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*HOT* $6/3 Gillette Cartridges, Razors, Shave Prep or Skin Products Coupon in 8/11 RP = FREE or Cheap Shaving Cream at Various Stores

5:26 PM MST
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As I mentioned in the Sunday Coupon Preview post, there is going to be a *HOT* (and possibly regional) $6/3 Gillette cartridges, razors, shave prep or skin (excludes Gillette bodywash, deodorant, and hair care products) coupon found in the 8/11 Red Plum insert! This is such a great coupon as it gets you $2 off each qualifying Gillette product AND includes the inexpensive shave prep products. With that being said, check out the deal you can score at Walmart (and likely other stores too)…

Buy 3 Gillette Foamy Shaving Cream, 11 oz cans $1.72 each
Total = $5.16
Use the $6/3 Gillette cartridges, razors, shave prep or skin (excludes Gillette bodywash, deodorant, and hair care products) coupon found in the 8/11 RP
Final cost – 3 FREE Shaving Creams + Overage!

(Thanks and Photo Credit: Grocery Shop for Free at the Mart!)

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  • Anne says:

    I got this coupon early from my brother who gets Red Plum in the mail. I don’t get it in my neighborhood nor does it come in my paper. Anyway, QFC (Kroger) is having the buy 5, save $5 mix and match sale and Gillette sensitive skin shave gel is $1.49 when you buy 5 participating products. Using that coupon, I got 4 for free and used the $1/1 to get the 5th for $0.49. My husband and brother are set for a while!

    • Marcie says:

      Here in Utah, our redplum comes in the mail earlier in the week (usually Tues or Wed) before the date listed on them. I got the $6/3, $3/2 and $1/1. Anyhow, I was also going to mention the same sale at (Kroger) Smiths here in Utah. The Gillette Fusion Shave gel is $1.99 after mega, the Gillette Series shave gel is $1 after mega, and the Gillette After Shave Gel is only $1. I was able to get five free products with the coupons I got.

  • jess says:

    Thanks Anne:) probably better luck there I could already see every Walmart shelf empty.

  • Heather says:

    What store is this deal at?

  • Alicia says:

    There is no size restriction on this coupon and it does not say “excludes trial sizes” either!!!!!

  • Bridget (@crunchyma) says:

    I just bought 6 of these at Kroger for $6 overage.

  • Nicole says:

    can these be used on the gillette satin care as well?

    • Nicole says:

      thanks guys, i figured as much but wanted to know what luck otheres had before I made a special trip only to argue with a cashier… they were 2.24 at my target, so only $2.88 + tax for 12! i feel so lucky :) i got 3 of each kind and with all the free and cheap razors i’ve scored these will be great additions to the gift baskets i make for friends and family :)

    • Bridget says:

      My understanding is that it could be used on any Gillette shave prep…
      I used it today on Satin Care, so hopefully I didn’t break any rules.

    • Anne says:

      You could certainly try. It just says Gillette. I’ve just asked the cashier nicely before to scan the item and the coupon first before I unload my whole cart to see if it works. I always say I want to be an ethical coupon user and make sure I am purchasing the correct product.

  • paige says:

    if only walmart has these ill be super happy and ill be out shopping tomorrow night

  • paige says:

    oh and if only i get these q

  • Michelle says:

    I purchased the Satin Care by Gillette today 8/11 and had no problems at Kroger. The Gillette shave gels are $1 a piece if you buy 5 but today is the last day of that sale. I bought 10 and got them all for free using all 3 Gillette coupons in the 8/11 Sunday paper. You can mix and match the Gillette mens shave gels which are also $1. I also piked up 10 wome’s Bic razors for free using the $3 off coupon in today’s paper. I paid $.81 tax for the 10 shave gels and 1 package of Bic razors.

  • CW says:

    They are $1.98 at my Walmart, but still a good deal!

  • Cassie says:

    Wal-Mart has given me such a terrible time with coupons lately I’m not sure that it’s worth a try :(

    • steph says:

      Gillette gel were $1.98 at my Walmart and the foamy was $2.24. But I went ahead and got the foamy because my husband and son both hate gels. So .72 for 3 cans of shaving cream I can handle. Also the coupon went through with no beeping. These were the cans pictured on the coupon not in this article.

  • Danielle says:

    Fantastic! Aside from the obvious uses, I take a large metal cookie sheet, put a thin layer of this classic foam style of shaving cream, and my kids have a blast “coloring” in it! (Just be careful to keep it out of their eyes). Great rainy day activity, and super cheap!

  • Wendy says:

    If the Satin Care shave gel is included, Lowes Food has them on sale for $1.99 this week. That would make them free if you use the $6/3.

  • Row says:

    I get the Red Plum early too. I tried using this yesterday at Dollar General with my $5/$30. They wouldn’t accept it for anything other than what was pictured =(

    • el says:

      That is just the stupidest thing! If a cashier tells me that I politely say the coupon says it’s off Any and there is no way the co. can put a picture of every product on the coupon!
      Besides this coupon also says it’s off Skin and there’s no photo of the facial products so they’re not going to take the coupon because of that?

      • Larkin says:

        My local Dollar Tree will not accept a coupon that doesn’t have the item pictured on it either. I tried to explain that it would be impossible to do that and you had to go by the wording on the coupon. The manager refuses to take them. What can you do??? You can’t fix stupid :(

  • Debbie says:

    This is an awsome deal at Wal-Mart if you can find an employee who understands what shave prep entails.

  • Deb says:

    Most of the posts have only mentioned the $6/3 coupon but today’s $3/2 coupon is a good deal too.

  • jenny bosse says:

    I went to my walmart this morning; has anyone noticed no size restrictions I got trial size and made 9 dollars!!!!!!!

  • shawna says:

    I got 40 of these free today. Thanks collin

  • bunny says:

    Can anyone answer what the term “SKIN” means on the coupon? The coupon reads, “$6 off Three Gillette Cartridges, Razors, Shave Prep or SKIN”. TIA ;-)

  • axhilli says:

    For anyone who doesn’t want to go to Walmart check your local CVS. There is a $1.00 off coupon for Gillette cartridges, razors, shave prep or skin and my local CVS had some travel sized Gillette shave foam .56oz for $0.99 each. Also CVS has the 2.5oz of the Gillette shave gel and satin care for $1.79 each. In CVS be sure to check the aisle where the razors are and the trial sized section.

  • jenny bosse says:

    no trouble using this coupon at all! the transactions went wonderful! Used overage to buy baby food! My only problem was that walmart did not have the trial size biore.

  • Shannon says:

    No size restrictions!!!! I just bought 9 travel size Gillette shaving cream, and it ended up being a $9.00 moneymaker with my 3 coupons :)

  • Liz says:

    Just did the deal at Wal-Mart. Worked fine! Thank you, Collin!!!

  • Karen says:

    No beeping at all on the coupons at my Walmart! I got 10 of the gillette trial size shave gel for 1.27 each, used two $6/3 and two $3/2 for an overage of 5.30 I used towards buying ink…also used a swagbuck $5 egift card! Totally forgot to use my $25 gift card I got from my insurance company for getting my mamogram last month though! I love free!

  • Leslie says:

    Just went to Target. They have them in the travel bins for .97 there are 2 different kinds. No problem at all at checkout! Got to use overage for meat that was marked down. Super happy :-)

  • Leslie says:

    Just went to Target. They have 2 different kinds in the travel section for .97 each. I had no problems at checkout. Used overage for discounted meat. Super happy 😃
    -sorry if this posted twice

  • stacy says:

    My kroger refused to let me use the coupon on the gillette foamy like you have pictured!? What the heck do they think shave prep is then?

  • Sarah says:

    These were $1.54 at HEB! No problems using it & it took off $6.00.

  • melissa says:

    Thank you got 24 travel size (donating hubby cant use) and baught two clearance shirts a pack of sox and a pack of 8 undies tax free (Texas tfw) for back to school!! Spent less than $5 thanks to overage…great way to end the weekend!!

  • Rachael says:

    If your shelves have been cleared out of the mens Gillet travel size shave gels look for the Satin Care ones for women which were even cheaper at my Walmart; $1.17. I bought 8 Gillet satin care shave gels, used two $6/3 and one $3/2 coupon. I also grabbed a $.50 biore and used the $3/1 coupon along with the $3/1 Bic Razors ($2.96 @ Walmart) coupon and got free razors! I ended up with a little over $8 in overage & purchased a super cute Hello Kitty steering wheel cover as a treat for myself :) Only $4.32 out of pocket! Love love love overage!!

  • Judy says:

    I bought 6 men’s Gillette shave gels and 3 women’s Olay shave gels yesterday at Target. I had 3 of the $6/3 coupons. They were $1.97 each, so all for free with the coupons. My total was $115 before all my coupons and cartwheel; $51 after. That’s how I like to shop!!

  • kelli says:

    my fred meyer would only let me use one coupon…even though the coupon says limit 4 and the store policy doesn’t state how many of the same coupon you can use. So annoying when the cashier and the manager don’t understand their policies. I did use a $1/1, $3/2 and $6/3 to buy 6 travel sizes and they overrode the coupon after calling manager so i got overage. But I hate standing there waiting for manager and getting dirty looks and feeling like I’m doing something wrong…how do you all handle this feeling? I have a bunch of these coupons and wanted to stock homeless blessing bags with these travel sizes but now I’m not sure I want to use my coupons….

  • Dolly says:

    Been doing the $2/1 for a couple of weeks, all the same, this is a great deal!!!…

  • Mary says:

    I was able to grab 20 at CVS and got an overage which i applied to other stuff. I’m planning on making goody bags for Christmas for the guys in my family and for

  • kattie says:

    Is there a link to print this offer?

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