY coupons do, you shouldn’t feel bad about using the coupon if you are following the coupon terms, in this case $3 off any 1 Biore cleanser and limit one per purchase.

    • Rachel says:

      I just don’t get this argument….how are they getting fired for accepting their corporate policy? Agree with you!!!

    • Sarah says:

      I have to agree. Corporations aren’t clueless… they know exactly what they’re doing.

      • linz says:

        This is how they get lots of people to use their product by pretty much giving it away free. Anyone remember the 8$ off of 2 covergirl products. They know they have products under these amounts. Its to get there products out there. Having an opinion is neither right or wrong. And because you feel one way doesnt mean everyone should. So for someone to NOT CARE ABOUT OTHERS is not correct. Your glass is half full, hers is half empty, and I drank the glass..

      • linz says:

        So well said Sarah :)

  • trippy79 says:

    I can confirm that this coupon is in the Baltimore Sun paper. So excited! Just hope that the Wal-Marts in my area actually have the trial size of this product available as they didn’t have the Neutrogena one.

  • Becky says:

    Just bought 20 coupons on ebay for $3 with free s/h. I’m traveling all next week so I’ll just stop at multiple Walmarts. Very happy. :)

  • Maria says:

    Couldn’t find the biore in my 2 nearest walmarts. :(

  • Pat says:

    Has anybody else had any problems with walmart not accepting overage anymore?

    • Crystal says:

      i’ve had cashiers tell me that i can’t get overage and that they will adjust the coupon down. i have their coupon policy in my coupon binder so i show them that its allowed in their policy. i usually don’t have a problem after that.

  • BOB says:

    where you find it in the travel/trial size or in the acne cleanser section or somewhere else? I need it to buy the toilet kit and wasp spray.

  • kayla nelson says:

    Can anyone get me the UPC barcode for this Biore Trial Soze prouduct? It would be greatly appreciated!

  • Megan says:

    Anyone had luck on where these are located? Thanks!

    • Smellyann says:

      H&BA Travel section but mine was completely emptied AND the shelf sticker was taken off the shelf. No luck getting my $10 in overage. It stinks because we are THISCLOSE to going to food pantries for food, and I really NEED that overage toward my kids’ milk and bread. The coupon overage is allowed, the manufacturers know to exclude trial/travel sizes when they don’t want us to use them on those sizes, and the ones who are pissy about overage are the ones who truly DON’T get it. I don’t have anything but the bare basics now – there are no luxuries here unless they are FREE, thank you. My husband just retired from 20 years in the US Navy and gets squat for retirement pay. Those of you who are holier-than-thou about using coupons for overage clearly can afford to live with out it. My 2¢ (overage, even).

      • Rachel says:

        I think overage is great if you can get it. The manufacturers know how to word coupons – they are multimillion $ industries so they aren’t dumb! I’m sorry you weren’t able to get the overage. It sounds like they pulled the merch from the shelf just so people couldn’t do that. If that is the case, I understand why they might. To the lady above who told me that she had a friend who got fired for taking a coupon with overage, maybe removing the merch from the rack might have been a wise decision for that friend’s manager. I just still don’t believe an employee was fired for taking a valid coupon. I’m sure there was something else to it.

      • Megan says:

        Thank you! :)

  • genevieve says:



  • Erin D. says:

    In marketing, the manufacturer would GLADLY redeem the store for the full value of the $3 for a $.50 item for the sole reason that a customer bought an item of their corporate logo on it and TRIED IT. The sole purpose of manufacturers distributing coupons is to have someone TRY the product, hoping they will have a pleasant experience and buy it again. Their hope is you will get hooked on it and make it a lifetime purchase. Purchasing habits of the customer are based on EMOTION. The manufacturer has lawyers and knows that when they don’t put the words “excluding trial size” they are opening themselves up to having customers find a smaller priced item to buy, but they don’t care, because their goal to get you to TRY their product and that alone is worth $3 to them. Don’t get caught up in the emotion of the poor cashier losing their job — if they are a poor employee they will be losing that job for many reasons – not just a coupon. The manufacturers would laugh at this discussion. The store is not out the $2.50, because the manufacture will pay the entire $3 — that’s why YOU get the overage, not the store.

    • Rachel says:

      Yes yes yes! They would laugh at this discussion because it is absurd! If employees are getting fired it is definitely not solely because of a coupon being used!

      • axhilli says:

        Just because you don’t want to believe it happened doesn’t mean it didn’t. What is wrong with accepting things happen to people over something as stupid as a coupon. I guess you don’t want to hear that people also get written up or fired if they don’t get enough customers to fill out credit applications each month. Some companies have a quota that employees are supposed to get and yes they get fired over that as well. This site is about couponing but it amazes me how people don’t know the struggles that others around them go through. So I wonder how many people actually found the products to do this deal because I can’understand why people still are upset about a comments a few made instead of talking about where they found the products to do the deal posted.

  • PapiJB says:

    I don’t get all the haters on this site??? Why are you here if you are not looking for the best deal? If the deal does not conflict with the store policy or the terms printed on the coupon then there is nothing wrong with it. Who are you to tell me what the true intent of the manufacturer is? As someone already pointed out, the corporations know what they are doing. Think about it…the web has been a buzz for Biore ALL WEEK! That is worth the overage right there. So, dismount your high horse and move on. If you don’t want the deal, fine; but don’t go trashing someone else for taking the deal. Talk about ethical or moral behavior.

  • Rebecca says:

    I have 50 of the $3/1 Biore coupons if anyone is interested. They do not carry the trial size in my walmart so I have no need for them.

    • Deb says:

      What agenerous offer Rebecca. It’s unfortunate that I waited until the day of expiry to check my insert. I didn’t have the coupon in mine but my Walmart carries the trial size. Well, you win some you lose some, right!

  • Tasha says:

    I was determined to find this product somewhere and today was the last day. I finally found them at K-Mart. The 2ct biore strips $2.49 and the 10ct make-up remover wipes for $2.79. I didn’t have a huge overage but I did have an overage. WIN WIN

    • Rebecca says:

      I was also determined to find them too! Too bad I don’t have a Kmart around me but I did find the strips for $2.79 at Walgreens last night :)

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